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CrossStitcher December 2019

CrossStitcher is the UK’s best-selling crafts magazine. Each issue is packed with inspirational cross stitch designs and exciting new ideas that will help you make the most of this wonderfully relaxing and rewarding hobby. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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makes of the month

Visit www.willowfabrics.com to download and print your exclusive luxury card blank Stitch count: 33 high x 51 wide Design size: 6x9.5cm (23⅜x3¾in Stitch time: 6 hours This design was stitched on 14 count aida fabric. Make a… card Step 1 WORK your cross stitch in two strands and the half cross stitch in one strand on a 11x8cm 4½x3¼in piece of 14 count aida. The backstitch is done in one strand, apart from the star which is two. The French knots are all in one strand. Step 2 COMPLETE the design, then cut around the edge, leaving one blank square of aida around the stitching. Download and print onto thin card the card blank at www.willowfabrics.com. Step 3 APPLY Fray-Check or clear fabric glue to the edges of the fabric to stop them fraying. Leave to dry, then use…

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exclusive christmas stitch-a-long!

Stitch time: 3 hours Stitch count: 35 high x 39 wide (part 3) Design size: 6.5x7cm 2½x2¾in) Make a… mini sampler Step 1 NOTE that part 3 of this design fits directly under part 2, without a gap – the chart and materials needed for part 1 were in issue 349 of CrossStitcher, and the chart and materials list for part 2 were in issue 350 (for back issues, if you missed them, visit www.willowfabrics.com). Step 2 USE two strands for the cross stitch, two for the backstitch, and one for the French knots. Step 3 COMPLETE your stitching, then neaten the edges of your fabric with scissors, leaving two blank squares of aida either side of the stitching, three at the top, and five at the bottom. Fray the edge by removing one block of aida. Step…

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A BIG PART OF THE CLASSIC Christmas magic is lists. Little ones make a list of things they’d love to find under the tree, while we who are a bit more responsible for creating the magic and sparkle, write shopping lists and lists of those we will send cards to. This issue our cover design pays tribute to the humble list – and the figure that makes the big list of who has been naughty or nice this year! Get started on this retro-style design on page 18. We’ve aimed to make this issue feel like that other Christmas essential, the selection box. There’s something for every stitcher, from a modern bauble wreath (page 64) to a wall hanging celebrating the most classic of Christmas songs (page 57). We’ve even got…

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out there

Angelic inspiration If you’re tired of the usual red, green and gold colour palettes in many Christmas fabric collections, we think you’ll love the new Old Rose range from Tilda Fabrics. Focusing on soft vintage roses, this collection was created using elements from two of Tilda’s most popular fabrics in their 20 year history to create a range of vintage rose patterns. The beautiful ‘Angel Scraps’ fabrics come in a choice of shades and you can even buy an Angel Garland kit, which would make a unique festive decoration for your home. Coordinating buttons and ribbons are also available. www.tildasworld.com PURRFECT PRESENTS DMC HAVE brought out some pawfect new designs, which would make ideal Christmas presents. Using only one thread colour, there are six designs to collect, including Playful Cat, Happy Dachshund and Attentive…

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my craft room: susie johns

“I have lived in the same house for 35 years – a terraced house near the River Thames in Greenwich. Though I store yarns and other materials all over the house – I am fortunate to have my own workroom. I have a huge 72-drawer cabinet to store supplies, lots of shelving and a big desk for my sewing machine and drawing board. Is my work space tidy? No! So to escape the mess, I make good use of other rooms. I have a desk and an easel in my bedroom, I use our large kitchen table for cutting fabric, the guest bedroom for photography and when I’m doing knitting or embroidery I get comfy on the living room sofa. Why sit at a desk when you can curl up…

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stitching with jess

Hullo! I’d like to welcome you all to my arch nemesis – fear of creating. Of all the words in this Affirmations collection, this one is the hardest for me to embrace, which is bizarre as my job is creating things! I know the feeling very well myself as soon as I sniff a new project – that desire to back away, to put it off, to suddenly defrost the freezer. I enjoy creating once I get going, but I get so worried beforehand about making ‘bad’ art or screwing it up that I can fail to start. The thing I’ve noticed about this particular fear is that it’s driven by how other people might judge my art. The key point in that sentence is ‘might’. I can’t control what anyone else thinks…