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Classic Boat June 2019

Admire the world's most beautiful boats, brought to life through breath-taking photography. Classic Boat offers a unique blend of yacht reviews, seamanship and restoration features, history and design columns, practical advice and coverage of the leading international regattas and events. Whether your interest lies in working on restoration projects or sailing in classic regattas; whether you're a wooden boat owner or simply an admirer of traditional marine workmanship, Classic Boat will have something for you.

United Kingdom
Chelsea Magazine
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ready, set, sail away

Arriving at the New York Yacht Club’s summerhouse in Newport, Rhode Island early last summer, to see long-time CB correspondent Chris Museler and family aboard their schooner Magic was a real taste of the glorious formality that has largely been forgotten by its inventors (the English) but that lives on in the USA. "Mr Museler will see you aboard his yacht soon," said the barman before my colleague and I were ushered out to Mr Museler on a smart club launch. I didn't know then the adventure Chris and the Museler clan had just been on, but he’s written up his trip to the Bahamas for us in this issue. No less thrilling was a ride on Farida last year, a yacht of such design purity, and so beautifully restored,…

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the rebirth of beauty

The effect that Farida has when you first see her is hard to explain. Even at her mooring in Gosport’s Haslar Marina on a hot day early last summer, there was a buoyancy and purpose and… oh, forgive me, god of clichés… elegance to Farida that compelled the eye to return over and over again. The mysterious allure of this yacht is made all the harder to understand when you consider her designer, Jack Laurent Giles (1901-1969). Now, Laurent Giles was, without any serious doubt, one of the most innovative British naval architects of all time, a designer who, in his heyday of post-war Britain, knew for many years what it was to stand on the shoulders of the world. His technical brilliance is well documented, and its effects are…

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farida’s total restoration

The story of Farida’s restoration will be familiar to anyone who has fallen in love with a beautiful boat only to find their worst fears realised. It started in 2012 when the present owner bought her from a classic boat enthusiast who had undertaken a restoration after a limited fashion. She looked magnificent and there was reason to believe she was in good condition. The reality, however, was very different indeed. A further survey led to JWS Marine in Southsea being commissioned to replace three planks either side from the garboard upwards but as soon as they were stripped away, it became clear that many of the frames were in poor shape and the floors completely shot. And that was just the beginning. As the boat’s infrastructure was laid bare, more…

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classic boat awards 2019


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tell tales

GOLDEN GLOBE 50TH Sir Robin and Suhaili honoured Sir Robin Knox-Johnston was feted by the Royal Navy and a fleet of well-wishers when he and Suhaili recreated their triumphant entry into Falmouth to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their Golden Globe circumnavigation on 22 April. The yacht and her legendary skipper both looked a good deal more kempt than when he stepped ashore at the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club in 1969, after 312 days at sea. Indeed Suhaili made a fine show at the head of the fleet, and Sir Robin’s dapper get-up was in marked contrast to the fisherman’s sweater he wore for that famed Golden Globe race landfall. As the clock struck 3.25pm – the precise time he crossed the finish line 50 years previously – the warship HMS Mersey and all…

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bernard gallay yacht brokerage

125ft Classic Sailing Yacht MARIQUITA Year built/refit: 1911/2003 Designer: William Fife III Builder: W. Fife & Son, Fairlie Type: First International Rule 19 Metre Length: 38.10 metres Beam: 5.30 metres Sail area: 6,171 sq ft upwind Keel: 36 ton of lead MARIQUITA is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful classic yachts sailing today. Designed and built for industrialist Arthur Stothert by William Fife III she was launched in 1911 at Fairlie on the Clyde river in Scotland. As a gaff rigged cutter of the 19 Metre Class MARIQUITA is a direct link to the historic Big Class and a precursor to the J-Class that would follow in the 1930’s. When launched MARIQUITA caught the imagination of everyone that followed sailing just before the First World War and, over a hundred years later, she still does since being entirely restored…