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frankie Magazine September/October 2018

frankie Magazine is an Australian bi-monthly with a difference. A niche-style title with mainstream appeal – filled with fashion, art, craft, music, cuteness and real-life inspiration – frankie is dedicated to uncovering the newest trends, celebrating the latest creative talents and delivering sharp, honest, laugh-out-loud stories their readers can relate to.

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The late, great David Bowie sang about them. Supposedly, they’re as good as a holiday. They’re one of life’s few certainties. And yet, sometimes they can be scary as heck. In this issue, we take a flying leap into the great unknown, chatting with changemakers in the realms of playwriting, social activism and circus arts. We discuss ways to make change happen – in the innermost corners of our bustling minds, and out in the (often overwhelming) big, wide world. There are thought-provoking personal tales that might shift your views on certain ideas (there’s no need to check off a to-do list before you turn 30, for instance). Plus, we feature folks who weren’t afraid to try something new: training ants in mazes; mixing booze and baked goods; and using artificial…

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dear frankie

Dear frankie, The physical distance between my boyfriend and I has been really getting me down lately. But this afternoon, we did your whole ’80s word find together through the magic of picture messaging. Even though I was sitting in my parked car in the rain, I’ve never felt as cosy. Thank you for your gorgeous puzzles and making it feel as if he was right there with me. Much love, Lexi xo Dear frankie, Like Eleanor Robertson, the “name game” is a modern-day dilemma that has completely stumped me for too long – that is, until I pondered out loud in the presence of a particularly switched-on 11-year-old. After about four seconds of careful thinking, she came up with the perfect word to describe a human you’re involved with, but…

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frank bits

kloke On the one hand, Kloke’s latest collection brings back memories of our old school uniforms and afternoon detentions for looking “scruffy” in the streets. On the other hand, it’s reminded us that plaid fabrics and cosy knits are tops. Maybe if our uniforms looked like this, we wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to deface them, shorten them and cinch them in. Who knows – we might have even considered leaving our socks pulled up. For more Kloke goodness (but no school rules), head to kloke.com.au necking on What could be more delightful than wrapping a literal rainbow around your shoulders as you drift off into a peaceful slumber up amongst the clouds? Not much, that’s what. This joyful neck pillow comes from the colour-loving folks at ban.dō, and should you…

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chariots of frolic

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself, please. Hi! My name is Sameer Raichur, and I’m a documentary photographer based in Bangalore, India. I trained as a lawyer and spent a year working at a corporate law firm before course correcting. I’ve been taking photos since 2012. How did you come across these amazing ‘chariots’? I vividly recall walking the streets of Arni, Tamil Nadu, on a sweltering evening – summer temperatures in India can touch 45 degrees. I was on assignment to document the lives of saree-weaving artisans in this town, and the sound of the looms was still ringing in my ears when I encountered my first chariot of frolic (a blue Fiat Premier-Padmini). Though I hastily photographed the vehicle, the experience stayed with me for many months. What is…

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music and madness

Starting a high school band is the classic teen dream, but few plucky kids manage to make their rock star goals reality. Even fewer transition their music from the annual school talent show to real-world stages post-graduation. But for Approachable Members of Your Local Community, “it was always inevitable” – at least, according to bass player Michael Fisher. The seven-piece began its life as jazz act The Coconuts at Bialik College, a Jewish school in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs. After completing their exams, the guys took diverging paths – some dove headfirst into university studies; others took time off to go travelling. It appeared as if their musical collaboration had come to an end, until early 2017, when they all found themselves back on familiar soil. Asked to perform at a local…

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the golden age

Thanks to terrifying internet algorithms, I can’t browse any website without being inundated with headlines like, “Seven things you must do before you turn 30!”; “10 meals you should have mastered in your 20s!”; and “6000 life skills you should have learnt by now you big dumb-dumb because your time is almost up!!!!” Well, I’m about to turn 30, and I’ve never backpacked solo around Europe or cooked the ‘perfect’ roast chicken, and I reckon that’s OK. (If I’m honest, I’ve never even cooked the ‘mediocre’ roast chicken.) While I happily google “jumbo ice-cream cakes in the shape of John Stamos’s head”, people assume I spend my days consumed with dread about my upcoming 3-0. Old friends reminisce about celebrating our 18th birthdays, sadly lamenting that the party is now over.…