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Inside Soap UK

14 - 2020

Inside Soap is your essential weekly guide to all the big soap dramas. We give you every story, every secret, every week!

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“Inside Soap is as packed as ever!” Hope you’re all safe and keeping well. Here at Inside Soap, we’ve been staying busy, working from home at our kitchen tables – or, if you’re me, using garden furniture brought indoors to create an Inside Soap home office! It’s certainly been a busy week, with the soaps reshaping their weekly schedules to make sure that we can keep getting our fix for the foreseeable future. The cutting-back of episodes means we’ve ended up a bit ahead of ourselves, and some of the episodes we’re covering this week were also featured last week. But fear not, we’ve worked really closely with the soaps to bring you new pictures and secrets, so your issue is as packed as ever. Also, being at home in the day, we’ve…

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phil jailed after confessing to killing dennis!

Walford hard man Phil Mitchell wakes up in a prison cell this week, after confessing to the local constabulary that he was the one responsible for his stepson Dennis’ tragic drowning! It’s unlike Phil to be willing to cooperate with police, given his chequered history with the long arm of the law – but the fact that he’s handed himself in and taken full responsibility shows just how awful he feels about Dennis’ horrific fate. Yet as Phil’s hotshot lawyer Richie Scott swoops in to try to get Phil out of some serious trouble, will he soon be back home with his family – or is he facing a very long stretch behind bars for his actions? “Given that Phil has walked into the police station himself and decided to tell them…

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dotty’s next move on guilty ian!

While Phil prepares to bare his soul, Dotty knows who is really repsonsible for Dennis’ grisly fate – weasly Ian Beale! Dotty is in possession of an explosive voicemail, which Dennis left on the Arches’ business phone, explaining that Ian had locked him inside a cabin on the boat. And she’s been trying to blackmail him into persuading Ben to sign over the Arches to her, in return for keeping Ian’s guilty secret! Ian thinks he finally has the upper hand this week, though, as he manages to get hold of the phone and destroy the message, leaving Dotty furious! However, while Ian takes great delight in kicking Dotty out, convinced that this is the end of the matter, little does he realise what she’s planning to do next… Is Ian in…

2 min.
geoff ’s gruesome disappearing act!

There’s further torment for Yasmeen this week, when Geoff goes missing after threatening to kill himself! Having found the strength to leave her abusive spouse, Yasmeen then receives a message from him, suggesting that he’s ready to take his own life. Worried for Geoff’s safety, Yasmeen can’t help but rush back home. And as she finds her table covered in smashed glass and blood splatters, she naturally fears the worst… “This is typically dramatic measures on Geoff’s part,” wails our Weatherfield sneak. “At long last Yasmeen has packed up and left him, and no doubt Geoff can barely believe she’s had the audacity to actually do it! But just as Yasmeen arrives at Alya’s, and admits that her granddaughter was right about Geoff all along, her phone pings with his suicide threat…

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jail for yasmeen?

While Geoff’s disappearance is still a mystery for now, we can reveal that the story will take a further twist in the coming weeks, with the news that Yasmeen will end up facing jail as a result of Geoff’s machinations! Of course, Geoff has been a master at painting Yasmeen as the guilty party within their relationship, but can his plotting convince the outside world that Yasmeen’s guilty of wrongdoing? “There’s a lot to come,” says Shelley King, who plays Yasmeen. “I think this storyline has been courageous of Coronation Street, as it’s a long-runner and people don’t always tolerate that.”…

2 min.
belle’s fury – as jamie has her sacked!

Love-rat Jamie proves that he is Kim Tate’s son through and through this week, when he schemes to have his secret lover Belle sacked from the vets’! Now that he and estranged wife Andrea have decided to give their marriage another go, Jamie’s desperate to keep his fling with Belle under wraps. However, when he witnesses Belle and Andrea in close proximity at a local lingerie party, Jamie decides that sacking Belle from the surgery is the only way to go – leaving Belle absolutely fuming… “Jamie may be a Tate, but Belle is a Dingle – and you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of them!” warns our Dales insider. “When Paddy breaks the news to her that they’re going to have to let her go, Belle is in…