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Boating March 2017

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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length overall

THERE IS A STANDARD FOR A boat’s length, set down by the American Boat and Yacht Council and mirrored in the United States Coast Guard’s form CG-5397, which is used when applying for vessel documentation. It can also be found in the glossary of terms utilized by the Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology, a vaunted school of naval architecture According to the ABYC, length overall (LOA) is defined to include integrally formed, molded or welded components of a vessel while excluding those that are attached and can be removed in a nondestructive manner. What that means, in a nutshell, is that if the pulpit or swim platform is bolted on, it does not count in the measurement of LOA. Get this (you old salts already know) — LOA isn’t the only length…

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on board with ... grant korgan

MORE ONLINE! To read the full interview, scan this tag or go to boatingmag.com/grantkorgan What happened on Sonora Pass? We were making a snowmobiling movie. It was a powder day in my favorite place. The second I left the lip, I knew I’d overshoot and land on the flats. I came in about 2 feet past the transition point, and when I hit, I couldn’t feel anything. What kept you motivated after the accident? My wife, Shauna. I promised her a life of love and adventure, and what mattered most to me was that she live that life. Did you ever doubt that you could still have that life? When it seems you’re facing the impossible, reality can overwhelm you. Or you can believe without stopping that paralysis will not control you. When did you start surfing? At the…

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cellphone dry bags

FOR COMPARISON ’ SSAKE Airhead Products Dry Pak THE DRY: The Dry Pak comes in a variety of sizes and product numbers to protect all types of popular cellphones. It’s padded, lined and has a new slimmer clip that locks with two rotating keys for a watertight seal. It measures 4 inches wide by 7 inches long, has a clear TPU front with a gray back and comes in three colors. The Dry Pak comes with an adjustable neck lanyard and an aluminum spring hook. THE WET: The back side of the case isn’t clear, so you can only use the front side for recording video or taking still pictures. PRICE: $14.99; airhead.com Gecko Mobile Phone Dry Bag THE DRY: While other bags claim to be submersible, the Gecko product takes a different approach. It floats…

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bad gas

AH, BOATING SEASON IS FINALLY HERE. THE ICE IS OFF LAKE Michigan, and we can’t wait to get our boat out, trolling for salmon and fishing the rocks around Chicago’s marinas for smallmouths; watching the Chicago air show; and heading to the Indiana Dunes lakeshore, where hundreds of boats line up and have a beach party just about every Saturday. As a senior master-certified mechanic for one of the Big Three automakers for 30 years and the go-to guy for all my buddy’s boat problems, I meticulously maintain my 20-foot Renken 3.0 runabout so it’s at the ready for such adventures. Poor maintenance leads to breakdowns and safety issues I tune it every season, change all the filters, use full synthetic oil, change all bellows every five years, and replace the…

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rescue me

ACCORDING TO THE UNITED STATES SWIM SCHOOL ASSOCIATION, 3,533 PEOPLE DROWN ON AVERAGE in the United States every year. In response, the USSSA created guidelines to help its students — and their parents — handle a drowning situation. While its guidelines focus primarily on kids and swimming pools, I find them to be extremely helpful for boaters too. After all, the United States Coast Guard reported in its 2015 statistics that in 76 percent of all fatal boating accidents, the victims drowned. So here, using tips from both the USSSA and our own boating resources, is a guide to helping someone who is drowning. ONE, TWO, EYES ON YOU When someone falls in the water, the first person on your boat who sees the victim needs to keep his eyes on…

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ASK THE MASSES Go to boatingmag.com/forums to ask fellow boaters your questions or to answer theirs. Paint Delay [ Q ] Dear Boat Doc, in a fit of enthusiasm, and unbeknownst to me until now, my wife painted our boat’s bottom with anti-fouling paint this past fall. She wanted us be a step ahead for spring launching. I am afraid she wasted some preciously expensive anti-foul and think we have to buy more paint and recoat the boat. The paint she used is Pettit Horizons. Please restore marital bliss to our home and give us your best advice. MITCH RONSONBoston, Massachusetts [ A ] Mr. Ronson, there are some paints that still require you to launch the boat soon after coating. But Pettit Paint’s Horizons that your wife applied is a multiseason, ablative…