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Boating Boating Buyers Guide 2020

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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back to the future

This year’s edition of Boating’s Boat Buyers Guide features as diverse a fleet of boats as ever. But there is one common thread that links all of these boats, regardless of what type of boating their designers had in mind at the drawing board. And, no, I am not referring to the fact that they all float! That common thread is rate of advancement. Whether it’s a pontoon boat wired like a yacht; a center-console that runs and handles like a high-performance boat; a big, sterndrive-powered bowrider with interior appointments rivaling that of the most luxurious roadster; or a dedicated towboat intended to deliver watersports thrills for riders of all disciplines, boats of all types are a far cry from the “utilities,” “runabouts” and “ski boats” many of us might have…

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shaun murray, professional wakeboarder

BOATINGMAG.COM What boat and board did you learn to wakeboard on? I’m not sure of the year, but it was a TriHull Galaxy. If you search a little ways back in my Instagram feed, you can see me sitting in it. My first board was the Skurfer Rage 1988. You’ve put out 23 pro-model boards with Hyperlite in your career. Do you have one that really stands out? It’s been 26 years with Hyperlite and 23 pro models currently. It will be 24 in 2020. The Bug board, from 1998, was the first big change when I wanted my board to be a lot wider, which allowed a much more free-flowing rhythm and style. Up to that point, our boards were a little too aggressive and ski-like. I love skiing to this day, but…

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(Answers are below) 1. What is the common color code for simple trailer wiring in the U.S.? A. Red for positive, black for negative. B. Green for left turn/brake, yellow for right turn/brake, brown for clearance lights, white for ground. C. Black with yellow stripe for ground, red for left turn, green for right turn. D. None of the above 2. Which of the following are differences between a factory-installed (OEM) hitch versus an aftermarket (AM) hitch? (Choose all that apply.) A. Factory hitches are customde-signed for the vehicle at the same time the vehicle is designed—they are better matched together than an aftermarket hitch. B. Aftermarket hitches are rated for higher loads than factory hitches. C. Factory hitches are usually hidden better behind the bumper. D. When buying an aftermarket hitch, you usually can’t factor the cost into the…

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more than skin deep

Each cover of Boating is graced by a great boat and a cover model wearing a swimsuit. These women are professional models and actresses and consider their selection as Boating cover models to be a feather in their caps. Moreover, the majority are boaters, as they testify in the video segments you can view at boatingmag.com. Additionally, many of our cover models come from boating families and some have boating families of their own. Some fish. Some ski and wakeboard. Some have done long-range cruising. Of course, a few models have no boating experience whatsoever… but usually end up getting “hooked” following one of our helicopter photo shoots! Still others, such as Annie McFarland, our October 2019 cover model, truly stand out. McFarland is a breast-cancer survivor and single mother, besides being a…

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yamaha’s xto offshore: powerful, advanced, elegant

It’s a powerful outboard, the new Yamaha XTO Offshore ®, and it’s brought big change—to sport-fishers, center-console lovers and even to water taxis. Built from skeg to cowl to team-power yacht-class offshore boats, this 425 hp, 5.6L V-8 has won fans in single and twin applications on smaller craft with big offshore ideas too. WHAT’S NEW? Yamaha calls its newcomer an “integrated power system,” and backs the claim with many innovations and industry firsts. The XTO Offshore’s electric steering system eliminates cables and hydraulics. Internally housed electrical motors directly move the outboard, resulting in instant response, simpler rigging and fewer components. In the XTO Offshore—boating’s first direct-injection four-stroke—two fuel pumps spray atomized fuel directly into combustion chambers at up to 2,900 psi, maximizing combustion and efficiency. The XTO exhausts above the cavitation plate until the motor…

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runabout boat buyers guide

It is highly likely that the first boat you ever stepped aboard was a runabout. It’s the classic American powerboat style, dating back to the early days of Chris-Craft and Gar Wood. But my, how the modern runabout has evolved. From blazing fast performance speedsters to stylish and amenity-laden center-consoles, the term encompasses a large swath of the water. Which type is destined to be your family’s modern-day memory maker? We tested 21 runabouts ranging from 17 to 45 feet, powered by sterndrives or outboards or even jets. Find your ride here.…