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 / Fashion
Harper's Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar September 2019

Every issue of Harper's Bazaar speaks to the varied interests of the discerning contemporary woman who seeks the best for her home, career and lifestyle.

United States
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1 min.
editor’s letter

Women in the public eye have always faced unfair assumptions about who they are and how they should behave. The September issue is packed with incredible women who don’t hesitate to challenge those expectations, starting with our cover star, singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, who is famed for her radical realness. Elsewhere you’ll find the gorgeous Emily Ratajkowski like you’ve never seen her before, looking sexy and androgynous while proudly displaying body hair in an effort to shatter feminine taboos. Another stunner, supermodel Helena Christensen, also graces these pages. Dressed in swimsuits from her own line, she opens up about her talent for matchmaking and why she is never afraid to show off her curves. In culture news, fans of Downton Abbey will love seeing Michelle Dockery and a few of her…

1 min.
welcome to the issue

FALL FASHION is in the air again, which makes this the most wonderful time of the year at Bazaar. And in this issue, we bring you the need-to-know trends and the hottest buys, along with advice on how to wear it all. Inside you’ll find items on the season’s style hit list (page 153), like the saddlebag and the romantic blouse, as well as the buzziest looks, from menswear-inspired pieces to bourgeois dressing (page 190). You’ll also get an eyeful of dramatic outerwear set against the backdrop of luminous ice caves (page 326) and vibrant brights in chic head-to-toe monochrome (page 344). Elsewhere you can take in the poetic musings of Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli (page 316) and glean vintage clothing wisdom from Kate Moss (page 228). Then check out our…

3 min.
harper’s bazaar

Editor in Chief DAME GLENDA BAILEY Executive Managing Editor ELLEN PAYNE Executive Editor AMY SYNNOTT Design Director ELIZABETH HUMMER Executive Fashion Director NICOLE FRITTON Fashion Director MIGUEL ENAMORADO Style Director JOANNA HILLMAN Entertainment Director ANDREA CUTTLER Accessories Director AMANDA ALAGEM Managing Editor M. RYAN PURDY Beauty Director JESSICA MATLIN Chief Visual Content Director, Hearst Magazines ALIX CAMPBELL FASHION Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor AVRIL GRAHAM Senior Fashion Market Editor CASSIE ANDERSON Fashion & Retail Credits Editor ALICIA BANILIVY Assistant Fashion Editor JACLYN ALEXANDRA COHEN Accessories Assistant GRAHAM KEMP BEAUTY Assistant Beauty Editor SAM NEIBART FASHION NEWS & FEATURES Deputy Fashion News Editor ALISON S. COHN COPY & RESEARCH Copy Chief VICTORIA PEDERSEN Senior Copy Editor DIANE STEGMANN Research Chief JIL DERRYBERRY ART Art Director GARY PONZO Art & Color Coordinator JUSTIN MAIN Designer ELLEN MacDERMOTT PHOTO Bookings & Visual Production Director IGNACIO MURILLO Photo Archivist & Research Editor KARIN KATO Associate Photo Editor CORI JAYNE HOWARTH ADMINISTRATION Editorial Business Director CAROL LUZ Editorial Business Manager KATHERYN…

2 min.
get a better blowout

DRY SMARTER It’s understandable: To minimize damage, many people wait until their hair is at least 50 percent dry before picking up a dryer. But it’s a recipe for a flatter style, says Jon Reyman, Dyson styling ambassador. “A strand of air-dried hair is skinnier than one that’s been blow-dried because hot air causes hair to swell,” he says. “Once you’ve let hair dry naturally, it’s difficult to infuse volume.” Reyman suggests a dryer with intelligent heat control, like the Dyson Supersonic ($399.99). It won’t overheat your locks and is powered by a motor six times faster on average than other dryers on the market. PICK THE RIGHT PRODUCTS According to Reyman, you don’t necessarily need a heat-shielding spray (all stylers offer some form of heat protection, as it turns out),…

1 min.
the must haves


5 min.
summary of the season

IS THERE A CORRECT number of new-season pieces to buy to keep your signature look fresh and on point without your closet spilling over into SOS Marie Kondo territory? In an era when mindful consumption is increasingly becoming an urgent aspiration, you should think in terms of what will make the most impact, then strategize your spending accordingly. This fall, I’d start with the feet because those cute ankle booties that have been your go-to for the past half-decade may have just been nudged into the second row by taller boots. You can now channel Aspen après-ski in Chanel’s furry option that hits around mid-calf, or Connecticut country-house chic with slim jeans tucked into Celine’s cozy over-the-knee shearling-lined boots. The thing about tall boots is that they won’t just retune your standard…