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Boating January 2018

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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we’re burning for you

Along with floating keychains, fenders and a scrub brush, fire extinguishers rank among the most ubiquitous pieces of marine gear. Every powerboat has at least one aboard, and many boaters carry more than what is required. That’s a smart thing, I think, when one considers that a hand-held fire extinguisher gives its user just seconds to put out a fire. It’s also notable that a fire extinguisher’s effectiveness relies as much upon its size and type as it does upon the person wielding it. A calm demeanor and resolute action when a fire breaks out result from thinking through emergency plans in advance. With the exception of those among us who are firefighters, that forethought is all most of us have to rely upon. I’m a believer in the power of…

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colin byfleet, international knot expert

How did you get into knots? It was totally accidental. We happened to go to a boating festival in Brest, France, and we saw people demonstrating knots. As a child, I was a Boy Scout, and I learned how to tie knots for that. How many knots are there? An infinity. Five thousand or so. The bible was written by Clifford Ashley, The Ashley Book of Knots. He learned a lot from sailors. Ashley’s daughters donated his knot collection to the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, Connecticut. How many have you mastered? Maybe 20 or 30, but mostly I use a very small number. Do you have a favorite? For looks, it’s something called a Matthew Walker. It’s a very pretty knot used as a stopper at the end of a rope. Name a few forgotten knots that…

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hybrid shorts

DEEP OCEAN APPAREL BOAT-TO-BAR SHORTS THE DRY: They are the most current in terms of styling, equally at home in the surf and country-club sets, and have a rugged four-way-stretch material that is stain-resistant with anti-microbial properties. They definitely got the most questions on where to buy them. They come in gray, black, marine and khaki. THE WET: Of the three pairs we tested, these took the longest to dry after wearing them during a full swim. PRICE: $65; shopdeep.com PARKER DUSSEAU ALL-AROUND SHORTS THE DRY: The pockets drain water, so they don’t fill up during swimming. A side pocket lets you securely stash your cellphone. The four-way-stretch flexible nylon fabric dries quickly after a turn in the water. They’re available in midnight, charcoal and olive. THE WET: This pair is the most expensive of the group. It…

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boat-show deals

(Answers on page 14) 1. We expect dealers to have sales personnel at a boat show, but what other departments should also be on hand? A. Service B. Parts and accessories C. Warranty D. All of the above 2. How long of a term can a buyer with good credit get for a boat loan? A. 5 years B. 10 years C. 15 years D. 20 years 3. You’re a serious buyer. Before heading to the show, what is the most important thing to establish? A. The size of boat you want B. The size of engine you want C. Your budget D. None of the above 4. Many show-goers don’t have tens of thousands of dollars lying around to purchase a boat outright. That means financing. What do lenders consider to be a good credit score? A. 650 B. 675 C. 700 D. 725 5. What is the biggest mistake first-time…

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vesselview mobile app

If you have a Mercury engine made in 2004 or later, here is an app (free) and a Bluetooth module ($275) that will make your life easier. First, plug the module into the diagnostic port on your engine and put the resistor end (it looks like a yellow or red plug on the socket) in the female socket on the module’s harness. Turn on the key and the device lights up, indicating it is reading the engine and ready to communicate via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android device. Open the app and connect it to the module. Now you can name the connection after your boat. Turn your smartphone’s location services on so it can use GPS information to assist with managing fuel, provide you with local knowledge of…

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five things not to say to your boat-show dealer

MORE THAN 5 See many more dumb things at boatingmag.com/five-things. CAPTAIN’S TEST (Answers from page 13) 1. A. A smart dealer will have the service manager on hand to answer questions. 2. D. Depending upon the purchase amount. 3. C. Know your budget and don’t exceed it. 4. C. According to lendingtree.com. 5. A. If you want to haul a crowd, don’t buy an 18-foot cuddy. CAPTAIN’S TESTS ONLINE Test your knowledge of boating with more Captain’s Tests at boatingmag.com/captains-test.…