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Boating June 2017

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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of course!

BUYERS GUIDE Reader Alan Ploetz emailed us about how his boat choices have been affected by Boating content. “Boating’s tests,” Ploetz wrote, “allowed me to experience many boats and helped me winnow the field as I zeroed in on my next boat.” It’s for boat buyers like Ploetz that we produce features like our watersports boats roundup, starting on page 92. But even in a state where a license or certificate or card is not required, boaters who complete a boating safety course can receive an insurance discount. Call me behind the times. In an era when people earn college degrees via the Internet, I’d never taken any kind of online course of study. Until, that is, my 11-year-old daughter needed to get her Boater Safety Certificate. Apparently, you can’t be a “cool…

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kaitlyn schneider,

Kaitlyn Schneider is the first woman to take a job as a technician at the Lakeside Marina in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. She won the job after attending the Mercury-sponsored Marine Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Florida. Here’s what she has to say about her career choice SCAN ME To read the full interview, scan this tag or go to boatingmag .com/marinemechanic. When did you attend Marine Mechanics Institute? I went there from August 2013 to August 2014, one year. I started at Lakeside Marina in September 2014. Were you the only woman at the institute? There were two other women in my class and two others in different classes. I was the youngest girl and close to the youngest student there. Did you grow up on the water? Yes, I spent every summer weekend in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. I loved…

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portable ballast bags

Wakesurfing and wakeboarding are all about getting big air, and sometimes it takes more than what’s in the boat. Adding weight in the right places in your boat is one of the best ways to influence wake size and shape. We took a look at three ballast bags in a similar weight range. BALLAST 1 Fits inside the engine compartment of a V-drive boat. RONIX EIGHT.3 TELESCOPE THE HEAVY: The Eight.3 Telescope is called a V-drive sac because it’s designed to fit in the rear compartment of a V-drive boat, which is how the typical tow-sports boat is powered, but Ronix says owners of direct-drive boats also like the bag because it holds 800 wake-shaping pounds. Made from the same material as the Fly High sac, it features a trapezoidal shape and multiple sonicwelded threaded…

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tow boats

It’s the start of watersports season. Let’s make sure you’re armed with enough knowledge about the boats designed just for them. — Eric Colby (Answers on page 28) 1. There are two common types of transmissions for inboard-powered boats. One is called directdrive. What is the other? A. Z-drive B. V-drive C. M-drive D. H-drive 2. What do most people consider the biggest advantage of a V-drive? A. Cockpit and seating space B. Better hole shot C. Better ride D. More space for a bigger engine 3. If a boat doesn’t have ballast, what do manufacturers use to create and shape wakes? A. A foil that drops down at the stern of the boat B. Trim tabs C. Plates mounted vertically to the back of the boat D. All of the above 4. At what speed do most wakeboarders like to ride? A. 12 to 16 mph B. 14…

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almost stranded

In July 2015, I purchased my first boat, a 1985 Larson Senza Cuddy, from Craigslist. I immediately took it to a mechanic for a once-over. He replaced the impeller and distributor cap, changed the oil and filters, and said it looked great and ran like a champ, which it certainly did. I took the boat out on the water, and everything worked well for a cheap starter boat. Before too long, we found ourselves paddling the boat out of the cove and into the main channel, hoping to run across another boat that could give us a jump-start. Since the maiden voyage went so well, I invited several friends for an outing. We went to Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, a 70-mile-long reservoir with 500- to 700-foot-tall nearly vertical cliffs and unparalleled…

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wake watchers

Surfing behind a boat on an endless wave, without the need to hold on to a towrope, is one of the most liberating feelings you can get on the water. Because of that, count me among the recent converts to the wakesurfing craze that’s sweeping through the boating culture. But at the last Miami International Boat Show, a conversation between contemporaries about it caught me off guard. They had no use for wakesurfing; in fact, they loathed it. The reason? Operators of wakesurfing boats had been cutting too close to them. The wake these boats throw is no joke — some can rival decent ocean swells — so having to deal with it can be less than enjoyable. The conflict between watersports enthusiasts and other boaters is not new. I’ve heard cruisers…