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December 2019

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december calendar

SEE Conceptual artist Teresita Fernández is renowned for her public art installations, like 2015’s Fata Morgana, a mirrored canopy at New York’s Madison Square Park, but she’s also produced sculptures and mixed-media pieces; her haunting work Viñales (Subterranean), right, is glazed ceramic. A retrospective at the Pérez Art Museum in Miami, Teresita Fernández: Elemental, on view through February 9, offers a broad look at her career. (pamm.org) READ It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since Prabal Gurung took the fashion world by storm with his inclusive message and sophisticated odes to artisans around the world. Now the Nepalese designer’s eponymous new book—which boasts a foreword from longtime fan Sarah Jessica Parker—offers a window into his unique creative process. (abramsbooks.com) SHOP Stressed about finding the perfect après-ski look? Fret no more. Chanel has set…

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going gaga

You might say that 2019 has been Lady Gaga’s year. After all, she now has an Academy Award, her own Las Vegas residency, and a hit beauty line, Haus Laboratories. We first covered her a decade ago, before the meat dress and the Oscar win (see our ELLE-conography page for a fun throwback), and back then, she sounded utterly—in fact, eerily—certain about who she would become. Her place in the culture is now assured, but even she might not have envisioned that her career would branch out in so many directions. The budding mogul talks to another mogul, the one and only Oprah, about what she sees as her mission now. “I have a responsibility to the world,” she says. “I actually said this the other day on social media.…

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new arrivals

1 THE EARRING Looking for an over-the-top way to show your love this holiday season? Graff’s diamond and emerald Kiss earrings should fit the bill. Earrings, Graff, graff.com. 2 THE BAG A witty railroad crossing–inspired bag is perfectly on-theme for a great American road trip. Handbag, Chanel, 800-550-0005. 3 THE SNEAKER Sneakermania shows no signs of waning. Stay a step ahead of the street-style hordes with Louis Vuitton’s space-age silver Archlight trainer. Sneaker, Louis Vuitton, louisvuitton.com. KEVIN SWEENEY/STUDIO D; FOR DETAILS, SEE SHOPPING GUIDE. COURTESY OF THE DESIGNER; FOR DETAILS, SEE SHOPPING GUIDE.…

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meme fashion is blowing up

Maybe you saw it in your feed: Norwegian designer Fredrik Tjaerandsen’s fashion show with models encased in balloons, or the Richard Quinn getup, complete with face mask, that Cardi B wore during Paris Fashion Week like a reverse Invisible Man (instead, she became a highly Visible Woman). In the early-morning blue light, clutching your phone, you may have uttered a hushed “WTF?” But it got your attention. In an era when eyeballs and likes are everything, some of the most potent fashion moments have been birthed from viral stunts usually reserved for grumpy cats. Some are not quite as outré: The dark horse of this category was probably Katie Holmes, hailing a cab in a cashmere bra and cardigan. The simple union of grandmotherly cardigan and seductive bra—the heat of the…

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goth grows up

It’s a truism that, in fashion, everything old is new again. But how, exactly, are we supposed to incorporate elements of bygone styles without accidentally lurching into a kind of clumsy costume? This was the concern of the wildly popular women’s magazine The Lady’s Book in 1830, which advised readers that when “attempting to engraft any part of the attire of olden times upon modern styles…much discretion and judgment are required.” The writer went on to caution, “We should not snatch, but select.” This voice—reasoned, sophisticated—warns against the excesses of unbridled enthusiasm, and it seems to have been heeded recently as designers have turned for inspiration to goth, a youth-associated subculture not exactly famous for its restraint. For the resort 2020 season, designers never snatched, but selected, from a range of…