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go! Go! Botswana Guide 2017

South Africa’s number one travel and outdoor lifestyle magazine. We pay our own way and tell it like it is. We drive back roads and speak to real people, giving you practical information about affordable destinations in southern Africa. Each issue is crammed with excellent photography, honest gear reviews and delicious recipes to make at home or in the bundu. Whether you’re looking to escape for a weekend or a month, your journey starts here.

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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1 min.
eds’ letter

Botswana is a vast country. Our scenic neighbour to the north is filled with rugged bushveld, calm waters and sprawling landscapes, and it offers some of the best self-drive holiday opportunities in Africa. This guide will hopefully inspire you to travel to Botswana, and once you’ve made the decision to go, it will help you plan your trip. If you don’t have many leave days saved up, you don’t have to drive much further than the south: Destinations like the Tuli Block (page 32) and Khawa in the Kalahari (page 62) are just a hop and a skip over the border – and they’re awesome. We also went looking for destinations off the tourist trail – places like Nxai Pan and the Boteti River. A trip to Botswana can easily be expanded…

1 min.
behind the scenes

Willem van der Berg is a regular contributor. For this special issue, he explored the Boteti River, Nxai Pan, Moremi and Chobe. The wildest place you visited? Definitely the area around Magotho Camp on the Khwai River in Moremi Game Reserve. Also, the landscape I got lost in when I tried to drive a circular route in Chobe National Park along tracks I really shouldn’t have driven on my own. (See page 68.) Were you nervous? Yes, at the first water crossing near Mababe and at every one of the 15 crossings that followed. I held my breath every time the nose of my Isuzu disappeared into the dark water. In Nxai Pan National Park, roaring lions made my tent feel paper thin (page 55), but I think I was most nervous in…

3 min.
how to use this guide

MAPS There are four detailed map pages that cover the whole of Botswana (pages 12 – 15). These maps indicate all the tar roads and main gravel roads, as well as the distances between the big towns. Use the maps to plan your route if you’re travelling in a 4x2 and you’d prefer to stick to the main routes. When you’re driving 4x4 routes in wilderness areas like Moremi, Chobe or Makgadikgadi Pans, our maps should be used in conjunction with other quality guides and maps. We recommend the GPS products from Tracks4Africa (tracks4africa.co.za). GPS CO-ORDINATES We’ve used the decimal degree format in this guide. Set your GPS to the same format to avoid confusion. We checked all the co-ordinates using Google Earth and there might be small discrepancies. Let us know if you…

3 min.
border crossing made easy

FOR YOUR VEHICLE • ZA sticker stuck on the back • Two emergency triangles • Fire extinguisher • Reflective vest – wear it when you get out of your car at the side of the road to fix a tyre. • White/silver reflective strips stuck to the front bumper; red reflective strips stuck to the rear bumper. This is compulsory in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Buy the strips at Midas. BORDER TIPS Use a small border post. Our favourites are McCarthy’s Rest and Middelputs in the Northern Cape, and Platjan and Stockpoort in Limpopo. Try to avoid the bigger border posts, especially around the end of the month and during peak holiday season. Keep cash handy; most border posts don’t have card facilities. Take note. Before you leave home, write down the serial number(s) of your camera, lenses, cellphone,…

5 min.
botswana for beginners

IN OTHER WORDS Tessa du Preez, Bellville “Only on the Chobe River can a boat take you so close to an elephant in its natural habitat. All you have to do is sit back, take photos and watch the animals enjoying the water.” Deon van der Merwe, Centurion “The flight over the Okavango Delta was expensive, but it was worth every penny. From the air you can see the delta in its entirety. We saw hippos, elephants, zebras and giraffes.” Are you sure I don’t need a 4x4? Yes. If you’re in a 4x2, you just need to approach your tour a little differently. Go to places that you can get to in a normal vehicle, but where you can also do an outing in a 4x4 game-drive vehicle – or in a boat. Obviously, a 4x4…

7 min.
the great northern loop

DAY 1 Southern Botswana It’s a long drive to Botswana. Depending on where you live in South Africa, you’ll possibly only cross the border on the second day of your holiday. If you’re travelling from the Western Cape, Eastern Cape or Northern Cape, head for the town of Kang on the western route to Maun via Ghanzi. If you live in one of the other provinces, travel to Serowe and approach Maun on the central route. OUR PICK! Kalahari Rest near Kang (page 85, western route) and Khama Rhino Sanctuary near Serowe (page 86, central route). DAY 2 Maun & Okavango Delta If you’re on the western route, you’ll travel through the Kalahari to Maun. The central route will take you along the Boteti River. (See page 22.) Maun is one of the biggest safari towns in the…