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Farmer's Weekly 23 October 2020

Farmer’s Weekly is an agricultural magazine based in South Africa, targeting the whole of Southern Africa. The magazine is committed to advancing the interests of the region’s farmers and its agricultural industry by serving as a mouthpiece for the industry and by keeping its readers informed of the latest developments in the agricultural sector.

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2 min.
issues with the 900 state farms bonanza

Land reform has, for the most part, been somewhat in limbo since Cyril Ramaphosa became president in 2018. But the recent announcement by Minister Thoko Didiza of the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Reform (agriculture department) that 896 farms, measuring 700 000ha, of underutilised or vacant state land would be made available to the public has certainly got the ball rolling. Given the state’s poor track record with the successful implementation of land reform, success will depend on whether those who are lucky enough to get a piece of the 700 000ha will actually receive the support they need from the state to set up successful businesses. The application and selection process might present the first major hurdle. This year, the agriculture department’s COVID-19 relief fund for farmers was…

6 min.
giving the environment a legal right to thrive

“‘Rights of nature’ is the idea that nature possesses fundamental rights, just as humans do. The Rights of Nature movement has ancient roots, arising from indigenous traditions that have always treated humans as part of nature, rather than distinct from it. Rights of Nature seeks to rewrite the legal system to work for the environment instead of against it. The movement is led by indigenous peoples, civil society, legal experts, and youth organisations, who all demand systemic reform of our treatment of nature. Earth’s ecological systems are deteriorating dramatically. A 2019 UN report on biodiversity found that human activity is driving mass extinction and global biodiversity loss, with dire ramifications for human well-being and society. The report warned that transformative change is needed to save humanity and nature. A Rights of Nature…

2 min.
farmer’s diary

Profitable beef 16 TO 20 NOVEMBER THIS COURSE FOCUSES ON BEEF CATTLE PRODUCTION, INCLUDING HOW TO IDENTIFY AND MONITOR BREEDING BEHAVIOUR, BASIC NUTRITION, HEALTH CARE AND RECORD-KEEPING. CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS & EXPOS 6 TO 7 NOVEMBER Environmental Waste and Landfill Management, Emperors Palace, Johannesburg.Email admin@maphosam.co.za. 26 TO 27 NOVEMBER Emerging Farmers and Agro-processing Conference, Protea Hotel Fire and Ice, Menlyn, Pretoria. Email Lindokuhle Nxumalo at lindo@empiretraining.co.za. COURSES & TRAINING 19 TO 23 OCTOBER Meat Processing, Agricultural Research Council Irene Campus, Pretoria. Email Mpho Makhanya at makhanyam@arc.agric.za, or phone her on 012 672 9153. 20 TO 22 OCTOBER Dairy Processing: Yoghurt and Maas, Agricultural Research Council Irene Campus, Pretoria. Email Mpho Makhanya at makhanyam@arc.agric.za, or phone her on 012 672 9153. 24 TO 30 OCTOBER Birding in the Bush, Maluleke Nature Reserve.Email enquiries@ecotraining.co.za, or phone 013 752 2532. 26 TO 28 OCTOBER Plant Production, Groenkloof, Pretoria. Email Agri…

3 min.
spoil them when they’re dry

33 YEARS AGO This article explored how preparing dry cows and heifers for the coming lactation improved production at a top dairy farm. The pressure is on South African dairy farmers to improve milking efficiency, and one way to achieve this is to ensure the cows get plenty of care during the dry period. It is during the dry period that the unborn calf grows at a rapid rate. In fact, more than half of its growth occurs during this period, says Peter Fear, stud and dairy manager at Schoongezicht Jersey Stud in Stellenbosch. There are three important reasons for the dry period: • To allow the cow to recover from a heavy milking period; • To allow the unborn calf to grow; and • To allow the cow to build up body reserves for the…

3 min.
understanding the time value of money

There is an important factor to consider when it comes to the selling or purchasing of a property, and this is called the time value of money. Simply put, this means that money available immediately is worth more than the same amount in future, due to the fact that it has earning capacity. If someone offers to buy your property for R1 million with normal transfer in two months, this would usually have a higher value to you than an identical offer from another buyer, but with transfer in four months. The reason is that once you have received the proceeds, you can utilise them to work for you. For example, you could invest the R1 million and earn interest. In this instance you could earn over R10 833 for the…

3 min.
state land allocations: readiness, resource assessments vital

The growth of South Africa’s agricultural fortunes and job creation will, in part, depend on the expansion of agricultural activities in the underutilised former homeland regions, and farms that government acquired through the land reform process. Hence, the recent announcement by the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Thoko Didiza, that government would be releasing 700 000ha of agricultural land is broadly positive. Now, making government land available is one step in contributing to the growth of agricultural and job creation. Other important aspects will firstly be the readiness of the beneficiaries to farm, which is their know-how of farming, as well as secondly, resources such as finance and infrastructure for the farms. SOME BENEFICIARIES MAY BE BETTER PLACED TO REFURBISH THE INFRASTRUCTURE Government states that beneficiaries will be subjected to a…