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Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist November/December 2019

In every issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist you’ll get hands-on expertise, illustrated demos, and projects loaded with valuable tips and design ideas to inspire your own metal jewelry designs. Plus our experts answer all your technical questions, and you’ll learn the pros’ favorite tools and how to use them.

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west meets all

TYPIFIED BY SUEDE FRINGE, cowboy boots, and silver and turquoise jewelry, classic Western style is always in. Sometimes it’s extra in, also inspiring designs of Western influence that aren’t quite so typical. This is one of those times, as jewelry style expert Deborah Yonick details in Trends, page 22. But the American West and Southwest in particular have an extra special and perennial connection with jewelry. The region owes its permanent ties to this community as an historic and current source of silver, gold, copper, a long list of gems that are popular or rare, and outstanding crystal and fossil specimens for collectors and scientists. As much as anything else, mining drove U.S. history and development westward. It’s no coincidence, then, that in our world “Tucson” has become short for the…

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lapidary journal jewelry artist

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design challenges

Your Design Riffs Designs based on projects and jewelry shown in previous issues of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist. Your Settings…

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Re: Cool Tools & Hip Tips, July/August 2019 I love these recent issues' tools section (Cool Tools and Hip Tips); thanks so much for your continued snooping into all things tools and fun! I am hoping you can help me with some clarification and understanding of a couple of items. The "bezel hold down" from Eugenia Chan, what does "position the base to span the bezel walls, and hold them down…" mean in function? And, are the the breathe safe filtration masks only for particulates, or do they help with fumes or other invaders? And for how long do they do their thing? I've gone to the site to find more info, too. Thank you again. P.S. Do you ever run across a not-so-good product and tell us about it? Helen Driggs responds: Hi there, Gabriele! Here…

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next time

Riff on the design of any of these or other pieces within this issue, using a design feature such as color, texture, form, value, line, space, repetition, balance, contrast, unity, or variety for your sketch. Please indicate which piece your entry is based on. DEADLINES: DECEMBER 31, 2019 Email digital scans at 300 DPI or send photocopies of no more than three sketches per challenge, indicating the design factor that is your starting point. Sketches will not be returned. WRITE TO US ANYTIME: What do you think about what you’ve seen and read in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist? SEND SKETCHES & LETTERS for possible print or online publication to: krosenbusch@peakmediaproperties.com. Please include your name, city, and state, and indicate “Your Turn” on the subject line.…

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their turn

Carolyn Tyler’s Hermit Crab Earrings 22K gold, pearls, diamonds Michelle Brennan’s Clockwork Cogs Bracelet Bronze, aluminum Holly Gage’s Whimsical Critters Series: Monkeying Around Antiqued sterling metal clay, wool fiber hair, 10mm glass eyes made by Wayne Robbins Kieu Pham Gray’s Copper & Silver Disc Pendant Copper, sterling silver, garnet Judith Kaufman’s Necklace Labradorite, 24K gold Karen J. Lauseng’s Cool Links Bracelet Mokumé gané, sterling silver, brass Michael Anthony Cheatham’s Silver Disc Granulation Appliqué Earrings Sterling silver Become an LJJA Contributor! Contributors’ guidelines for print or online publication can be found at www.interweave.com/jewelry…