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Harper's Bazaar October 2018

Every issue of Harper's Bazaar speaks to the varied interests of the discerning contemporary woman who seeks the best for her home, career and lifestyle.

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welcome to the issue

OUR OCTOBER ISSUE explores the ways in which fashion can express our creative identities in the workplace. Few do this with more flair than Zoë Kravitz, who channeled women who run with the wolves for this month’s cover shoot (page 206). Meanwhile, artist Mickalene Thomas used some of the season’s boldest colors and striking prints to create a series of collages that celebrates the inimitable spirit of her muse, Racquel Chevremont (page 200). Finally, we feature Gabriela Hearst, who’s built a dynamic fashion brand that’s anchored in environmental responsibility and buoyed by uncompromising design (page 196). Enjoy the issue. DON PENNY/STUDIO D. STYLING: MIAKO KATOH. SEE WHERE TO BUY FOR SHOPPING DETAILS…

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editor’s letter

IT IS A DISTINCT HONOR for me to present to you our October issue, which is devoted to stories that empower women. From our piece on the unprecedented wave of female candidates running for office this November to a story detailing the fight to commemorate notable women in history in statue form, we’ve sought to feature women whose pioneering work will captivate and inspire readers. In keeping with the empowerment theme, the photographs in Chapter 5 were all shot by female photographers and are free of retouching. But that’s not to say they were produced without the benefit of great hair and makeup! At Bazaar, we rely on these tools to enhance glamour and to make the women we photograph feel their best without erasing the qualities that make them…

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the bag hero

Forget the notion your daily carryall needs to be in a neutral shade and subtle in appearance. This season, make a bold statement with this red haute stunner that’s the epitome of everyday luxury. Smartly designed to fit all your essentials (measuring at a compact, but spacious 12" x 8" x 5"), and featuring a sensual combination of embossed leather and sophisticated accents, this is the perfect bag that meets every requirement. JOSHUA PESTKA/STUDIO D. STYLING: JADE FRAMPTON. MODEL: POLINA PUTILOVA/FENTON MODELS.…

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a new york romance

Urban Oasis Just blocks from his Fifth Avenue office, the lush beauty of Central Park provided Mr. Winston with fresh perspective. This extraordinary landscape comes to life in the Central Park Mosaic pieces, with stones set to mimic the city’s famed backyard. City Central Railroads and the magnificence of Grand Central played an important role in Mr. Winston’s life. The majesty of the cast-iron eagles adorning the renowned station is reflected in the Eagle pieces, symbolizing growth and flight. Dazzling Lights Mr. Winston and his beloved wife enjoyed Broadway shows as a young couple. The City Lights pieces reimagine the legendary thoroughfare’s lively illumination in colorful diamonds and precious gemstones.…

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icon of style sylvie chantecaille

Thoughts on achieving 20 years? I used to be a swimmer, and when we reached the end of the pool, we would just breathe—that’s how I feel. What do you attribute the brand’s success to? We’re a family-run company, and the strength of a tribe of talented, passionate people can’t be underestimated. Why are philanthropy and conservation important? I believe everyone has an obligation to give back to the earth and the amazing creatures we share it with. I hope to inspire efforts, no matter how small, toward these causes. A memorable moment interacting with wildlife? The trust and love I feel when orphaned baby elephants caress me with their little trunks. Tell us about the new Lip Veil launch. This is the first lipstick we created exclusively to support a conservation project and the product itself is revolutionary:…

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the suit that changed my life

THE FIRST TIME IT occurred to me that I could participate in a peak moment of my life without wearing high heels was at the 2015 Golden Globes, when Transparent had been nominated for Best Television Series. As a child who grew up sitting on the floor watching awards shows on TV, the idea of winning an award was like climbing a mountain. On top of that, my then husband had decided not to join me at the last minute—for reasons I explore in my memoir, She Wants It: Desire, Power, and Toppling the Patriarchy—so for the first time I was also attending an awards show alone, with no man by my side. A few months before the Globes, my stylist, Andrea Longacre-White, told me that Kenzo wanted to send me…