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Just Cars is the Collectable, Classic and Custom Car enthusiast’s bible for buying, selling and just plain dreaming. Not only is it the largest selling car magazine in Australia, it’s free for individuals to advertise meaning there’s no better place to find your next dream machine, or to find a like-minded mate who’s going to take care of yours if you need to sell it.

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a word from the boss

Well done Australia, you are doing a great job of looking out for each other. It won’t be long before we have this virus beaten. With all this extra time at home, we can help you update your car, or find the parts and accessories to upgrade or just get your maintenance up to date. Let’s come out of this hibernation in style. What is happening with JUST? We are relieved to say that it is business as usual. We are distributing our magazines to every corner of this great land. Our printers (IVE Group) and distributor (Ovato Distribution) are working hard to ensure that Australians have access to JUST titles throughout Supermarket, Newsagents and Service Station networks around the country. And in conjunction with AustPost, directly into homes via subscriptions. Thank…

4 min.
porsche 911 auctioned for covid-19 relief

With the United States of America hit hardest by COVID-19 in terms of cases and deaths, Porsche Cars North America decided to hold a one-off auction to support those affected by and combatting the virus in the US. The car to be auctioned off was a special one: the last 991-series Porsche 911 built, which was a limited-edition Speedster variant, completed in December, 2019, and sent to Porsche Cars North America’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. LAST OF THE LINE One of only 1,948 examples of the 991-series Speedster produced (the number honouring the year of Porsche’s post-WWII debut), the auctioned car was fitted with the Heritage Design package of retro-inspired paint and race number decals (‘88’ in this instance) from the factory, as well as other bespoke touches, with a letter of authenticity…

2 min.
project monaro winner announced

It’s somewhat bittersweet now, but the ‘Project Monaro’ competition launched last year – before the announcement of Holden’s termination – has been finalised and the winners drawn. Launched in July, 2019, Project Monaro was a competition open to public and trade, with a VZ Holden Monaro as the major prize. What made the Monaro special was the fact that it had been completely rebuilt mechanically and individualised with a one-off paint job, custom exterior detailing and bespoke interior trim by Holden and its build partners. The base vehicle was a 2004-model VZ Monaro CV8 with 214,000km on the odometer and was clean, but tired in some areas. Under the project’s focus of ‘Go, Stop and Turn’, the aim was to improve the Monaro’s performance, braking and handling, essentially making it better than new. The car’s…

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gm-h responds to holden dealer claims

The friction between Holden dealers and General Motors over compensation packages offered for early termination of dealer franchises looks like it may to go to the courts. After February’s announcement that the Holden brand would be terminated by the end of 2020, dissatisfaction with the compensation offered by GM to Holden dealers was almost immediate – the dealer network united and employed law firm HWL Ebsworth and forensic accountants KPMG in March to negotiate a better package. According to Holden dealers, the GM compensation packages were around four times less than what most dealers were owed-$1,500 per car according to GM-H versus $6,110 per car, according to HWL Ebsworth. The to-and-fro between both parties has been ongoing ever since and saw GM-H issue a statement on 5 May, maintaining that their ‘Transition Support…

2 min.
ford performance develop electric mustang drag car

Ford are already committed to introducing an electric Mustang in the form of the Mustang Mach-E SUV. Now they’re set to bring an electric Mustang to the dragstrip following the announcement in April of a ‘Mustang Cobra Jet 1400’ factory drag racer with a fully electric powertrain. The first factory Ford electric drag car, the Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 is still in the prototype stage and no details on the electric motor or battery system have been released, but Ford Performance have projected the electric drag car will develop 1,400hp (1,044kW) and over 1,100ft/lb (1,491Nm). With those numbers, Ford Performance predict the car will be capable of quarter mile times in the low 8-second bracket and a top speed in excess of 170mph (273km/h). “Ford has always used motorsport to demonstrate innovation,”…

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vale gale halderman

The last of the “original Mustang crew”, designer Gale Halderman, passed away on 29 April from liver cancer. A designer with Ford for 40 years, Halderman was 87. Born and raised in Ohio, Halderman’s passion for automotive design saw him offered a job at Ford even before he’d graduated from the Dayton Art Institute in 1955. Working in Ford’s Advanced styling studio initially, Halderman would transfer around other design studios within Ford, with some of his earliest work on the 1957 Fords, followed by designs for the Falcon and Thunderbird. By 1962, Halderman was a design manager at the Ford studio led by Joe Oros and was working on the 1964 and ’65 full-sized Fords when the request came to design Ford’s upcoming sporty 2-door model. It’s Mustang folklore now, but the…