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Classic Boat April 2017

Admire the world's most beautiful boats, brought to life through breath-taking photography. Classic Boat offers a unique blend of yacht reviews, seamanship and restoration features, history and design columns, practical advice and coverage of the leading international regattas and events. Whether your interest lies in working on restoration projects or sailing in classic regattas; whether you're a wooden boat owner or simply an admirer of traditional marine workmanship, Classic Boat will have something for you.

United Kingdom
Chelsea Magazine
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green oddess

Martha’s Vineyard is a tidy, seagoing sort of place, not much given to emotion. The four miles of tide-racked water that separate it from Woods Hole give it the tough, selfreliant air peculiar to good islands, and the handful of people sprawled over the rexine seats of the big ferry look tired after a dull day at work. However, when the ship sticks its art deco nose into the Vineyard Haven bay between the twin peninsulas of East Chop and West Chop, it is possible to imagine that there is a hum of excitement in the air. Partly this is because the annual fishing derby is in full swing, and anglers are hauling striped bass and bluefish out of the rips that chew at the lumpy corners of the island. But…

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traditional build

Gannon and Benjamin are an unusual yard in the sense that they build only dead traditional boats, and attract a steady stream of orders. The small craft are clinker and everything else is carvel. “We just don’t like sanding and glue,” jokes Nat Benjamin, when asked why he has not branched out into modern timber construction. “We enjoy traditional boatbuilding and it’s something we’re pretty good at – so we leave the other methods to others! Also, it’s the best way of building a boat for longevity and for being repaired. There’s a boat in the harbor that’s 100 years old. She wouldn’t still be here if she were strip-planked or glass.” About a decade ago, the Gannon and Benjamin yard built a centreboard cabin sloop of 28ft (8.5m) called Celeste.…

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tell tales

Classic Boat’s address: Jubilee House, 2 Jubilee Place, London, SW3 3TQ cb@classicboat.co.uk Follow the Classic Boat team on Twitter and Facebook DEVON 1972 OSTAR sailor to race again Devon yachtsman Peter Crowther, who took part in the 1972 OSTAR, will be racing in the transatlantic event again this year at the age of 74. Peter will be sailing Suomi Kudu, a Swan 38 owned by his brother-in-law, and he'll be hoping to beat the record time he set in the event 45 years ago, when he was the slowest boat to finish, at 88 days, 68 days behind the winner. In that event Peter raced the historic ga. cutter Golden Vanity. He will sail down memory lane this summer, when he cruises the 1908-built, 38ft 9in (11.8m) Brixham trawler in south Devon, the first time he…

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mike peyton 1921-2017

Mike Peyton, yachting’s greatest ever cartoonist, died late on Wednesday 25 January, aged 96. A keen sailor who helped found the OGA (Old Ga?ers Association), he was still active until very recently, having been sailing last year on the east coast. Peyton was born into a mining family in County Durham, the son of a disabled First World War veteran. He lied about his age to join the army himself and aged 19 was seconded by the intelligence corps to draw maps of the North African desert during the Second World War. He was captured and despite escaping twice, spent most of the war in a prisoner of war camp, before being freed by the Soviets and fighting alongside Russian troops as they invaded Germany from the east. As a POW he had…

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second age of sail

Not long ago, we reported on the growing trend for owners of suitable vessels to start carrying cargo under sail on a small-scale commercial basis. Ten years ago, we could have mentioned only one such ‘revivalist’ sail-trading vessel – Dutch-owned schooner Tres Hombres. These days, there are more than a dozen in operation, and while the e?ort is symbolic and educational rather than a solution to the pollution caused by worldwide commercial cargo, there are much bigger projects that are possible, like the Dykstra-designed Ecoliner, a 452ft (138m), 12,000-tonne, four-masted Panamax Dynarig schooner. Two more vessels in England’s West Country could one day swell the small, but growing, fleet of sail-trading vessels plying the world’s waters. Daphne du Maurier schooner planned A schooner replica project in Cornwall aims to build a new…

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q & a

Sail Caledonia race o cer John Macpherson What can participants expect? A week of sailing and rowing amid some of the most beautiful and stunning scenery in Scotland, good-natured competition and some challenging conditions, and all in good company. This year’s dates are 27 May – 3 June. Do boats need to be a certain age? Ageism is not a term we deal in either for competitors or boats, but both need to be seaworthy! Children often come along as part of a boat’s crew. They need to be fairly resilient as some of the sailing can be challenging. How much needs to be rowed – do you need to be pretty fit? The answer to that lies with the gods! There are sailing races and rowing races but if the prevailing SW wind decides to…