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Classic Boat

Classic Boat July 2017

Admire the world's most beautiful boats, brought to life through breath-taking photography. Classic Boat offers a unique blend of yacht reviews, seamanship and restoration features, history and design columns, practical advice and coverage of the leading international regattas and events. Whether your interest lies in working on restoration projects or sailing in classic regattas; whether you're a wooden boat owner or simply an admirer of traditional marine workmanship, Classic Boat will have something for you.

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a moment in history

he last me ica s Cu raced by the J-Cla s, the all-conq eri g Ranger beat ndeavo r II at Newpor , ho e Island Eigh y years on, th J-Cl ss etu ns to t e Ameri a’ Cu for the rs ti e t i Ju e an nea rep ica of hose two bo ts ra e a ain ( ew b ilds ange of 20 3 and an man f 2 09). Th ir head-t -head will be fun o wa ch bu t is sea on s ab ut mor t an th t. I wha is t e igge t ear in the lass h sto y, a r cord fle t of Js i l g th r, firs as par f…

12 min.
sailing to the limit in j-class svea

The flight to Palma should have been a warning. The little Airbus bounced stiffly through turbulence, occasionally dropping through the sky like a stone through a vacuum. The tail end of a big mistral was still blowing itself out, bending trees and bedevilling recreational hat-wearers on the ground, teasing the nervous and the God-fearing on flight EZY8627 as we flew south to Spain’s Balearic isles. The day before, winds over 30 knots had cancelled race-training on Svea (‘Swede’). Now, as we waited dockside, the big, mast-mounted anemometer read-out flickered around 15. The friendly English captain Paul introduced himself, and I didn’t need him to point out that it was going to be pushier outside the marina – even in the protected bay of Palma. It’s customary at this point to express awe…

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the j-class fleet

Shamrock V Designed by Charles Nicholson, launched in 1930 and rebuilt in 2000 Velsheda Designed by Charles Nicholson, launched in 1933 and rebuilt in 2006 Endeavour Designed by Charles Nicholson, launched in 1934 and rebuilt in 1989 Ranger Designed by Burgess/Stephens, launched in 1937, later scrapped, replica launched in 2003 Hanuman Designed By Charles Nicholson, launched in 1936 (as Endeavour II), later scrapped, replica (Hanuman) launched in 2009 Lionheart Designed by Burgess/Stephens in 1936, launched in 2011 Rainbow Designed by W Starling Burgess, launched in 1934, later scrapped, replica launched in 2012 Topaz Designed by Frank Paine in 1935, launched in 2015 Svea Designed by Holm and Plym in 1937, launched in 2017…

3 min.
logbook out and about

The 30th Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta was celebrated in true island style, with trade winds, at times topping 20 knots, as rowdy as the nonstop social schedule. This year’s auspicious venue was Nelson’s Dockyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the place where Caribbean chartering began in the 1950s. Classic Boat is o. cial media partner for the event. A fleet nearing 50 came from all points on the compass. Several arrived in containers; a few sailed up island; the intrepid journeyed from the States, Canada, Bermuda and Europe. One voyaged from the Pacific via Panama, while another took the long way around the Horn. Lucky vessels came straight from the boatyard. The matriarch was the 57ft (17.4m) ga. yawl Anne Marie, built in 1911. The youngest, built in 2015, were Chloe…

7 min.
tell tales

CHARLESTOWN, CORNWALL A new age of sail for historic port The historic port of Charlestown in Cornwall has reopened its trading links with the arrival of The Grayhound, an 18thcentury replica threemasted customs lugger that has delivered its first consignment of wines, rum, food and other limitededition items. George Elworthy, steward of the Shipwreck Centre and Heritage Museum, says, “We want to bring both the harbour and the museum alive again and pay homage to the explorers and traders of the past. Charlestown used to be home to the final remaining sailonly cargo boat in the 1930s, and we now plan to embark on a new era of trade.” The harbour has so far been used for trade ships and film companies, but now, the public will be allowed to enter the harbour and…

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yacht broker bernard gallay

We live in strange times. How have current political events like Brexit a_ected business? Brexit, with the fall in GBP against the Euro, has moved some British buyers away from Euro-priced yachts; but the strengthening Dollar has drawn American buyers to European brokers. You played professional rugby in the 1980s – is there any comparison with competitive sailing? Probably a certain level of modesty, as in both sports you may sometimes feel like a little boy, like when facing a big gale or just before entering the field before a tough game. You served an apprenticeship as crew for Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. What was the most valuable thing he taught you? One of the many valuable things I learned from him is always to consider the seaworthiness of a boat and to have seamanship at…