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Landscape Architecture Magazine 02/2015

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17 min.
! melk man

Serendipity has been on the side of the young but rapidly growing firm !melk, founded by Jerry van Eyck, ASLA, four years ago. Van Eyck, a Dutch-born landscape architect, didn’t plan to come to America. He arrived in 2008 to set up the New York office of West 8 and to design the new park on Governors Island in New York Harbor. After completing work on the park’s master plan, van Eyck left the firm amid a reorganization during the recent global recession. When he left West 8, he and his family decided to stay in New York— his kids were enrolled in school, his wife had a job, and they had begun to enjoy the city. “Families are not like suitcases,” he says with a characteristically brusque laugh, sitting…

2 min.
set in rows

SIGARO BOLLARD Alfredo Tasca designed the Sigaro Bollard, which looks like a pen embedded in the ground as if in an inkwell. Made from cast aluminum or galvanized or powder-coated steel, the Sigaro Bollard from id metalco can be secured to the ground by concrete or bolts. It is 850 millimeters high (about 33.5 inches) and 95 millimeters wide (just under four inches). FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.IDMETALCO.COM. RINCON BOLLARD Forms+Surfaces’ Rincon Bollard, just over three feet tall, has a minimalist style that can be dressed up with optional perforated shields. The 4.5-inch-square, stainless steel body has a satin finish, and the light at top has a white-frosted acrylic lens topped with a head cap that’s also stainless steel. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.FORMS-SURFACES.COM. DUO BOLLARD A rectangular aluminum frame surrounds wood accent panels in the Duo Bollard by…

4 min.
phosphorus bank

Minnesota’s Lake Pepin is a fair enough stand-in for many Midwestern lakes, especially when it comes to phosphorus pollution. Pepin is actually a part of the Mississippi River. It’s natural, backed up by the delta of the Chippewa River, which joins the Mississippi from Wisconsin. Historical accounts suggest that both phosphorus and sediment have been increasing in the lake since European settlement began in the 1850s. Algae feed on the phosphorus and bloom in the water, sometimes to epic proportions. Across the middle part of the United States, the “summer green-up” is a well-known and often destructive phenomenon. Last summer, Lake Erie greenness shut down Toledo, Ohio’s water-treatment plant for a few days. Algae blooms kill fish, make water hard to purify for drinking, and limit recreation. (Waterskiing was invented…

3 min.
a bridge and two cities

For now, the 11th Street Bridge Park here in Washington is a lovely abstraction that covers three football fields in images by the design team of OLIN and OMA. The two firms won a competition this past fall to design the park atop the bare piers of a bridge over the Anacostia River that was recently replaced. In their proposal, the park will have playgrounds, picnic areas, an orchard, boat launches, and event spaces around a new set of cool, heaving bridge decks. The District of Columbia government and a nonprofit partner it chose held the juried competition and seem to have done everything right so far. The project leaders say they have held 450 community meetings, which seems high, but then there are a lot of interests at stake. HEARING…

3 min.
one man is an island

Barry Diller is a billionaire who has committed to underwriting the lion’s share of a $130 million plan for the construction of Pier 55, a 2.7-acre island of undulating parkland and performance venues that would rest atop mushroom-shaped pilings in New York City’s Hudson River Park. The city’s power brokers have enthusiastically endorsed the proposal, which also includes a 20-year lease under which Pier55, Inc., a nonprofit Diller founded with his wife, the designer Diane von Furstenberg, would pay for the pier’s upkeep and oversee its programming. And quite possibly, the Pier 55 project would help bail out the chronically cash-strapped Hudson River Park Trust, the quasi-public entity charged with running Hudson River Park and raising funds for its maintenance. However, at a community meeting in early January in Manhattan’s West Village…

12 min.
what ecodistricts need

The Lloyd District, a 368-acre area of downtown Portland, Oregon, is the first neighborhood in North America to have been designated as an “ecodistrict.” Mithun, the interdisciplinary design firm with offices in Seattle and San Francisco, began drafting a plan in 2003 that envisioned “the most sustainable business district in North America,” as the district’s sponsors said in their mission statement. The plan has won awards from the American Institute of Architects and ASLA, and its method for measuring the ecological performance of the development became part of the backbone of the ecodistrict approach as it was originally conceived. But the plan also ran the numbers on the ways water, energy, and waste-management systems at the scale of the district would affect the city of Portland’s municipal budget. The economic…