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Boating September 2019

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

United States
Bonnier Corporation
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trailers triumphant

Can you name an invention or innovation with more societal impact than the automobile? The computer might be a contender. In any event, the car did more than change the way we live. It also changed the way we boat. Boating had been the province of those who lived near the waterfront. That residency granted access to moorings, docks and quays where boats could be kept. Certainly, small boats were stored ashore and pushed in from the beach, and in colder climes, a marine railway or a team of draft animals would haul out boats for the winter, but for the most part, if you wanted to go boating, you lived on the coast, or near the shore of a lake or river. With the rise of the car came a paradigm…

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wes modes, artist/documentarian/shanty boater

How did you decide to tour America via shanty boat? A friend told me about a bunch of boat punk types who were building their own boats and floating down the Mississippi. I built a raft out of old truck tubes and plywood, and floated down the Missouri with some friends for a couple of weeks. It was an amazing experience, and we made it an annual thing. Describe the construction of your boat. It’s a barge-bottom, wooden-hull built out of plywood and fiberglass. Everything abovedecks is from reclaimed materials. The boat is 20 feet long and 8 feet wide. The cabin itself is 10 feet. Inside, there’s a comfy leather couch, a worktable, a full galley, and a sleeping loft up in the gable. The head, which is a composting toilet, is…

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1. What is the common color code for simple trailer wiring in the U.S.? A. Red for positive, black for negative. B. Green for left turn/brake, yellow for right turn/brake, brown for clearance lights, white for ground. C. Black with yellow stripe for ground, red for left turn, green for right turn. D. None of the above 2. Which of the following are differences between a factory-installed (OEM) hitch versus an aftermarket (AM) hitch (choose all that apply)? A. Factory hitches are custom-designed for the vehicle at the same time the vehicle is designed—they are better matched together than an aftermarket hitch. B. Aftermarket hitches are rated for higher loads than factory hitches. C. Factory hitches are usually hidden better behind the bumper. D. When buying an aftermarket hitch, you usually can’t factor the cost into the vehicle loan;…

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rain jackets

GRUNDENS WEATHER WATCH HOODED ANSI THE DRY: This is made for commercial fishermen who head out no matter what the forecast. It’s ANSI-certified, meaning it’s fit for use by professionals. Its bright-yellow color helps you be seen in emergency situations, and its seams are sealed with reflective tape. Made from 100 percent nylon, the Weather Watch keeps you dry in all conditions. THE WET: While this jacket is breathable, it’s not as airy as the other choices. You will still need a base layer underneath for warmth. PRICE: $89.99; grundens.com FLYLOW RAINBREAKER THE DRY: Super-lightweight, this waterproof windbreaker is great to wear on warm to temperate days when the rain starts to fall on the water. It can be squished down to pack into a small stowage space when not in use. Made mostly of…

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marquis yachts 42

Marquis Yachts is set to release its new 42 dayboat around the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, with an eye toward boaters who want to live large on the water. The boat will be powered by twin 480 hp Cummins QSB inboards and is expected to top out at 38 mph. Marquis also plans to offer the boat with either twin or triple outboards on the transom. Besides its sleek looks, the 42 will be well-suited to entertain a crew. It will feature abundant cockpit seating with built-in drink holders, and a large cockpit entertainment center with options for a fridge, grill, ice maker and air-conditioning unit. The large aft sun pad should prove a great spot for relaxing. Flexiteek flooring throughout the boat amps up its style factor. Belowdecks,…

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blackfin 332

Blackfin’s new 332 center-console is the latest and largest of its five models. The lines feature a high bow and a deep 22-degree transom deadrise for great seaworthiness. Handling is exemplary with Mercury or Yamaha power. Equipped with electronic throttle and shift and power steering, the 332 turns on a dime. The luxurious fisher spins your wallet upward from $318,000. There’s luxury bow seating, and a forward lounge on the console face. Swing-out bolsters form two more lounges to look over the bow. Aft, there is foldout seating in the cockpit, and the extra-wide, contoured bucket helm seats mean everybody gets a good ride. We like the black-and-white gelcoat finish, and repeating it on the underside of the hardtop should reduce glare, ease eyestrain, and serve to give the impression of…