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Boating May 2020

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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a new bermuda challenger arises

It’s a tall order. The Bermuda Challenge is a 780-mile open-ocean run between New York and Bermuda founded by retired Boating features editor David Seidman in 1995. The current overall record stands at 15 hours and 48 minutes, set by Chris Fertig and Tyson Garvin in 2013, who ran a Skater 399 V-bottom powered by Cummins diesels and Arneson surface drives. The math works out to an average speed of 48 mph, and Bermuda Challenge boats may not be longer than 40 feet overall, which limits seakeeping and the amount of fuel that can be carried. The current outboard class record of 22 hours and 23 minutes was set in 2002 by Neil Burnie and Bill Ratlief aboard a Prowler 302 catamaran powered by twin 225 hp Honda outboards. Hold this…

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fred ross, iconic marine group

ON BOARD WITH… CAPTAIN’S TEST FOR COMPARISON’S SAKE NEWS ONLINE THIS MONTH FIRST IMPRESSION GEAR HEAD 5 THINGS Tell us about your effort to bring new owners to the sportboat segment. Some excitement has been lost from this market. We are going to bring back the Fountain 35 Lightning with a new deck, new dash and new interior, so it will not look like your uncle’s Lightning. With 430 hp engines, that boat will run 85 mph, and you can get an eight-year warranty on it. It’s going to cost about $260,000, and that’s a lot of speed and boat for the price. We’ll offer it with 565 hp engines for about $310,000, and it will run over 100 mph. How do you differentiate Baja, Donzi and Fountain? Baja will be true to its…

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outboard history

1. Who is generally accepted as the inventor of the outboard engine, and when was it invented? A. Ole Evinrude, founder of Evinrude Outboards, in 1907 B. Gustave Trouve, in 1880 C. Emerson Harthan of Massachusetts, in 1887 D. Cameron Waterman, in 1903 E. All of the above F. None of the above 2. Which company started building outboards in a Wisconsin dairy barn in 1939? A. Johnson Outboards B. Honda C. Mercury Marine D. Evinrude Outboards E. Kiekhaefer Marine 3. Way back in 1972, and even before that, all outboard manufacturers took dramatic steps to clean up emissions from their outboards. What were some of those measures? A. Eliminated all overboard fuel drains B. Made them run on electricity C. Reduced oil mixture ratio to 50-to-1 on all engines D. Made them four-stroke designs E. A and C F. None of the above 4. What popular outboard manufacturer first…

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dsc vhf handhelds

ICOM IC M93D The compact heft of the M93D sets it apart from competitors. One Icom exclusive feature, AquaQuake, employs a low-frequency signal to literally shake water from the speaker in an instant. Also handy is Float’n Flash, employing a water-activated switch to turn on a strobe should the radio be dropped. Its noise-canceling pair of microphones make communications possible from air to sea. Dual Tri-Watch allows you to select Channel 16 and two call channels, and it has a favorite channel button. OUTPUT POWER: 5 watts (1 watt selectable) BATTERY: Li-ion BATTERY LIFE: Up to 9 hours THE SQUAWK: AquaQuake speaker dry feature THE SQUELCH: No optional AA battery case PRICE: $249.99; westmarine.com STANDARD HORIZON HX890NB Powerful output gives excellent range, and a 700-megawatt noisecanceling function clears transmissions and received signals. A day-night display mode saves…

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dog days

Barletta Pontoons, the boatbuilder that brought you the innovated slideout pet feeder on its boats, has launched a line of pet gear aimed at boaters. The site offers you the chance to buy branded leashes, harnesses, bandannas, life jackets and a pet bed, among others. Barletta writes: “The raised platform bed is constructed with mesh material to allow for airflow, and helps to keep your pet from overheating.” Bill Fenech, the founder of Barletta Pontoons and owner of a bulldog named George, recognized that many boaters include their pets as part of their crew, and what better way to make them happy on board? You can find all of Barletta’s pet products at promoplace.com/barletta/pets.…

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It seems like the in crowd is realizing more and more that the most fun to be had is on the water. Evidence of this can be found in the AquaLounge, a new floating club that’s expected to be launched this fall off the coast of San Diego. It’s being billed as the first luxury floating day club in North America. The 3,900-square-foot vessel will feature two bars and a number of seating locations, as well as private cabanas and lounges. It will offer several membership options, as well as host public and private events. One thing we recommend they add: How about some docking services so boaters can idle up to the fun? PHOTOS: (FROM TOP) COURTESY BARLETTA PONTOONS, COURTESY AQUALOUNGE…