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CBS Soaps In Depth

CBS Soaps In Depth

April 13, 2020

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2 min.
will “phick” go for it?

The In Depth Story: Nick is done denying that what’s happening between him and Phyllis is just casual sex. “I don’t think they were thinking along the lines of a relationship,” suggests Nick’s portrayer, Joshua Morrow, “but now they’re like, ‘Wait, there’s something happening here!’ “Each of them is waiting for the other one to say, ‘Yeah, we should do this,’” he adds. “But they don’t know what to make of their feelings other than knowing that they aren’t purely physical at this point.” While Phyllis ignited the fire between them with that first kiss, Nick becomes much more proactive in wanting to label what’s happening between them. “Nick is like, ‘We need to have a conversation!’” previews Morrow. “Phyllis is way more reluctant to actually talk about it, mainly because how…

1 min.
are “phick” flirting with disaster?

PROS 1. Phyllis is never boring. Even if they’re stranded again indoors for the evening, Nick won’t have to dust off his playing cards. And if he did, we suspect Phyllis would turn the game into strip poker! 2. Phyllis has been 99-percent faithful. Except for her fling with Ronan years ago, she never cheated on Nick. (The same can’t be said for him!) In Genoa City, these are pretty good odds! 3. Phyllis is the mother of Nick’s firstborn. And as far as their own family unit goes, the vixen will fight tooth and nail for their daughter, Summer. CONS 1. Phyllis always has a trick up her sleeve. The way she manipulated Abby out of the Grand Phoenix proves that Nick can’t really trust her. 2. Phyllis looks out for No. 1. Her decision…

1 min.
flo is getting suspicious!

While Flo graciously stepped aside for Wyatt to be with Sally, she can’t help but wonder if they both made a big mistake! The In Depth Story: Viewers may be on to the game Sally’s been playing to hang on to Wyatt, but Flo is none the wiser heading into April. She feels so badly about the redhead’s impending death, in fact, that she’ll soon take it upon herself to pay a visit to Dr. Escobar herself! When Flo turns up wanting to discuss one of her most tricky cases, Dr. Escobar is naturally unnerved, but Flo’s mission is sincere. She wants the doctor to help urge Sally to step up the fight to beat whatever’s ailing her. Flo has already made the ultimate sacrifice in trying to help Sally by encouraging Wyatt…

2 min.
update on the shutdowns!

The In Depth Story: All four soaps have suspended production, with THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and B&B shut down for two weeks effective March 17, per Deadline. And even while Y&R was still taping, precautionary measures were being taken. “Like, no more kissing scenes, no more hugging scenes,” revealed Elizabeth Hen-drickson (Chloe) in an Instagram story. “No more sex scenes.” At NBC, DAYS OF OUR LIVES added a week to an already-scheduled hiatus that began March 16. “After that, who knows?” Stephen Nichols (Steve) said in an Instagram video with Mary Beth Evans (Kayla). But since DAYS has several months’ worth of episodes in the can, “you guys won’t even know because we’re so far ahead,” added Evans. Meanwhile, GENERAL HOSPITAL is on a four-week break that includes an already-planned hiatus. It…

2 min.
will brando join the mafia?

As Brando grows closer to Sonny’s family, his “internal struggle with right and wrong,” says Wactor, “will be ongoing.” The In Depth Story: Brando was trying to rebuild his life in Chicago when a photo of faux son Dev drew him to Port Charles and he walked right into a Mob shootout. Now, he can’t seem to get away from the Corinthos family’s drama. “He’s happy about having saved Carly,” says portrayer Johnny Wactor, “but he didn’t ask to be involved with playing somebody’s father.” Unfortunately, in saving Carly, Brando made himself a potential target for the don’s enemies. So in an effort to protect him, the Mob boss helped the motorcycle mechanic set up shop in Port Charles. “He’s been asked to uproot his life, basically,” says Wactor. But despite Brando’s grumbling,…

1 min.
nicole closes in!

Nicole knows that sharing her suspicion with Eric before she has all her ducks in a row could decimate their relationship. The In Depth Story: In this case, the truth may not set anyone free but rather blow lives all to hell! Nicole knows that Brady and Kristen have mourned the baby they lost, and that Sarah and Eric have bonded with the one they have. She also knows that confessing her suspicions to Eric could work in her favor — or, well, not. Having confided in Abe last week, Nicole is still debating whether to tell Eric that she believes Mackenzie is actually Rachel! Meanwhile, Abe is determined to help — starting with tracking down Dr. Raynor! Thanks to Xander’s threats, the OB is already on the brink of a meltdown.…