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Referred to by readers as 'the World's most beautiful embroidery magazine', Inspirations is where you find the best classic hand embroidery by leading embroiderers throughout the world. Complemented with superbly styled photography and captivating stories, each issue brings a diverse collection of timeless projects from home wares and bags to gifts and accessories. A wide variety of embroidery techniques is presented with detailed and easy to follow instructions, step-by-step tutorials and full size patterns, making each issue a valuable resource for people new to embroidery and seasoned needleworkers alike.

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1 min
attaching plate strips

Lengths of gilt or silver plate create a unique and gleaming filling when laid across a shape. It is best to begin working across the widest part of the shape and lightly wax the couching thread before use with the metal plate. 1 Position the plate with a small tail to the inside of the shape. Work a couching stitch over the plate, aligned with the design line. 2 While maintaining tension on the couching thread, fold the plate back on itself over the thread. 3 If needed, gently flatten the fold using the flat side of a mellor or your thumbnail. 4 Work a couching stitch over both layers of plate, close to the fold. 5 Work a couching stitch over the plate at the second side of the shape. 6 While maintaining tension on…

12 min

This elegant interpretation is worked with a variety of metal threads onto a natural background and incorporates traditional goldwork techniques to spectacular effect. Primarily worked with gold threads, the addition of a single red bauble suspended from an antler brings a special touch of magic to this superb image. this design uses Chipping | Couching Purls over string padding before you begin We recommend that you read the complete article See the pattern download for the embroidery design and templates The finished design measures 19cm (7 1/2") square. requirements Fabric 35cm (14") square of natural linen/cotton blend 2cm (¾") square of natural linen/cotton blend Supplies 16cm (6½") square of yellow wool felt Yellow soft string – 2m (2yd 8") 50cm (20") square slate frame mounted with calico Lacing thread Silk pins Dressmaker’s carbon Stylus or spent ballpoint pen Beeswax Goldwork scissors Cutting pad Mellor Blunt-nose tweezers Circle template (optional) Low-tack tape Fine black pen Heavyweight tracing paper Mechanical…

1 min
up and down blanket stitch

This variation of blanket stitch forms an attractive edging. 1 Emerge at A. With the thread below and under the needle tip, take the needle to the back at B. Emerge at C. 2 Pull the thread through until it lies snugly against the emerging thread. 3 With the thread above and under the needle tip, take the needle to the back at D and emerge at E. 4 Pull the thread through and away from you. 5 Pull the thread towards you. A small straight stitch will lie across the base of the vertical stitches. 6 With the thread below and under the needle tip, take the needle to the back at F and emerge at G. 7 Pull the thread through as before. Repeat step 3. 8 Pull the thread through as before, pulling it away,…

6 min
the zay initiative

“I am Iraqi by birth, Western in education and upbringing, Arab in spirit and Emirati in passion.” REEM EL MUTWALLI arrived in the UAE in 1968 - the same year oil was discovered – as a young girl of five, when her father started working as economic consultant to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, then the Crown Prince, now the ruler of the UAE. “My childhood was spent in the company of the women and children of the UAE ruling families. In these inner circles of mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and friends I was surrounded by love and adoration, as well as with beauty. These memories of female friendship, love and splendour continue to feed my soul and guide my life choices to this day.” Reem’s passion for textiles and clothing started…

12 min
persian bounty

Combining stumpwork elements with surface stitching, the richly coloured fruits are worked as embroidered slips attached over padding to create a three-dimensional effect. Glistening red beads peep out between the edges of the skin on the large fruit and a graceful dragonfly hovers nearby. before you begin We recommend that you read the complete article See the pattern download for the embroidery design and templates All embroidery is worked with ONE strand of thread unless specified this design uses Beading | Blanket stitch Blanket stitch bar Chain stitch | Couching Cretan stitch Detached chain | Fly stitch Long and short stitch Needleturn appliqué Needlewoven picot Overcasting | Satin stitch Split stitch | Split back stitch Stem stitch | Straight stitch Whipping requirements Fabric 30cm (12") square of stone silk dupion 30cm (12") square of quilter’s muslin 15cm (6") square of ivory cotton 15cm (6") square of light…

1 min
sinking metal thread tails–lasso method

A lasso is a homemade tool formed by threading waxed heavy thread into a large-eyed needle. Cut and wax a 15cm (6") length of strong thread. 1 Making a lasso. Thread each end into the needle in opposite directions, creating a loop. 2 Using the lasso. Insert the needle at the point where the thread tail will be taken to the back. 3 Take the needle through the fabric leaving a small loop on the front. 4 Thread the very tip of the gold thread into the loop. Pull the lasso to hold the tip in place. 5 Hold the lasso on the wrong side and tug to pull the tip through to the back. 6 On the wrong side remove the lasso and gently ease the thread tail through. Secure the tail and trim.…