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Boating September 2017

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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a unique point of view

As we motored under the Newport Bridge and up the east passage of Narragansett Bay early on a Tuesday morning, the tall ship appeared like an apparition out of the fog. A dull shadow at first, its form took a more defined shape with every rotation of our propellers, finally resolving into a three-mast, fully rigged ship some 200 feet long and making 11 knots right at us. I altered course demonstrably to starboard, as a courtesy and what The Rules call for, and watched in awe as it slid past on our port side. Of course, I had spotted it on radar first and also on AIS, which gave me its name: Oliver Hazard Perry. I’d seen it before. But it was the actual sight of this ship materializing out of…

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leigh fulkerson, wakesurfing polo player

ON BOARD WITH ... FOR COMPARISON’S SAKE CAPTAIN’S TEST NEWS ON BOARD WITH ... SCAN ME To read the full interview online, scan this tag or go to boatingmag.com/wakepolo. What traits help you excel at polo? Polo is like a huge game of chess with a healthy dose of hockey. Throw in a little tennislike hand-eye coordination too. What’s the biggest rush from playing it? Just sitting on a 1,000-pound animal is a rush all in itself. Add seven other players, a big stick (mallet) and a little white ball — all at around 35 mph. When did you start wakesurfing? I started four summers ago. When we got the G23, I really started spending some time on the water. And when I say time, I mean I’ve put 987 hours on it in four years. Can you compare riding a…

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doggy life jackets

WEST MARINE ADVANCED PET LIFE JACKET THE FLOAT: Three segmented flotation panels are flexible and comfortable. There are two mesh pockets for small stuff (like the key to the doghouse) and two reflective strips for night safety. It has a sturdy lift handle (two on large sizes). It features a wide, padded underbelly panel THE SINK: Adjustable neck pad is not as welldesigned as the rest of the vest. Fit at rear could be shaped better for comfort. PRICE: $50; westmarine.com MTI ADVENTUREWEAR UNDERDOG THE FLOAT: A unique concept — place the flotation foam under the pet’s chest. This design concept facilitates the natural swimming position for most dogs. There are two convenient bright-yellow lifting handles to hoist your pet. Reflective panels are for night safety. THE SINK: Since the bulk of the vest is under…

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tow vehicles

(Answers on page 19) 1. The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is the total allowable weight for the vehicle. Which of the following is included in that weight? A. Engine fluids B. Occupants C. Fuel D. All of the above 2. The GVWR for a trailer, also called the gross trailer weight rating, is the total allowable weight for the trailer. If a boat weighs 4,000 pounds with the motor and has a fuel capacity of 50 gallons, what is the GVWR needed for the trailer? A. 4,500 pounds B. 5,000 pounds C. 6,000 pounds D. None of the above 3. Is the maximum tow rating the same as the GVWR? A. Yes B. No 4. What is best way to determine the weight of a boat on its trailer? A. Get the weights of the boat and engine from the manufacturers B. Look it up…

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malibu acquires cobalt

Malibu Boats, one of the leading builders of tournament-level tow boats for watersports, bought Cobalt Boats, a premier runabout brand, for $130 million over the summer. While Cobalt is a leader in the sterndrive market, and according to published reports, Malibu is hoping to use Cobalt’s recent expansion into offering outboard power on some of its models as an opportunity to take advantage of the growth in outboard power — the fastest growing power choice available. Malibu also hopes to use its resources to turn Cobalt’s Forward Drive tow boats into the best sterndrive-powered surfboats. CAPTAIN’S TEST (Answers from page 16) 1. D. 2. D. You need to know the weight of the trailer itself (in addition to the boat, motor, fluids and gear) to determine an accurate GVWR required for any boat and…

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flying lessons

Sonny Hendrix is a captain, but not the kind who pilots a boat. He pilots commercial aircraft. I found myself on the same boat with Hendrix during a Florida fishing trip aboard a Pursuit DC 325. The conversation eventually gravitated to aircraft emergencies and how pilots respond to them. In an emergency, a pilot is trained to immediately address three things: 1) aviate, 2) navigate and 3) communicate, in that order, Hendrix said. Aviate means to keep the plane flying. Navigate means head for the nearest airport. Only after quickly addressing these two facets should the pilot communicate with air traffic control. Boat captains might apply the same principles to nautical emergencies, with some marine-related adaptations. 1. STAY AFLOAT This is the boating equivalent of aviate. It’s a top priority in a boating emergency,…