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Highlights Hello

June 2019

Highlights Hello magazine builds early language skills, strengthens the parent/child bond and helps parents teach their little ones about the joys of reading. Each 16-page issue of this read-only digital version of Hello includes colorful images, simple stories, activities and helpful tips that encourage quality time together. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 0-2.

United States
Highlights for Children, Inc.
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my job is to welcome

Papa drives the baby home. Mama gets him dressed. My job is to welcome him.“Here’s where you take a rest.” Papa carries all the stuff.Mama feeds a snack.I will sing a quiet song, Then help Papa unpack. Tip » Your toddler’s natural jealousy of a new baby will be lessened if he or she is given part ownership of the new sibling. It’s a way of assuring the older child of your ongoing love and attention.…

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I cover my eyes,You cover yours.I peek through my hands,You peek through yours. Tip » Babies and toddlers pay close attention to their older siblings. Encourage your older child to play simple games such as peekaboo with the little one. …

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two (to the tune of “skip to my lou”)

One plus oneis always two.One plus oneis me and you.One plus oneis always two.I love you,my darlings. Tip » Babies are naturally egocentric. Having fun first side by side, then together, builds a foundation for developing cooperation rather than competition.…

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find it

sun basket tractor Tip » After finding these objects in the picture, look for things that are in twos.…

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the park

We roll our ball at the park.It is shiny, new, and red. We play on the swings until dark.It is almost time for bed. We catch and release fireflies.They glow brightly in our jar. We tell the stars our good-byes.We fall asleep in the car. Tip » Although toddlers won’t remember an outing’s details, they can enjoy being together in a fun and no-stress situation. Take some pictures. When they’re older you can say, “Look! Here you are playing together as tots.”…

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Shhh! Little birdies,Stop your cheeping!Can’t you see mySister’s sleeping? Tip » Babies whose own needs are met begin to show altruism at a surprisingly young age. Praise your little one’s expressions of concern for others.…