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Cross Country

November 2020

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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xcontest winners 2020

The XContest year finished on 1 October. More than 16,000 pilots log flights in the international online XC league, which runs from 1 Oct to 30 Sept, and while pilots can enter all their flights, only the top six count for ranking. With the Alps in lockdown over spring that meant pilots who went big in Brazil in October/November 2019 had the advantage. Here are this year’s XContest winners. OVERALL 16,132 pilots Guy Anderson (GB), Ozone Enzo 3, 2,778 points “I’m very happy but at the same time a bit surprised to finish at the top,” said Britain’s Guy Anderson who won the year with six big flights in Brazil: 424.67, 431.13, 459.87, 461.64, 465.11 and 535.6 km. The last one set a world record for flight to declared goal, shared with…

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the basics bruce goldsmith icaristics hits 60!

Yes, it’s a shock to me also! I hit the big six-oh earlier this year. I am still test flying every flyable day so I am 100% flying fit, both physically and mentally, but it is not exactly the same as before. I find myself starting to fly a little more safely and taking bigger margins. What I could get away with before all the time I am no longer confident that I will continue to get away with in the same way. Where I fly at Gourdon in France we have two top-landings. One small and surrounded by rocks and the other large and flat but a 100m walk away. I always used to top-land on the small one, every day for the last 20 years. Now I mostly land in…

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paramotoring jeff goin when flying a trike feels right

Running into the air is cool, but rolling isn’t bad either, and I’ve just inherited a trike. I’m actually trading storage space for its use – but my friend’s story suggests one of the benefits of wheeled flight: enabling flight while recovering from leg or back issues (with doctor approval). In his case, they were temporary, so he didn’t want to spend a lot. I suggested a relatively cheap option – the trike-as-accessory. Trike as accessory Inexpensive carts use the paramotor frame and seat, providing minimal seat support and only basic mounting tubes intended to be universal. They’re not as quick-mounting or elegant as mated carts but are cheap and come apart reasonably quickly for transport. They do suffer on usability and comfort. I found some simple modifications that improved comfort and, more importantly,…

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superfly guy

It’s 4.40am. I’ve woken before the scheduled alarm at 5am and am reviewing our options. Our camp is ideally placed for Damien to cross this damn pass on foot and then be able to glide. I turn to Solène, who is still sleeping. Oh gosh, my boyfriend has taken her place! Plus, I am not in a “two-seconds” tent but in my bedroom. I still believe I’m at the Dolomiti Superfly 2020. It’s been a week since the race ended, but each night I’m back there again. Let’s just say the competition was intense! Here’s my look back at what was an extraordinary experience. The pilot When Damien Lacaze asked me to be his assistant for the 2020 Dolomiti SuperFly, I was taken aback. Was it thanks to my organisational skills or my…

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the trusted

Jim Mallinson Jim became interested in India as a teenager and spent several years living with Indian ascetics and yogis. Now a Sanskrit scholar, he has been flying in the Himalayas for more than 30 years. Seeing this land through Jim’s eyes and knowledge is a unique experience. Debu Choudhury Born and raised in Manali, India, he has been pioneering the flying here for the last 25 years, including the first flight from Bir to Manali in 2000. It is hard to imagine a better person with whom to decode the best lines to connect the high peaks and enjoy a relaxing bivvy mission. Jim Orava A Hollywood stuntman for three decades, “The Monkey” is like a ghost; today he is in India, tomorrow he could be in Spain, he might wake up in Morocco…

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in brief

Lightweight Icaro windbreaker Ready for autumn, Icaro’s hooded windbreaker jacket is light and small, perfect for hike-and-fly and easy to carry “just in case”. Navy blue with a red Icaro edelweiss logo, it costs €69 on Icaro’s online shop. icaro-paragliders.com Apco Sherpa glider backpack Apco’s new Sherpa rucksack is big and tough, with a tall, narrow shape to accommodate pod harnesses. Its 200l volume can be expanded by a further 40l if necessary. It’s delivered as standard with all Apco wings or it can be purchased separately. Apco’s magnetic phone mount has been causing a stir too. A simple idea, it turned out to be “something the entire industry was waiting for!” You can buy them on Apco’s online shop. apcoaviation.com Gin Genie Lite 3 rescue deck The Genie Lite3 rescue deck allows you to…