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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics February 2021

Dedicated to the later classics and Japanese machines, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics has it all. Now 116 pages of road tests, rebuild guides, 'Street Specials' reviews and much much more... Staff Bikes - Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is the only magazine that "Buys its own bikes, rebuilds 'em and rides 'em".

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5 min
shanks’ pony

Blades – I’ve owned/had/used a lot of them over the last 25 or so years. And this model is one of the best – if not THE best, but I have a caveat when I say this, more of which later. 2021 marks this machine’s 17th birthday: check out the fresh looks? Yes, I know many of you/us are into 1970s bikes, or 1980s or you shade into the 1990s, and while I know that this is a decidedly modern machine, we here at Classic Motorcycle Mechanics follow the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club’s 15 year or older rule… so she’s a keeper… So, let’s talk Honda FireBlade history. Back in 1992 the original 893cc machine was launched and it was constantly refined, through 1994-5, 1996-97 and 1998-1999. These sub-1000cc versions used powerplants…

6 min
some sorta sanctuary!

This bike has been a long time coming, ever since I saw the first of the Sanctuary bikes when I was working in Japan in the truck business. I was talking to Buzzard…. Well, let’s paint the picture. Buzzard is a good mate by the name of Dave Ennis. We called him Buzzard back in the 1970s as he had a big hooter and it’s kinda stuck. You’ve seen his stuff from BuzzWorkx before, back in the March 2020 issue. Well, Buzzard said we could do it better than that and for sensible money. Okay, so, looking back, the sensible money bit didn’t quite work out! Buzzard and I have been mates since we were teenagers on mopeds and have mainly had Zeds of one shape or another over all those years.…

4 min
where did it all begin?

From time to time I’ve been asked where my interest in bikes started. It’s hard to say, but it might be a genetic ‘thang’. My dad, Ken, owned, raced, crashed and generally fiddled with bikes from quite an early age. I’m not exactly sure when it started. He had won a scholarship to Manchester Grammar School, but Ken being Ken, he was magnetically attracted to the dark side. According to him, he was studious, but misunderstood. According to others who knew what he was capable of, he spent most of his teenage years chasing girls or wagging off school to go and play snooker (for money) with the unruly scallywags of Shudehill, a notorious district of ‘alternative’ Manchester. The proceeds of his misspent youth enabled him to pursue his motorcycling endeavours in…

1 min
what to buy and how much to pay

Large capacity Italian classics have never been low priced, but a Laverda 3C is about as close as it gets to being a cost-effective period Latin superbike. That said, they certainly don’t come cheap! For an example, like our bike featured here you’ll be looking at around £10,000, and a mint, box-fresh example is likely to be nudging £14,000 or more: some dealers are asking for £16K. There aren’t any real bargains to be had in the Laverda triple world, but if you really must go in at bargain-basement level you’ll still be throwing £4000-5000 at a definite project. Unless it can be proven, avoid a ‘Jota-ised’ 3C. There are numerous fakes out there. If what you’re looking at has alloy wheels and triple discs, chances are it’s actually a…

3 min

2002 YAMAHA XJ600 DIVERSION Q: I’ve recently purchased this bike and had a problem with the clutch, which I thought was no big deal. So, after replacing the plates, springs, bolts, release bearing and everything but the basket which is unavailable, I cleaned this up as best I could. Still I find that when starting from cold, even after five to 10 minutes engaging gear, it clunks and stops. After a minimum of 15 minutes when the engine is hot, not warm, it’s as slick as you like – no problem! The bike passed its MoT and rides nicely. I didn’t have much hair to start with and now I’ve pulled out all the rest! Please help an old pensioner! Oh, and if I pop off I won’t say it’s Covid-19,…

1 min

ENGINE: Air/oil-cooled, four-cylinder, four-stroke CAPACITY: 1127cc BORE & STROKE: 78 x 59mm COMPRESSION RATIO: 10:1 CARBURETION: 36mm Mikuni BST36SS x 4 MAX POWER: 130hp @ 9500rpm (claimed, rear wheel) TORQUE: 85ft-lb @ 7500rpm IGNITION: Digital TRANSMISSION: Five-speed gearbox, wet multi-plate clutch, chain final drive FRAME: Aluminium cast/extruded double-cradle frame SUSPENSION: Forks: 43mm Kayaba inverted telescopic forks, multi-adjustable. Rear: Full-Floater monoshock, fully adjustable TYRES: 130/60-17 front, 180/55-17 BRAKES: Front: Twin 310 mm discs, four-piston Nissin caliper. Rear: single 240mm disc, two-piston caliper WHEELBASE: 1370mm RAKE & TRAIL: 24.5º, 99mm WHEELBASE: 1465mm WEIGHT: 210kg (dry) 240kg (wet) FUEL CAPACITY: 21 litres…