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Boating May 2018

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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words to live by

John Mills was the gunner’s mate aboard HMS Bounty, a ship that, after two novels, five movies, and not to mention the actual historical account, needs little if any introduction. According to the ship’s log, Capt. Bligh’s personal journal, and records of the British Navy, Mills was one of the older, more-experienced crew aboard Bounty, having served on Mediator under Admiral Collinwood (himself a partner with Lord Nelson in many campaigns). Mills apparently lacked a sweet disposition, but as the record shows, he’d spent a lifetime at sea under the command of great mariners. It’s safe to say he knew what he was talking about. I present this curriculum vitae for no trivial purpose. In the 1962 film version of Mutiny on the Bounty, the one starring Marlon Brando, the role…

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john giglio

Freedom Boat Club has introduced thousands of people to boating through its rental clubs around the country, where boaters pay club fees in order to use the company’s fleet rather than own their own vessel. We caught up with John Giglio, the company’s leader, about the club and recreational boating. BOATINGMAG.COM MAY 2018 SCAN ME To read the full interview, go to boatingmag.com/freedom-boat-club or scan this tag! How many Freedom Boat Club locations are there? We have 153 clubs in 30 states and Canada, with a fleet of more than 1,600 boats. In addition, we have just announced a very exciting partnership with Jeanneau in Europe. What’s the main appeal of joining your club? The key factors that attract our members include a very affordable cost of entry that provides access to a fleet of late-model boats,…

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trailering safety

1. Your vehicle’s trailer hitch should be capable of towing: A. Another vehicle. B. Gross trailer weight (GTW) exceeding the total weight of your boat, engine, trailer and gear combined. C. Another buddy’s trailer out of the ditch. D. Tongue weight (TW) of approximately 10 percent of the total GTW of your towed load. E. All of the above. F. B and D. 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of roller hull supports versus bunks found on boat trailers today? A. Rollers tend to make it easier to launch the boat from shallow and otherwise difficult launch ramps. B. Bunks provide more consistent support because they cover a larger area of the hull. C. Bunks can scratch the hull, especially if the carpet on them becomes loaded with sand from launching. D. Rollers can fail, thereby causing a danger of…

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boating sneakers

HELLY HANSEN HYDROPOWER SHORELINE F-1 THE GRIP: The most stylish of the three choices, Helly Hansen shoes sport a decoupled flexible rubber tread with a grippy nonslip pattern and siping to funnel away water. The tread is also nonmarking. The lightweight, breathable mesh body dries quickly and provides support while transiting a deck underway. The insole is anti-microbial to prevent odor. THE SLIP: The most expensive of the trio offers only two color choices. PRICE: $110; hellyhansen.com SOFTSCIENCE FIN 3.0 THE GRIP: Designed for anglers, these shoes are reinforced in the toe, ankle and forefoot areas to help provide stability. They are still incredibly light, with a grooved tread that funnels away water while providing traction on-deck. The bulky, nonmarking tread also features three slots in the forefoot to flow water away from the shoe.…

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distracted boating. don’t do it.

Distracted driving? Oh, yeah, it can be dangerous, and most states have laws to combat it. Is it easier to avoid distractions while piloting a boat compared to a car? No, probably harder. There are no white lines to follow, other vessels approach from all directions at all speeds, sea conditions get lumpy, channels narrow, harbors turn crowded, calls come in on the VHF, fish strike trolling lines, and people move around the boat. The list of on-the-water attention diverters goes on and on. Experienced skippers have learned to pay attention around their boats while underway, but how can new boaters get that experience as safely as possible? And is it possible for experienced skippers to sharpen their situational awareness? The folks at the National Safe Boating Council asked that question…

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a sea dog is saved and there’s no trick

On May 15, 2017, I went overboard into the 36-degree water of Newfound Lake, New Hampshire. If I had not been wearing my 40-year-old Stearns Type III life jacket, I would not be writing this account. First, some backstory. I am a boating instructor for the State of New Hampshire. I teach the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators’ curriculum. I’ve been a boater since childhood. As long as I put on my life jacket, my parents allowed me to take out the rowboat by myself. I was 7 years old. I learned to sail our 16-foot sloop at age 8. My first real job was as a gas-dock attendant. I’ve cruised lakes Michigan and Huron, the Finger Lakes and the Erie Canal system. I’ve been at the wheel of…