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January 2022

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the 'unnecessary danger' of jeddah

@BenAndersonF1 By the time you read this, F1’s most thrilling title race in nearly a decade will have been settled; but at the time of printing, the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has only just concluded, so everything is still to play for in Abu Dhabi between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Events in Jeddah were certainly dramatic, and Saudia Arabia’s makeshift layout will probably receive plaudits for creating a compelling TV spectacle, but from a sporting perspective it was a difficult race of questionable driving standards on a highly dangerous circuit. Many would argue F1 needs more of those, because it has become too sanitised, but any grand prix where the championship leader is penalised multiple times for erratic and unsporting behaviour, two red flag periods are required to clear major accidents,…

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MARK GALLAGHER Mark managed to snare a face-to-face chat with Williams team principal and CEO Jost Capito for our long interview this month (p68) LUKE SMITH Guanyu Zhou’s promotion to a 2022 race seat with Alfa, to become China’s first F1 driver, is given the once over by Luke (p64) ROBERTO CHINCHERO Roberto investigates Alfa Romeo’s recent trials and tribulations of a supposed takeover, new recruits and unhappy drivers (p54) ALISTER THORPE Alister shot Williams' Jost Capito this month (p68), but his passion is for gardens, trees and plants. He’s also a fully qualified drone pilot… Thanks to Connor Bean, Harry Bull, Maurice Hamilton, James Mann, James Newbold, Sophie Ogg, Will Ponissi, Charlotte Sefton, Tom Wood…

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seeking out the setting sun

I love going to new circuits because it gives you the opportunity to explore and create something new and distinctive, rather than looking for variations on a theme within a well-known space. The timings in Saudi were perfect for FP1 and FP3 to be day-into-night, so on my usual Thursday track walk I was looking for where the setting sun would work best. You don’t have much time and it’s a long track! This is Turn 10, a fast S-bend, and I was shooting through the fence. The light was at its best for no more than 10 minutes and there was no guarantee of who would be out, but fortunately all the top cars came by. Where Jeddah, Saudi Arabia When 5:22pm, Saturday 4 December 2021 Details Canon EOS-1D X MkII 400mm lens, 1/1000th…

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you’re my number one, ted…

Formula 1 has a lot in common with a travelling circus – as you’d reasonably expect, given how much travel is involved and the fact that all the participants know each other well. There’s an interesting dynamic between the team people and the media people – it’s a complicated relationship because the media is trying to tease out information the teams want to keep quiet. Generally you only see the professional side on camera so I was amused to capture this little scene during FP2 in Saudi Arabia where Christian Horner was lounging in his seat, saw Sky Sports F1 reporter Ted Kravitz, and gave him the finger. Then they both had a giggle… Where Jeddah, Saudi Arabia When 8:21pm, Friday 3 December 2021 Details Canon EOS-1D X MkII 70-200mm lens, 1/400th @F2.8…

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a quick entry in qatar

This being a circuit built to host MotoGP, you’re miles away from the action and the run-off areas are vast. That posed quite the conundrum when it came to finding photo opportunities on F1’s first visit to Qatar. The pitlane entry was one of the few exceptions where you could get up close to the cars, so I headed off there with the intention of getting an almost Monaco-style shot, where you’re up close to the car as it comes in and you can capture a real feeling of movement. With this sort of shot you’re working with a wide-angle lens and a slow shutter speed to give motion blur, the trick is to get Seb’s helmet pin sharp. Where Losail, Qatar When 5:06pm, Saturday 20 November 2021 Details Canon EOS R5 12-24mm lens, 1/15th…

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special lights for arabian nights

New venues like to explore ways of adding some distinctive razzle-dazzle to the grand prix spectacle, particularly those elements which are quite generic. In recent years we’ve had Mexico’s rotating podium with a DJ booth behind it, but the Saudi Arabian promoters really pushed the boat out for the podium ceremony with massive video screens, dry ice, and a spectacular laser light show. The build-up went on for quite a while and I noticed the drivers waiting for their cue to come on. Lewis briefly stepped out to have a look, and one of the spotlight arrays gave a really nice red key light effect on his profile, so I decided to seize the moment… Where Jeddah, Saudi Arabia When 11.54pm, Sunday 5 December 2021 Details Canon EOS R3 100-500mm lens, 1/320th @F7.1…