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Boating October 2019

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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giving back

Boating is a successful media enterprise. We produce hundreds of videos per year, welcome millions of visitors per month to our digital channels and, of course, publish the world’s largest circulation magazine covering recreational boating. As a team, we enjoy the high profile, accolades and financial rewards of that success. But, as a team, we also believe that success comes with a responsibility to do more. We believe we should use the platform success has granted us to give something back to the world that has blessed us with that success. We chose to do so by helping raise awareness of breast cancer. Why breast cancer? We’ve each been personally affected by breast cancer, having either friends or family members afflicted. Breast cancer is also the most common cancer in women…

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annie mcfarland, on-air host/boater/breast cancer survivor

What are some of your early boating experiences? I grew up on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, doing lots of water skiing and boating. Every summer I’d have a bathing suit on under my clothes because at some point in the day, you knew you were going to end up in the water. What does it mean to you to be on the cover of Boating for an issue dedicated to breast cancer awareness? It’s a really cool honor. [Being a survivor] has been a huge part of my journey and how I became who I am today. I was diagnosed when I was 34 years old, and it was six weeks after my kids’ dad passed away, so it was a really, really difficult year. But I think that the experience of losing Cody…

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engine troubleshooting

1. What could be the problem if you hear nothing when you turn the key to “start” (engine won’t even turn over)? A. Fuel filter is clogged. B. Main fuse is blown. C. Throttle/shift handle is not in neutral, or if it is, the neutral safety switch is defective. D. None of the above E. B or C 2. You have a carbureted engine. It starts but won’t idle unless you choke or prime it. What could be the cause? A. Fuel filter is clogged. B. Fuel lines (hoses) are disintegrating inside, and the resulting goo is clogging the carburetors. C. Old, gelled and dried fuel residue from nonstabilized fuel is clogging the main jets in the carburetors. D. None of the above E. All of the above could be possible. 3. Your engine runs at the correct temperature at idle speed,…

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DRAGON BAILE—H2O FLOATABLE YES, PLEASE: Floating shades aren’t new, but getting a pair with quality polarized optics and a stylish frame isn’t the easiest. Dragon has addressed that with the H2O Floatable series. This pair, inspired by legendary surfer Mick Fanning, features a matte, translucent frame and blue, polarized lenses that look as stylish as they perform. The fact that they float makes them extremely lightweight, which means no ear or nose fatigue if you wear them all day. NO THANKS: A lack of nose or ear pads makes them less grippy than other high-performance shades. PRICE: $189; dragonalliance.com COSTA SWITCHFOOT—OCEARCH YES, PLEASE: Costa’s signature glass 580G polarized lenses highlight this unique frame, which also features inset Hydrolite nose pads and adjustable temple tips. You get the coverage of a larger, circular lens and frame—with that classic…

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did you ever own … a wooster hellion?

My brother-in-law has one at his lakehouse in northern Michigan. He put an 8 hp Mercury outboard on the transom and fired it up. My nephews took my two young daughters on joyrides across the lake, just as my brother-in-law had done when he was a kid. The boat is a Wooster Hellion, originally built in Ohio in the 1970s by Rubbermaid. Once powered by a 6 hp Johnson, this two-seater could get up and go, provided the captain and crew were junior-size. With a 7-foot-7-inch length overall and a 4-foot-5-inch beam, the boat itself weighs in at 130 pounds. It’s rated for a 10 hp engine. We asked on social media if anybody owned one, and we heard that Disney used to rent them to guests, and they were in the…

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cruisers yachts 38 gls

Big-boat craftsmanship combines with bowrider functionality and outboardpowered practicality aboard the new 38 GLS from Cruisers Yachts. Among the features, the biggest “big thing” must be the beach door. Lower the beach door and a spacious recreational area that does not sacrifice the swim platform emerges. In concert with a variety of flexible and convertible seating arrangements, the beach door makes for A-plus entertaining aboard the 38 GLS. Of course, Cruisers Yachts wouldn’t neglect cruisability. Belowdecks, there’s an aft stateroom with deep shelf storage. For additional sleeping quarters, the U-shaped dinette converts into a comfortable berth. A galley, full head and optional flat-screen TV complete this extraordinary accommodation level. With a price of $610,920, the Cruisers Yachts 38 GLS’s top speed with the triple 300 hp Mercury Verado outboards is claimed to be…