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Boating November - December 2016

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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running inlets is dangerous

IAM WRITING THIS HAVING JUST been notified of the death of Miami Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez. Fernandez along with two companions died when the boat they were cruising struck the north jetty of Miami’s Government Cut in the wee hours of September 25, 2016. It seems like a simple thing, this running of inlets. In reality, it may be the most dangerous bit of navigation boaters attempt. There are those out in the world — both new, inexperienced boaters and nonboaters — who may disagree with that statement. After all, tens of thousands of boats transit coastal inlets on a weekly basis, and most do so without incident. Boats today are built better than ever before, and a select few, like the SeaVee in which Fernandez was cruising, are superbly crafted…

5 min.
making waves

ON BOARD WITH ... Erica G. Icom Cover Girl of 2016 Every issue, we hire a helicopter to shoot our cover boat and also a model to grace its deck. We put all the cover models from 2016 on Facebook for a vote, and you, our readers, picked one as our Icom cover girl of the year and helped her win an Icom IC-M25 VHF. Meet Erica G. who, when not modeling, goes boating. —Pete McDonald BOATING PRESENTS COVER GIRL SCAN HERE TO VIEW ALL OUR COVER GIRL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS When you’re not working on a Boating photo shoot, do you like to boat in your free time? Of course, that is the best boating there is — no agenda! What is your favorite thing to do on the water? Fish. I was raised fishing with my dad,…

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cold-weather seamanship

THE WEATHER MAY HAVE COOLED, BUT THE PASSION TO continue boating burns bright for many. Once fall sets in for good, the skies get bluer, the air gets crisper, and the crowds get thinner. Use these tips to maintain personal safety and convenience during the cold months. Wooly Bully The adage “Dress for the water, not the weather” applies. Odd balmy days will spur boaters to cruise. But cold water behooves us to wear fabrics such as wool that retain heat, even when wet. Also consider an insulated fl oat coat, which will keep you warm and serve as a life jacket should you end up in the water Killer Tradition The survival technique of fl oating in place while lowering one’s head into the water will cause you to lose body heat and…

10 min.

ASK THE MASSES Go to boatingmag.com/forums to ask fellow boaters your questions or to answer theirs. Max Service [ Q ] I was excited to see my letter today in the July/August issue (“Rattle and Hum”). I must give kudos to my local Marine Max dealership for solving the problem. It felt that the noise was louder than normal, removed the lower unit, and found a thin aluminum plate had broken in two. I am not sure what its function is, but replacing the $3.50 part solved the problem, and the motor now sounds and runs like new. JIM HOGAN Stuart, Florida [ A ] Glad you got the problem solved, Jim. A dealer you can count on is one of the best boating resources. Enjoy your boat. New Carb Blues [ Q ] Hi Mick. I…

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uncaulked deck seams

While caulk gets a bad rap (“boatbuilding in a tube” is one pejorative often heard) because it can be used to fill the big gaps that result from poor design or sloppy workmanship, it does have a proper and legitimate use aboard fiberglass boats. That’s why we were distressed to see the complete lack of caulk in the seams surrounding the “soft patch” — a screw-down hatch — in the cockpit sole of this pleasure boat. As you can see in the photo (right), this brand-new boat already has the seams filled with dust, fasteners and wire cutoffs. The metal may rust, the copper is certain to turn green, and, of course, spray, rain and wash water are going to have an easy time getting into the bilge. Once there,…

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cover up

THE BOAT COVER PROTECTS YOUR VESSEL’S FINISH, interior and instruments from weather degradation, and helps keep critters out as well. In summer, the cover also helps keep rain out if your boat is kept in the water, preserving your boat’s batteries, bilge pump and, possibly, buoyancy. But is a custom cover worth it, or will an off-the-rack boat cover serve you just as well? Consider these issues. Custom or Stock? Owners of popular, late-model brand-name boats can purchase custom-fitted covers for their boats at discount prices online. Type in the year, make and model, and chances are good there’s a cover for your rig for less than half of what it would cost to get a high-quality cover made at a local custom-canvas shop. For owners of older models or boats built in…