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Boating November - December 2017

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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by the numbers

It’s year-end and time for reflection on many fronts, ranging from the personal to the professional. In taking stock of Boating’s performance and formulating plans for creating content that our editorial team thinks will serve you best and believes you’ll find beneficial in the buying and owning of boats, I use many tools. One such tool is a software suite that tells me just about everything about anything we publish to the Web. For any article, video or photo, I can see how many people viewed it, how many times it was viewed, what time of day it was viewed most, what day of the week it was viewed most, what was the most popular device used to view it, whether the visitors arrived from a link, a social stream or…

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making waves

BOATINGMAG.COM NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 ON BOARD WITH ... FOR COMPARISON’S SAKE CAPTAIN’S TEST NEWS 5 THINGS ON BOARD WITH ... Melanie T. Icom Cover Girl of 2017 Every issue, we have a beautiful model grace the cover of our magazine. She’s always aboard a stunning boat. And every year, we let you, the readers, pick your favorite via a Facebook voting contest. Meet this year’s winner, Melanie T., who appeared aboard the Crownline 29 EX on our April cover. ICOM BOATING COVER GIRL Did you grow up around the water? I was born in Hawaii, grew up on the west coast of Florida and live in South Florida, so I am always around the water. Did you always go boating? I grew up fishing and hanging out on the water all the time. How did you like shooting aboard the Crownline 29 EX? It…

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wheel-mounted trim systems

The faster you go, the more important it is that you have both hands on the steering wheel as much of the time as possible. That’s where steeringwheel- mounted or column-mounted trim switches come in. While they are more popular with outboard-powered boats, they can also be used with sterndrives. SEASTAR SOLUTIONS PRO-TRIM THE LEVEL: Pro-Trim is popular among bass boaters and drivers of other outboard-powered performance boats. You can get it as a single lever or twins with one on each side of the column. It can control motors, trim tabs and jack plates. There are no cords to tangle when the wheel is turned, and installation is straightforward. THE DIVE: It can only be used with SeaStar Solutions steering systems. PRICE: $70.87; seastarsolutions.com UFLEX USA PADDLE TRIM SYSTEM THE LEVEL: Resembling the paddle shifters in a…

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modern diesel engines

Diesel engines are no longer reserved for large yachts and off shore-fishing battlewagons. Today’s diesels are clean-burning and quiet, and they meet EPA emissions standards. Let’s take a closer look at what makes today’s diesels worthy of consideration. 1. What is the minimum psi for a high-pressure direct-fuel-injection system? A. 5,000 B. 10,000 C. 15,000 D. 20,000 2. Of the two basic and common cylinder configurations for marine diesel engines, which is the simplest, featuring just one set of cams? A. In-line engine B. V engine C. W engine D. Rotary engine 3. In a common-rail direct-injection system, what does the rail feed? A. Fuel injectors B. The cylinders C. The intake manifold D. Individual solenoid valves 4. Octane is the measure of combustion and ignition characteristics in gasoline. What is the term for this measure for diesel? A. Setane B. Cetane C. Sitane D. Citane 5. When you start up…

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pontooning to cuba

Jim Wolf, CEO of Avalon Pontoons, had a mission in mind to take one of his boats to Cuba. Last June, he and three of his closest friends completed that mission, taking a 27-foot Avalon Ambassador from Clearwater, Florida, to Havana, Cuba. Over the four-day round-trip journey, Wolf and his crew cruised 600 miles, including a 100-mile stretch through the often treacherous Straits of Florida. The boat proved more than up to the task of handling the 4- to 6-foot swells they encountered on the way. The only modification Wolf had his team make to the stock boat was adding an additional 100-gallon fuel tank to go along with the standard 100-gallon tank in the third tube. This gave the boat the necessary range to make the trip. To make sure…

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that sinking feeling

My birthday dawned sunny with enough chop in Long Island’s Jones Inlet to cause the 23-foot cabin cruiser I had borrowed to rock and roll. Before we left the dock, I went through what I thought was an adequate pre-departure checklist. Let me state that I am a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and a state-certified boating-safety instructor. And yet, this day, I found myself on a sinking vessel. We drifted in the rushing current, picking up fluke on every drift. Then the boat began acting sluggish and would not get on plane. I decided to head for home, but the boat was barely making way. Plan B: Head to the Coast Guard station, because it was much closer to my present location. Then things turned ominous. The engine quit…