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Bon Appetit August 2019

Bon Appétit focuses on what's "now" in the world of food, drink, and entertaining, while still giving readers valuable cooking tools, tips, and most of all, recipes. This food lifestyle publication looks at life through the lens of food & cooking in, dining out, travel, entertainment, shopping and design.

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a chic escape

FOR THESE FORMER NEW YORKERS, a visit to The Hoxton was decidedly different. This escape featured a king-size bed with bespoke linens, freshly made granola, and a breathtaking view of the skyline from Summerly, the hotel’s rooftop bar. “It was like the city had been reawakened,” Christina said. “The hustle and bustle was there, but in a completely different way.” At Klein’s, the in-house restaurant, they brunched on the Full-On English Brekkie and the Dutchy Baby Skillet Pancake. At dinner, they savored Cacio e Pepe and Wood-Grilled Trout with Roasted Mushrooms. Struck by the gorgeous interiors and light, airy at-mosphere, they were delighted by the details that met them at every turn. “The Hoxton was the first hotel we stayed at that we didn’t mind coming back to at the end of…

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bon appetit

Editor in Chief ADAM RAPOPORT Editorial Features Editor MERYL ROTHSTEIN Senior Editors SASHA LEVINE, AMANDA SHAPIRO, AMIEL STANEK Senior Staff Writer ALEX BEGGS Digital Restaurant Editor ELYSE INAMINE Associate Editors HILARY CADIGAN, CHRISTINA CHAEY, ALEX DELANY Assistant Editor ALIZA ABARBANEL Entertainment Editor CAITLIN BRODY Editorial Assistants JESSE SPARKS, EMMA WARTZMAN Assistant to the Editor in Chief RYAN WALKER-HARTSHORN Contributing Editors Editor at Large ANDREW KNOWLTON Contributing Editor SARAH JAMPEL Contributing Editor CHRISTINE MUHLKE Contributing Editor ALISON ROMAN Wine Editor MARISSA A. ROSS Contributing Writer PRIYA KRISHNA Creative Director MICHELE OUTLAND Deputy Editor JULIA KRAMER Food Director CARLA LALLI MUSIC Director of Editorial Operations CRISTINA MARTINEZ Digital Director CAREY POLIS Design Design Director CHRIS CRISTIANO Art Director CHRISTA GUERRA Designer BRYAN FOUNTAIN Art Assistant ANNALEE SOSKIN Photography Staff Photographers CHELSIE CRAIG, ALEX LAU Associate Visuals Editor EMMA FISHMAN Operations Production Manager MATT CARSON Associate Production Manager KATE FENOGLIO Editorial Operations Manager NICK TRAVERSE Copy Director GREG ROBERTSON Copy Manager BRIAN CARROLL Research Director SUSAN SEDMAN Food Senior Food Editors ANDY…

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editor’s letter

Simple? It’s Complicated IF IT WERE UP TO ME, every issue of Bon Appétit would be the Simple Issue. Select choice ingredients, futz with them as little as possible, season well with salt and pepper, and use a generous hand with the olive oil. And as editor in chief of this magazine, I suppose it is up to me. But have you ever tried to tell Andy Baraghani what to cook? Found yourself entrenched in a recipe argument with Carla Lalli Music? Been stared down by Julia Kramer when she doesn’t agree with you and gives you that disapproving you-gotta-be-kidding-me look? A big reason why BA has remained so strong these past several years is because of all the strong personalities who work here. If you ask for someone’s opinion, don’t worry—you’ll get it.…

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a spoonful a day

EVERY TWO WEEKS, out of survivalist paranoia, I make a new batch of chile crisp even before I’ve run out of my current stash. The spicy oil, studded with bits of crunchy fried garlic and shallots, is senior food editor Chris Morocco’s love letter to the jarred Sichuan condiment Lao Gan Ma. I now spoon it over nearly everything I eat, from fried eggs to guacamole to pizza, to add heat and texture. I know people who love it on ice cream. (Ice cream!) I’ve since tried a few jarred versions—because thinly slicing four shallots and two heads of garlic is a commitment—but I always go back to homemade because I can actually taste just how fresh all the ingredients are. Plus, there’s no need to add preservatives to something…

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The 101 BUYING Local fresh corn is sweetest (white, yellow, and bicolored are equally good). Pick heavy ears with tight green husks and glossy silk. Feel (don’t peel!) for gapless rows of fat kernels. STORING Corn starts to lose its sugars the minute it’s picked (which is why local is best), so plan to eat it soon—day of, if possible. Keep any unhusked ears in a plastic bag in the fridge and consume within three days. HOW TO CUT THE KERNELS (and not lose a finger!) Lay a shucked ear on your cutting board, then use a sharp knife to zip off a strip of kernels, creating a flat side. Roll the cob onto that flat side and continue to slice off kernels until you’ve gotten all the way around. That’s it! Corn Two Ways: BOILED Cook market-fresh husked ears…

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peak summer

When the produce is this flawless (thank you, August!), dinner inspiration is never far off. Blistered summer beans get a jolt of umami from a swipe of sunny miso butter. A quickly seared steak becomes a vibrant salad with an assist from sweet corn, crunchy cukes, and your new favorite vinaigrette. Need more ideas? We thought you’d never ask Skillet-Charred Summer Beans with Miso Butter Mix 4 Tbsp. room-temperature unsalted butter, 2 Tbsp. white miso, ½ serrano chile, finely grated, and one ½" piece ginger, peeled, finely grated, in a small bowl until smooth. Heat a large skillet, preferably cast iron, over medium-high. Toss 12 oz. green, Romano, and/or wax beans with 2 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil in a medium bowl, then transfer to skillet and cook, tossing occasionally, until beans are…