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DANIEL JOST, ASLA, (“Free-Range Ithaca,” page 20) is a freelance journalist, a landscape designer, and a doctoral candidate at North Carolina State University. You can reach him at daniel.c.jost@gmail.com. “By the time I was seven and my sister was five, we could bicycle at the cemetery near our house without any supervision. I was surprised to find that, on average, American parents today say children should be allowed to be unsupervised in a park when they are 14.” DAVID MOTZENBECKER, ASLA, (“A Fleet of Trees,” page 172) is a certified forest therapy/shinrin-yoku guide, landscape architect, and writer living in Minneapolis. You can reach him at david@motzstudios.com. “This piece came together for me because my father is a Coast Guard veteran, and I had discovered that the Coast Guard named some ships after trees.…

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!melk in moscow

On the heels of Zaryadye Park, opened in 2017, Tyufeleva Roshcha Park is the latest addition to Moscow’s growing inventory of high-profile public spaces, many of which are being designed by American landscape architecture firms. Tyufeleva Roshcha, designed by !melk, is located along what was once an industrial stretch of the Moscow River. At 25 acres, it is the centerpiece of one of the largest single-owner redevelopment projects in the world, with 50 million square feet of residential and commercial construction on 160 acres of the former ZIL automotive factory, a facility so large that Soviet-era workers were ferried by bus to its various warehouses. Now, the site is being reborn as a modern city within a city, with high-rise condominium towers and crowd-drawing cultural institutions, including a satellite of Saint…

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free-range ithaca

In 2015, the Pew Research Center asked American parents at what age children should be allowed to spend time at a public park unsupervised. On average, parents said 14. “Either evolution took a nosedive in the last 25 years or we lost sight of normal childhood development,” says Lenore Skenazy, the author of the 2010 book Free-Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry). Even in smaller cities and towns, children’s mobility is limited. “We live in a fairly safe city, but it is still too often frowned upon to give children the types of childhoods many of us had,” says Svante Myrick, the mayor of Ithaca, New York. In November, Myrick issued a proclamation—one of the first of its kind—declaring Ithaca a “free range kid…

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apple’s eden

“If you go to a grocery store, you’ve got seven apples you can choose from,” says Chuck Martin, the grounds manager and senior horticulturist at the Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens. “One hundred years ago, there were hundreds.” Martin has the orchard to prove it, along with a slate of elaborately named apples (Shiawassee Beauty, Bramley’s Seedling, Black Gilliflower) to taste. Carved out from the Dow Chemical family’s estate in Midland, Michigan, the new section of Dow Gardens will feature a two-acre apple orchard containing 75 varieties, including contemporary cultivars and their ancient predecessors. The purpose, Martin says, is to preserve and showcase a biodiversity that largely has been shunted aside as commercial agriculture has consolidated. Whiting Forest, designed by Jonathan Alderson Landscape Architects and Metcalfe Architecture & Design, also includes 54…

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what is a tree worth?

Over the past 20 years, the ways we calculate the value of a landscape have changed. Tools such as i-Tree, created by the U.S. Forest Service in 2006, have helped popularize the notion that plants and trees provide cities with ecosystem services—and that those services can be quantified. There also has been further study into the contributions that designed landscapes make to a property’s value. Both developments are reflected in the new Guide for Plant Appraisal, 10th Edition, which is used by plant appraisers in cities around the country and is often cited in a municipality’s tree ordinance. The guide, published by the International Society of Arboriculture and produced by the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA), of which ASLA is a member, has always had a significant impact on…

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california on display

Inspired by the nature of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, designers at RELM in Los Angeles wove tendrils of public green space through the new headquarters of the California Natural Resources Agency. The 44,000 square feet of open space around the new mixed-use tower is conceived as a highly porous, dendritic “circulation delta” dotted with “planting islands” and “seating banks.” It serves as a “tour of California landscapes,” says David Christensen, an associate at RELM and the project manager. When the 21-story building is complete in 2021, it will offer both the public and 3,450-plus state employees a tranquil, parklike setting on what had been a surface parking lot. RELM, working with architects from AC Martin, advocated for a taller tower with a smaller footprint to maximize open space. Retail spaces…