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March 2022

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2 min
editor letter

I have been looking at a couple of potential candidates for future project cars, both of them true design classics that can trace their origins back some 75 years or more. (There are no prizes for guessing what they are, but feel free to have a go anyway and send in your suggestions.) One of them was being sold without an engine, and that got me idly thinking about the possibilities of also carrying out a conversion to electric power. Now before you throw down the magazine in disgust, I should say that I have serious doubts about the global green credentials of electric cars, and I am also not totally convinced either way whether converting classics is a good idea that will allow us to continue driving them unhindered by…

6 min
hazel chapman

On a sad day for all Lotus enthusiasts worldwide, Hazel Chapman – the wife of Colin Chapman and co-founder of Lotus – died on 13th December aged 94. Her contribution to motorsport and the motor industry in the latter half of the 20th century should not be underestimated. She was a successful racing driver, a shrewd businesswoman and the rock upon which the Lotus foundations – since 1948, when the very first Lotus car was made – were built. Her involvement in the development of the Lotus business was almost without equal at the time in a world where women so often played second fiddle to their husbands. Hazel Williams was born on the 21st May 1927 in North London. She met Colin Chapman at a dance in 1944 when he…

2 min
the nissan newbird

To celebrate 35 years of production at their Sunderland plant, Nissan commissioned a very special conversion of the Nissan Bluebird – the first car off the factory’s production line in 1986. Called Newbird, the one-off project car is powered by the 100% electric drivetrain of a Nissan LEAF, the pioneering mass-market EV. The Nissan Bluebird was extensively modified to integrate the LEAF’s electric drivetrain. The original petrol combustion engine and gearbox were removed and a LEAF motor, inverter and 40kWh battery pack installed, with the battery modules split between the engine bay and the boot for optimised weight distribution. Updates and modifications were made to the power steering, braking and heating systems to enable them to be electrically powered. A custom suspension was also installed to support the additional weight from…

11 min

CROSSING COUNTY LINES I am enjoying the February Classics Monthly – another excellent and varied read. The Austin owner pictured at the bottom of page 100 would be even more proud, as his car is not an A40 Devon, but its big sibling the A70 Hampshire, identified by the chunkier double profile bumper. The Devon was succeeded by the A40 Somerset, which also had a large lookalike sibling, the A70 Hereford. I remember having a fierce argument with my brother when we were at school in the 1960s and he misidentified the car of the fencing instructor as a Somerset, when it was actually a Hereford. Richard Bryant Good to hear from you again Richard, and I am very glad you are enjoying the issue. Thanks for that correction. The Austin did not…

4 min
iain ayre too risky to enjoy

Here’s a thing that can come as something of a surprise: when your personal favourite car gains a hundred thousand pounds in value, that actually becomes a problem. This happened to a friend in Vancouver who owned an Aston Martin DB2. You might think: 'Boo hoo, tough life innit?', but this particular bloke is not rich, although he is child-free which is a big help financially when it comes to petrolhead activity. He was previously a Volvo dealership service manager, then he ran a B&B on one of the islands near Vancouver, where he was actually able to earn about the best sort of money anybody ever could because he had bought and home-restored a rough sailing yacht to a very good standard. So in the summer months his B&B guests…

5 min
phil white winter dreaming

They might only pack two cylinders apiece, but the racket made by 50 or more Fiat 500s was quite something to hear. It was a joyous, cackling thrum which reverberated off buildings as a lengthy parade of the tiny terrors made its way along narrow streets to the central piazza. The 500 Club had invaded town. We were in Civitanova Marche, an old port town turned seaside resort halfway down Italy’s east coast, on a late spring Saturday in 2011. I had been living there for about half a year. The tall doors were open to catch a sea breeze as the day was warm and I heard the rattle of engines, accompanied by honking horns and the occasional angry yell, and went out onto the balcony of my apartment to…