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Classic Boat January 2019

Admire the world's most beautiful boats, brought to life through breath-taking photography. Classic Boat offers a unique blend of yacht reviews, seamanship and restoration features, history and design columns, practical advice and coverage of the leading international regattas and events. Whether your interest lies in working on restoration projects or sailing in classic regattas; whether you're a wooden boat owner or simply an admirer of traditional marine workmanship, Classic Boat will have something for you.

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end of the party

As we were going to press the news broke that Panerai will be ending its long-running classic regatta sponsorship, an announcement that will hit regattas worldwide. The events themselves are strong enough to continue and there is every reason to believe that someone else will jump at the chance to pair their brand with the glamorous world of classic yacht racing, but any sponsor departing after 14 years leaves a gap, and Panerai has been an exceptional sponsor. The news is a moment to consider the impact of Panerai’s former CEO, Angelo Bonati, who retired in 2018. A passionate sailor, Bonati’s backing gave shape to classic regattas worldwide by creating an overarching series of events, encouraging owners to get involved and probably helping drive some of the bigger restorations. He went…

8 min.
mariette original schooner

That boatyards worked fast in the great days of sail is well known, but it still seems astonishing that the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company completed the 108ft (33.5m) schooner you see pictured here in just seven months. Mariette’s keel was laid in October 1915 and the speed is explained by the fact that Herreshoff had 500 men working for him over that winter, the largest number he had ever had, to ensure the boat was launched in time for the season in May 1916. Herreshoff famously did not favour the schooner rig, thinking it too complicated, costly and wind resistant. Consequently he ‘only’ designed and built 15 schooners, a tiny proportion of his output. Mariette is one of his nine steel-riveted schooners often described as ‘legendary’ for their size (an average of…

2 min.
oldest boats on show in vancouver island

For the citizens of Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, Labor Day has been synonymous with the Classic Boat Festival since 1978. And so too this year, between 31 August and 2 September, the festival took place in a warm, informal atmosphere, for the 41st time, welcoming 85 vessels from across north America, not to mention thousands of visitors along the quays who were assisted by a small army of volunteers, without whom the event could not have happened. The quayside was busy too with activities ranging from maritime trivia, lectures on scrimshaw, visual signalling at sea, protection of waters, and the role of British Columbia during the war, as well shipbuilding (including Songhees canoes built from red cedar), while children were entertained with face-painting and more. On 1 September, the…

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40th règates royales in cannes

The 2018 Trophée Panerai closed in style with the 40th anniversary edition of Règates Royales in Cannes. The origins of the regatta go back to 1929, but it faded out in the 1960s and was revived in 1978 by Jean-Pierre Odéro and other enthusiasts, growing from a fleet of just five 8-Metre yachts to the 1,500 sailors who gather annually these days. The event is run by the Yacht Club de Cannes with support from the town council and port, as well as a team of many volunteers. This year sailors came from across Europe, Brazil, Australia, the USA and Russia, among them Olympic and America’s Cup sailing star Torben Grael, who was at the helm of Vanessa, a 1974 design by Italian Giulio Cesare Carcano, now restored under the ownership…

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tell tales

120 years and not out Our Centenarians series doesn't feature many boats celebrating their 120th birthdays that haven’t been exensively rebuilt – at least once. But that is what you are looking at here. Witch, 38ft 8in (11.8m) in length plus bowsprit, was built by Dickies of Tarbett in 1898 and belongs to OGA president Alistair Randall. Last summer he and Witch sailed from Essex to the Isle of Wight for the OGA 55th anniversary (see last issue). The boat also did the east coast OGA summer cruise and the Swale Match. Then Alistair sailed Witch back home singlehanded. “Despite her age, I pretty much go where I want,” says her proud owner. EXCLUSIVE Panerai to cease sponsorship Luxury watchmaker Panerai confirmed rumours, as we went to press, that it will cease its classic…

6 min.
“the boat is the star”

The Comité International de la Méditerranée (CIM) has responded to suggestions that its rating rule is unfair by declaring that creating a level playing field among all kinds of classic yachts in all weather conditions is impossible. Ernst Klaus, of the CIM Rules Committee, made the comment as he answered criticisms made by French yachtsman Bruno Troublé in our last issue. Former America’s Cup skipper Troublé wants to trial a new Med handicap system based on the IRC rule, but with a classicspecific element that is yet to be drawn up. His proposals follow a survey of members of the Association Française des Yachts de Tradition (AFYT) last year about the validity of the CIM rule as a rating system. Klaus answers Troublé’s individual points below, but meanwhile he told Classic Boat: “We…