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FourFourTwo UK October 2019

Every month, our team deliver the biggest names, the finest features and the most respected columnists in football. FourFourTwo is the only magazine that truly reflects football in all its extremes. Spectacular, dramatic, hilarious, opinionated, authoritative, intelligent, quirky - from the grass roots up, if it's in the game, it's in FourFourTwo.

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editor’s letter

Football’s a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For most of us it’s about placing far too much hope, faith and adulation in the boots of young men and women, and then being disappointed when we don’t always get what we want them to do. Or completely euphoric when we do. For those playing, it’s a dream that sometimes becomes a nightmare. For others involved in the game, it’s about money and power or glory and nostalgia. This month we deliver pieces on all of those themes. Spurs and Liverpool went all the way to the top of the domestic game in Madrid back in June. We revisit how the Reds won the Champions league, and consider how Spurs must go that little bit further to secure…

20 min.
thomas gravesen

CLUBS 1995-97 Vejle Boldklub 1997-2000 Hamburg 2000-05 Everton 2005-06 Real Madrid 2006-08 Celtic 2007-08 Everton (loan) COUNTRY 1998-2006 Denmark We’re a mile or so from Goodison Park when cars on both sides of Breck Road screech to a halt. Around here, Thomas Gravesen literally stops traffic. Not that he gave traffic much choice. While FourFourTwo remembered the Green Cross Code and waited cautiously for a safe moment to cross, the Dane just ambled confidently into the road. He knew full well that drivers wouldn’t dare to knock down a 6ft skinhead, let alone when the thought struck them, ‘Hang on, isn’t that Tommy Gravesen?’ The former Everton midfielder laughs as he looks back at FFT, still rooted to the pavement. “You haven’t been to Liverpool before, have you?” he jokes. “It’s OK, I’ll just wait over here!” The 43-year-old has mostly lived…

5 min.
the mixer the best of football

GOLASO SHIRT £40 golaso.com Streetwear is a major part of football culture, so there’s still space for new, original creative companies to exist and thrive – such as Golaso. This tee, lovingly named ‘INTERNAZIONALE’, celebrates football’s inclusivity and universal reach; five translations of the word ‘international’ can be found across the long-sleeve number, in Arabic, Italian, Hindu, Russian and Japanese. Why? Because football is for everyone, everywhere – and, right now, some people need reminding of that message. KAIZER CHIEFS 2019-20 HOME KIT £69.95 nike.com We don’t put just any old kit in The Mixer. It has to be interesting. It has to be vibrant. It has to look a bit like a Hull City kit designed by Jackson Pollock. The Kaizer Chiefs 2019-20 home kit ticks all of those boxes and plenty of others.…

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football notebook

IT’S IN THE BLOOD... ...Red or Blue is the title of an exhibition showcasing the work of cartoonist Tony Husband (Private Eye and The Times), with a number of his football-related pieces and merchandise on sale at the Albert Square Chophouse. There is also an Evening with Tony Husband & Friends function on September 12, featuring the man himself, ex-players and special guests, to raise funds for the Forever Manchester charity. You could get your very own Yobs cartoon, a perfect addition to any discerning mantlepiece. For more information, head to www.forevermanchester.com POLITICS AND FOOTBALL DON’T MIX Sure, he may be the greatest African player of all-time, but George Weah’s popularity in his native Liberia is waning since he became the nation’s president last year. A recent profile of him in The Economist…

2 min.

For the past 15 years or so, before the start of each season, Atalanta’s Curva Nord ultras have put on a huge party right in the centre of Bergamo, among the walled city’s medieval turrets and cobbled streets. It’s a real occasion – especially when club president Antonio Percassi gets involved. Turning up in a hot air balloon was all nice and lovely, but the following year, 2013, he drove a tank into the city centre and crushed two cars in the colours of their arch rivals, Brescia and Roma. When, 12 months after that, he waved to fans from the cockpit of a MiG fighter, yelling, “We’re going to bomb Serie A!” there were questions in parliament. “We just thought it was a logical next step after the tank,” shrugged…

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required reading

EUROPE UNITED Matt Walker (riverrun, £16.99) ●●●●● Walker’s quest to watch a match in each of UEFA’s 55 nations, all in one season, is at its best when he explores European football’s less fashionable outposts. In the Faroes and Iceland, the £240,000 that clubs receive for Europa League qualification – a week’s pay for one player at some top clubs – really is make-or-break. Walker paints an informative, quirky, fascinating picture of matchday culture across Europe. In Norway, as Arctic terns swoop overhead, Brann supporters sing, “Niagara Falls, London and Paris, what are these compared to Bergen, the Nordic paradise?” In Albania, supporters sip 65p beer and bask in the afterglow of a surprise Euro 2016 appearance. In Armenia, 80 fans attend a ghostly top-flight fixture. While on his travels, Walker demonstrates how Europe is…