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Classic Boat

Classic Boat February 2019

Admire the world's most beautiful boats, brought to life through breath-taking photography. Classic Boat offers a unique blend of yacht reviews, seamanship and restoration features, history and design columns, practical advice and coverage of the leading international regattas and events. Whether your interest lies in working on restoration projects or sailing in classic regattas; whether you're a wooden boat owner or simply an admirer of traditional marine workmanship, Classic Boat will have something for you.

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1 min.
a new generation

Reflecting a trend in restorations that shows no signs of abating, there is a large contingent of motorboats in our Classic Boat Awards shortlist, which we publish this month. In the past motorboat restorations have tended to be on the large side, but now we are seeing more smaller boats and private projects. Another interesting trend is the modern timber build of an old design, for example Nyala (see p46), built with CNC-cut frames and strip planking to a 1954 Sparkman & Stephens design. These are not ‘Spirit of Tradition’ yachts, but do they still qualify for our ‘Traditional New Build’ category, or are they something else entirely? It is an ongoing debate and it looks as if soon we will need to create a new category for the replica/recreation…

10 min.
growing passion

It had been a 20-year wait out of commission and then a three-year restoration. Now the 1923 Camper and Nicholson yawl Barbara had only to sit patiently while speeches were made and some photographs were taken. Her new owner Roberto Olivieri spoke, as did Enrico Zaccagni who had managed the restoration, and the comandante of the local coastguard, and the vice president of the local yacht club, the Club Nautico Versilia. In the warm Italian sunshine, the crowd clapped. All those involved in the project were congratulated and then photographed together under the bow, before to great applause Barbara slid graciously back into the water. Barely three hours later she was sailing again. Barbara was designed by Charles E Nicholson, one of 11 yawls he produced, three of which came after…

1 min.
logbook out and about

Port Townsend’s annual celebration of wood on water is far more than a festival. During four packed days, a veritable university of all things wood offers classes, demonstrations, speakers and hands-on learning opportunities from world class experts and authors. This year I set myself a challenge to learn 10 great ideas for my own sailing. It kept me running and I met passionate owners, builders, collectors, gurus and wood-boat nuts galore. Here’s what I picked up. (And the next festival will be 6-8 September 2019. You never know what you might learn!)…

6 min.
susie saved; but bigger storms loom

Classic Boat’s address: Jubilee House, 2 Jubilee Place, London, SW3 3TQ cb@classicboat.co.uk Follow the Classic Boat team on Twitter and Facebook “I would do it again in a heartbeat,” said Golden Globe Race competitor Susie Goodall to the world’s press, as she made landfall in Punto Arenas in Chile on 14 December. She had arrived there on the cargo ship Tian Fu after being dismasted in a Southern Ocean storm and subsequently rescued in a dramatic sequence of events by the crew of the Tian Fu. She added that she had a “heavy heart” not to finish the race, tempered of course by relief and gratitude at her rescue. Susie, the youngest competitor in the race at 29, the only female entrant and the last remaining Briton, had been in fourth place, in contention…

6 min.
panerai loss is a ‘turning point’

Event organisers and others have being reacting to the news that Panerai is to end its sponsorship of classic regattas worldwide. Our exclusive story confirmed the rumours last month. Only the Transat Classique, starting from the Canary Islands in January, and the British Classic Yacht Club’s regatta in the Solent in July will be supported by Panerai in 2019. The decision means 10 major events in the Mediterranean and New England will lose their title sponsor. Panerai started supporting classic regattas 14 years ago, driven by its then CEO Angelo Bonati, a keen sailor. He stepped down last year. A statement by Jean-Marc Pontroué, new CEO of Panerai, said: “Classic sailing has been an incredible journey and we have enormously enjoyed it. It is now time to embark on a new…

2 min.
suzanne blaustone, barton marine

Barton has always been an innovator. Why offer wooden blocks? We set out to develop a new variety of wooden blocks that provide high performance, are engineered with precision assemblies, are easier to maintain and are lighter weight for classic racing sailors. What inspired the range's name, Victory? As a British manufacturer, we wanted to celebrate this beautiful wooden vessel! What are they made up of? The design principle is ‘classic appearance, modern performance’, so inside we have high-performance materials, while outside we have ash cheeks, held in place with solid brass fittings. The cheeks are easily removed to enable them to be re-varnished or painted as required. Are you tempted to consider other production wooden fittings? We expanded the range to include wooden double and triple ball bearing blocks last year. We are always open…