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Volume 73, Issue 14

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the vietnam-era m14 rifle: an armorer’s perspective

The Vietnam War was an interesting conflict from a small arms perspective simply due to the wide variety of weapons employed. Ga-rands and M1 carbines were issued in the South Vietnamese Army (ARVN), M14s and M16s in the U.S. Army and Marines, L1A1s by the Australians and a whole catalog of Soviet small arms were deployed with the NVA and Viet Cong. Over time, most firefights evolved into an AK-47 vs. M16 scenario but developments leading up to that outcome stretched back into World War II. In this article, we will examine the last steel battle rifle issued by the United States and explore its origins, development and compare it to its predecessor and the rifle that replaced it. The Holy Grail pursued by weapons designers around the world for 100…

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back to the future

The year is 1965. Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs have a hit, “Wooly Bully”. A relatively new group, the Rolling Stones, finally have a #1 hit with “(I can’t get no) Satisfaction”. The 1965 Chevy Impala, in standard and Impala SS version, was the best-selling car, with over one million moving off the line and into people’s driveways. A hardtop coupe, with a V-8 engine, listed at $2,850, at a time when the average annual salary was about $6,900. The Colt catalog has just come out, and new for the year is Colt’s first attempt at a carbine version of their new rifle. The Armalite AR-15 is now the Colt AR-15, and the trimmed-down version of the AR has the Colt internal designation of 605. The 605 was one…

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one shot, one kill:

Napalm, Huey, Charlie, War Protestors, ARVN, Ho Chi Minh Trail, Beaucoup, Body Count, The Doors, Punji Stakes, B-52, Tunnel Rats, Agent Orange…Freedom Bird. For some of us these simple words paint a picture of a different time and a different war than that being fought today. An unpopular war in a far off land few Americans could find on a map without the help of the nightly news. Vietnam. It was here that America sent her sons to fight against Communist guerrillas and North Vietnamese regulars in an ill-fated mission to prevent a domino from tipping. It was a war that had a profound effect on our Republic, the reverberations of which can still be felt today. It was a war that reinforced a lesson learned in Korea. Atomic might alone…

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the m60 general-purpose machine gun in vietnam

“Instead of celebrating his nation’s independence, July 4, 1967 found PFC Melvin Newlin, a member of the 2nd Battalion/ 5th Marine Regiment, manning a machine gun position near the USMC outpost at Nong Son in South Vietnam’s Quáng Nam Province. That night the outpost came under a Vietcong mortar and infantry attack which left Newlin wounded and his four comrades dead. Despite his wounds he continued to man his M60 machine gun repulsing two enemy pushes before he was knocked unconscious and further wounded by a grenade. Believing the Marines dead, attacking Vietcong moved past his position into the bunkered cantonment area. Newlin regained consciousness, recovered his M60 machine gun and engaged the enemy from the rear, killing or wounding many and disrupting a group of Vietcong who were manning…

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want to buy a transferable m60 machine gun?

Ruben Mendiola – M60 in excellent to like-new condition, original manufactured by New England Group, Maremont, Corporation. $69,995. https://dealernfa.com/shop/m 60-maremont-likenew-0771025/ Rock Island Auction Company – Original M60 “Fully Active” (New England Group/Maremont) machine gun complete with tripod,T&E and pintle. Estimated sale price: $35,000 – $65,000. www.rockislandauction.com/detail/52/1710/ maremont-co-m60-rifle-762-mm-308-win Morphy Auctions – Springfield Armory M60 $48,875. www.morphyauctions.com/jamesdjulia/ item/52939-10-402/…

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need parts?

Sarco – www.e-sarcoinc.com/m60.aspx Barrel Lock – $25.00 Breech Bolt Assembly – $295.00 Buffer Assembly - $85.00 Buttstock – $195.00 Feed Tray w/pawl – $125.00 Flash Hider – $35.00 Numrich Arms – www.gunpartscorp.com/ gun-manufacturer/us-military/machine-guns-usm/m60-machine-gun Blank Firing Attachment – $34.95 Ejector w/stem – $7.20 Extractor – $27.50 Firing Pin – $27.50 Forend Assembly – $171.15 Armament Services International – https:// autoweapons.com/photos/accys/m60.html M60 Barrel Assembly w/bipod, sight & regulator – $1,295.00…