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February/March 2022

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Selling sanctuary has become quite a fashionable concept in the world of homeware marketing of late, with what feels like every major retailer purveying a more mindful, self-care-centric modus vivendi. And sure, there is some merit here. I mean, who does not feel better curled up on a Kagan-esque bouclé sofa with an oud candle burning – but is it all just domestic wellness window dressing? For the concept of ‘sanctuary’ to exist – which I am defining here as a space that, through its physical architecture, evokes the very non-physical feelings of safety, calm and even healing – we have to not just believe but also agree that what we build (and how decorate) can and will directly impact our collective psyche. Sure, it seems straight forward enough, anyone who…

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mister fantastic

On one of Cape Town’s coolest stretches, in the location of a former video store, Phillipe Du Preez’s Gordijn Studio is an expression of his unconventional perspective. He says his approach is inspired by a deep appreciation for everything and anything done with good intent. ‘Someone once said there is no such thing as good or bad style, only a style executed well. So, I try my best to understand different styles, from Baroque to bare minimalism. By exploring these different “style languages”, you evolve, and your sense of style does too. So my style is ever-changing.’ As a creative, he gravitates towards the details, things carefully made and thoughtfully paired. ‘The truth is, I do not think my style can be described or defined because everyday life shows me…

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rock the kasbah


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family values

‘Both of us have always had a creative side, and Kipekee Studios is a family adventure,’ says Kylie Bornman, who founded the design studio in Ballito in 2017 with her husband Michael (a former teacher and quantity surveyor, respectively). ‘Our workshop is situated on the beautiful east coast of South Africa. Kipekee, meaning “unique” in Swahili, started almost exactly four years ago and is built on our passions, talents and callings. Together, we create original, quality furniture handcrafted with passion, care and love.’ The brand has slowly grown its collection, with clean lines and simple designs a dominant theme throughout. ‘Life and other past and present designs inspire us. We make pieces that we would want to own ourselves and accentuate our customers’ homes,’ says Michael. ‘We have a few different…

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country road

for the most part, the town of McGregor has swerved the outcome of its many (former) small-town cousins – Franschhoek, Greyton, Prince Albert, the list goes on of once quiet villages swallowed up by the urban-escape tourist market, of city dwellers looking for a momentary out (and more often, permanent transplant) to these quieter parts. The resulting population boom, and the inevitable influx of Bootlegger coffee shops and Woolworths Food outlets, counterproductively end up erasing the charm and character that first made the town an attractive destination. The town of McGregor seems to know this, carefully balancing ‘mainstream appeal’ with the kind of creative quirks only a small town can get away with. Here, things are still a little weird and a little wild – the kind that makes for unexpected…

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Los Angeles Today: City of Dreams: Architecture and Design This book is a marvellous portrait of the City of Dreams in its infinite variety. Longtime Angeleno and architecture photographer Tim Street-Porter and designer Annie Kelly honour stylish museums, a flourishing art scene, Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont and historic Beverly Hills, modernist homes by Richard Neutra and John Lautner, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House – set against dramatic backdrops of sky and sea. Rizzoli 🖰 Spaces for Living The first book from esteemed Australian interior designer Tamsin Johnson showcases her signature style: high comfort, playful design, luxurious ease and coastal elegance through contrasts of scale, bold use of art and sculptural furniture. Rizzoli 🖰 Light Space Life: Houses by SAOTA This full-colour monograph celebrates 35 years of architecture studio SAOTA’s exceptionally crafted modern buildings on six…