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Boating July - August 2017

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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just go

SHAFTED Reader C. Henry DePew caught us in a sin of omission committed in our June issue. He correctly states: “Nicely written article by Capt. Vincent Daniello. One step that should be emphasized in checking the alignment of the shaft couplings is that the boat should be floating in the water. A shaft aligned when the boat is on the trailer may no longer be aligned when the boat is floating in the water. Been there, done that.” Thanks, C. Henry. It’s a great thing to own a boat, especially when it’s summertime and the long, long day stretches before you with no plans other than to slip the lines and enjoy time on the water. I’ve made it a priority to equip my boat — indeed, organize my life — to…

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on board with ...

SCAN ME To read the full interview online, scan this tag or go to boatingmag.com/pro-fisherman. Where’s home for you? Talala, Oklahoma. I was born in Missouri though. How was winning the 2016 Bassmaster Classic? It was the pinnacle of my career. What’s the hardest part of being a pro angler? The constant travel forces me to be away from my family. We hear that you’re a pecan farmer. Is this true? I love being busy and being outdoors. What was the biggest fish you ever caught? It was a shark — in a 14-foot boat. How long have you been a professional fisherman? Since 2000. What are your top three lures? A ½-ounce jig in bluegill, crawdad or shad pattern; a square-billed crankbait, like a Megabass; and a chartreuseand- white spinnerbait, on which I’ve probably caught more bass than anything.…

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performance cats

(Answers on page 17) 1. A catamaran is a tunnel hull. A. True B. False 2. Some catamarans powered by a single sterndrive have a small appendage in the tunnel ahead of the driver. What is it called? A. A center pod B. A drive diverter C. A prop feeder D. None of the above 3. In an offshore powerboat race, a V-bottom and a catamaran are heading into a turn together. Which one can make a tighter turn? A. The V-bottom B. The catamaran C. There’s no difference 4.Spirit of Qatar holds the record for the fastest pass at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout. How fast did the boat run? A. 254 mph B. 234 mph C. 224 mph D. 244 mph 5. What is the primary reason a catamaran is faster than a similarly sized and powered V-bottom? A. It skips across the tops of waves…

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small-frame sunglasses

WILEY X P-17 THE CLEAR: Polycarbonate polarized lenses are shatterproof and impact-resistant, making them highly suited for performance activities. Lenses provide wraparound coverage. The rubberized temple tips provide comfort when wearing for long stretches of time. They also have slits in the temple tips for adding the included strap that keeps them on your head. THE SMUDGE: Lenses not as vibrant as glass options. PRICE: $130; wileyx.com MAUI JIM BABY BEACH AVIATORS THE CLEAR: These provide the classic cool of the aviator look without overwhelming your face. The lightweight titanium frames help make these glasses feel like they’re barely there. The Super- Thin polarized glass lenses provide protection while viewing the water in vivid detail. THE SMUDGE: Plastic nose pads can leave impressions on the bridge of your nose. No slits on the temple tips for…

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a barge education

New Harmony High School has been awarded $10 million under XQ: The Super School Project, funded by Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple’s Steve Jobs. It’s also in a partnership with Stanford University and the only one of the 10 XQ winners built on a barge. That’s not exactly a new one for schools (or hospitals or homes), but it is the first barge dedicated to the study of the coast while climate change melts ice caps, heats up the globe, and creates more fierce storms. Under construction in the Mississippi Plaquemines Parish, which was hit especially hard by Hurricane Katrina, New Harmony will be anchored in Venice, Louisiana, and will accept 40 to 45 Louisiana freshmen every year for four years, until the boat is full. Each student’s curriculum…

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water, water everywhere

Whether you’re a boater or any other kind of adventurer, the dream is to have access to an endless supply of potable water so you don’t have to lug it with you. This filtration bottle from Lifesaver helps in that regard. As long as you have access to fresh water, you can run it through the bottle’s filter system to kill 99 percent of any virus or bacteria present in the water. You pour the water into the bottom of the bottle, and it works through a nano-filtration system to provide 750 ml of clean, drinkable water. $149.95; iconlifesaver.com 1,550 HORSEPOWER Mercury Racing’s largest sterndrive, based on a 9.0L V-8 engine block PHOTOS: COURTESY LIFESAVER, COURTESY MERCURY RACING…