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STEVE AUSTIN, ASLA, (“Can We Get to Zero?” page 138) teaches landscape architecture, urban planning, and construction law at Washington State University. You can reach him at steve. bellacitta@gmail.com. “If we are serious about maintaining a livable climate, we must quit burning fossil fuels now, even though our entire industrial civilization is completely dependent on it. This reality is beyond radical.” WENDY GILMARTIN (“In Search Of,” page 46) is an architect and writer in Los Angeles. She holds a master’s degree in architecture from Rice University and is a visiting lecturer at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona. You can reach her on Twitter @w_gilmartinez. “Every office I spoke with starts the recruitment process from their personal connections. This is worth noting in an age of LinkedIn and platforms that seem to replace personal…

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monumental threats

The short list of national monuments the Trump administration has called into question came out in late April, and it is rather long—27 sites. It amounts to roughly 230 million acres that have been designated as public lands since 1996 and now may be opened anew to exploration for oil, gas, and minerals. The list came out when President Trump signed an executive order to undo “this massive federal land grab” that took place under three previous presidents. “It’s gotten worse and worse and worse, and now we’re going to free it up,” he said. Among the public lands the Trump team aims to free up for private interests are the Canyons of the Ancients, in Colorado, where civilization has been for 10,000 years, and the Giant Sequoia, a thin strip…

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NORTH WINDS Thanks for the article about Dirk Sijmons’s inspiring project for the North Sea wind power build-out. What an impressive effort of visualization and coordination—such an effective way to chart a way forward on climate change. Have there been any similar efforts here in the United States to visualize a renewable power build-out to meet the Paris climate goals? That would be amazing to see. Maybe it would be a solar-based plan, in our case. Who knows? It might even be visionary enough to get the attention of our nation’s leaders…. Oh, that’s right. (I have momentary lapses of forgetfulness about who won the election.) MATT JOHNSTON, ASLA ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Iam continually impressed by both the breadth of subjects and depth of reporting LAM has been featuring. And I appreciate occasionally seeing…

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park and pond

In the shadow of an abandoned grain elevator adorned with the words United Crushers, a serving-platter-shaped park in Minneapolis is the latest entrant in the effort to blend green infrastructure and public space. Opened in October 2016, the clunkily named Towerside District Stormwater System is the Twin Cities’ first privately owned district-scale system, serving four nearby properties. With a 206,575-gallon water storage tank, the system can handle 100 percent of a 10-year storm event. Initiated in response to the city’s plan to repave 4th Street, the project was constructed as part of the Towerside Innovation District, 370 acres of industrialized hinterland at the periphery of the University of Minnesota. It was spearheaded by the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO), a government entity that oversees activities within its watershed. Marcy Bean, a…

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the laguna edge

LEGEND A Laguna Coast Wilderness Park B Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park C Crystal Cove State Park D City of Irvine Open Space Preserve E City of Laguna Beach Open Space F Orange County Transportation Authority Nestled between a long stretch of Pacific beach and a steep, mountainous ridge, the city of Laguna Beach, California, has a unique, almost isolated setting. It’s a rarity in sprawling and suburban Orange County and a big part of why, in 2016, after a years-long campaign and documentation process, the entire city, which includes a 22,000-acre greenbelt, has earned inclusion in the National Park Service’s Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS). Laguna Beach is a rare citywide entrant in HALS, a park service program for which ASLA provides technical and professional advice. The documentation of the city (population: a little more than…

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food in the collection

The staff at the Goldsboro West Side Community Historical Association in Sanford, Florida, can now add farming to their résumés. On a half acre adjoining the association’s museum complex—which tells the history of Goldsboro, an African American township incorporated in 1891—staff members are growing mustard greens, rutabaga, zucchini, okra, and cucumber. Schoolchildren and local youth help harvest the produce, which is partly given away to visitors and local senior citizens and partly sold to nearby restaurants. Staff members have also planted cotton and sugarcane to give history lessons about the antebellum sufferings of enslaved African Americans. Pasha Baker, the historical association’s director, says that many visitors “have no idea the labor that was required” to harvest those crops in brutal plantation conditions. Goldsboro is not alone. Around the country, librarians and curators…