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Farmer's Weekly 20 November 2020

Farmer’s Weekly is an agricultural magazine based in South Africa, targeting the whole of Southern Africa. The magazine is committed to advancing the interests of the region’s farmers and its agricultural industry by serving as a mouthpiece for the industry and by keeping its readers informed of the latest developments in the agricultural sector.

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2 min.
global agriculture in numbers

Over the past two decades, from 2000 to 2018, the global output by the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector increased, in real value terms, by 68%. Over this period, agricultural GDP in Africa more than doubled and the continent increased its share of the global agriculture market from 8% to 14%. These are some of the major findings from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ 2020 Statistical Yearbook for food and agriculture. According to the report, Asia maintained the number one position as the region representing the largest share in agricultural output, with its share in total global output increasing from 60% to 63%. Growth in output in Asia and Africa meant that the total contribution share by Europe and the Americas declined from 14% to 10% and…

6 min.
benefits and risks of a digitised farm sector

Digital technology is rapidly transforming all stages of the value chain, from the farm to the table. Its adoption is improving efficiency, creating new jobs, generating new income streams and saving resources. Digital technology can help markets function better and improve farmers’ access to them. Innovations such as food e-commerce can benefit farmers and consumers. Digital technology can be disruptive, however, by modifying or displacing value chain activities and products. To guarantee that the dividends of digital innovation are shared with the poorest, we have to reduce the current digital divide. At farm level, digital technology applications are helping to address market failures and facilitate the integration of farmers in value chains by driving down information and transaction costs. Sensors, satellites, robots and drones, for example, are revolutionising farming and value chains.…

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farmer’s diary

The 4th Agri Revolution 26 TO 27 NOVEMBER THE AGRICO INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE INCLUDES A WIDE RANGE OF SPEAKERS IN THE AGRICULTURE SECTOR ACROSS THE WORLD, AND WILL FOCUS ON THE 4TH AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION, GROWING POPULATIONS AND CHANGES IN FARMING SYSTEMS. CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS & EXPOS 23 TO 24 NOVEMBER Nigeria Postharvest and Agroprocessing Summit (webinar).Visit agriquestafrica.com/niphas. 26 TO 27 NOVEMBER AGRICO International Conference (webinar). Visit agroconference.com, or email info@agroconference.com. 26 TO 27 NOVEMBER Emerging Farmers and Agro-processing Conference, Protea Hotel Fire and Ice, Menlyn, Pretoria. Email Lindokuhle Nxumalo at lindo@empiretraining.co.za. 9 TO 10 DECEMBER Manufacturing Indaba (webinar).Visit manufacturingindaba.co.za/ conference. COURSES & TRAINING 23 TO 25 NOVEMBER Pig Farm Training, Groenkloof, Pretoria. Email Agri Skills Transfer at admin@agriskills.net, or phone 012 460 9585. 23 TO 27 NOVEMBER Hydroponics, Buhle Farmers’ Training Academy, Delmas.Email info@buhle.org.za. 23 TO 27 NOVEMBER Introductory Course in Beef Cattle Management, Agricultural Research Council Irene Campus, Pretoria.…

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from our archives

20 DECEMBER 1978 Table grape production threatened 42 YEARS AGO After an insurgence of bacterial blight in the Hex River Valley, researchers began looking into its cause and prevention. Bacterial blight in vineyards is well known, but was never really a threat. Quite often one is aware of certain diseases in the vineyard, but if conditions for its spread are unfavourable then it never becomes serious. But, according to Stefaans Rossouw, if conditions for the disease’s spread are favourable, it can become a real threat, as is now the case with bacterial blight. Rossouw is a leading table grape producer at Arbeidsgenot, De Doorns. He says that in the past, he had only heard about bacterial blight. But, during the past few seasons, it made its appearance in the valley. Farmers have various theories about…

3 min.
dragon fruit: low water users with high returns

In response to the news article, ‘More research needed for SA’s dragon fruit industry to flourish’ (FW, 30 October), Lauren Strever, general manager of Amorentia Nursery, which established the Amorentia Sweet Dragon Fruit brand, submitted the following letter. Strever was quoted in the article, but Amorentia Nursery disagrees with some of the further assertions made in the article. The Amorentia Sweet Dragon Fruit (ASDF) marketing company has an extremely positive outlook on the South African dragon fruit industry and has the following to share from its own experiences. Dragon fruit planting material of sweet-tasting cultivars is available relatively inexpensively through Amorentia Sweet Dragon Fruit Nursery for the commercial grower. Rooted plants cost 20% less than the price of macadamia trees and 70% less than avocado trees. ASDF’s crop modelling shows the potential for positive…

2 min.
trending in agriculture

MOST POPULAR ON FARMERSWEEKLY.CO.ZA HOW A SINGLE SOCIAL MEDIA POST LAUNCHED A FARM-FRESH MEAT BUSINESS When establishing a new business, investors often struggle with what to focus on first: the market or the product. Pork farmer Hannes Richards had little difficulty with this decision. A single advertisement on social media triggered such demand for his product that he had to expand his operation as rapidly as possible. Lindi Botha visited him on his farm in Limpopo. Read the article at bit.ly/38kuTd8. Posted: 25 October 2020. FROM FACEBOOK @ Farmer’s Weekly SA: FW followers posted words of encouragement and appreciation after watching a Facebook video showing a convoy of trucks laden with donated animal feed travelling from Leandra in the Mpumalanga Highveld to veld fire victims in the western Free State. Posted: 29 October 2020. READERS’ COMMENTS Frikkie Lennox:…