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LE GRAND MAG is a sophisticated showroom-magazine with the ultimate pleasures and vanities. Travel, Real Estate, Yachts, Business Jets, Jewellery, Watches, Art & Photography, High End Elegance, Cars and high-society events and prestigious players interviews.. All Publishing Rights worldwide reserved by LE GRAND MAG Publishing Group.

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le grand magazine

CEO Bruno Facchetti Chief Financial Officer Robert Willcox Business Development Tom Scott Executive Vicepresident and Chief Digital Officer Stephen Smith Chief Administrative Officer William Bright NEWS ROOM Contents Manager Valeria Borghi Head Of Communication Ben Thompson Chief Editor Vanessa Viara Art Director William Boulton Digital Platform Editor George Smith Journalists & Writers James Cadoghan, Patrick White, Micol Bozino, Flavio Incarbone, Tom Bolton, Valerie Pompadour, Rita Brooke, Sir William Walton, Margot du Saint Maló, Maggie Langwaltz, Charles O’Sullivan, Marta Marcucci, Nick Tedson, Nick Wurth, Scott Weiner, Lauren Touley, Jeff Platt, Debbie Dearwood, Gianfilippo Versari, Will Hoffman, Jurgen Wells, Magnus McStuart, Pat Johansson, Luke Smith, Harrison Ludwing Jefferson, Lorenzo Rossi, Michelangelo Guglielmini, Michelle Rubie, Roland Buguillé, Marlene Schultz, Robbie Krall, Roberta Wurttstrasse, Julie Mulberry, Heinz Zwack, Peggy Sloane, Norbert Karnig, Jean-Philippe Verlag, Laura Lamarra, Aurora Eastwood, Melanie Gerlis, Gloria Belloni, Adam Towler Styling Paola…

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harrods’ seasonal delights

www.harrods.com Famous across the globe, Harrods’ hampers are packed with delectable items hand-picked from their famed Food Halls. Since 1834, these very Food Halls have pioneered in retail to offer customers favourites treats, fine teas and coffee, condiments and luxury Champagne and fine wines hat epitomize a contemporary food emporium. The Harrods Hamper is the perfect gift is available in a seasonal selection meticulously prepared hampers by Harrods’s gourmet experts or custom-made filled with your choice of gourmet items for a more personal touch. The star of this season is The Food Halls Collection Hamper packed with a delectable assorment of red and white wine with biscuits, jam, honey and chutney ideal to accompany a special meal. Another favorite, The Italian Collection celebrates Mediterranean flavours with antipasti, pasta and sauce, coffee, wines,…

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beautiful femininity

FOR OVER SIX DECADES, LA PERLA CONTINUES TO CELEBRATE WOMEN’S FEMININITY BY EXPRESSING THEIR INDIVIDUALITY WITH NEW FORMS THAT ARE FUNCTIONAL AND BEAUTIFUL. Since 1954, when Ada Masotti created her corsetry atelier, La Perla has been synonymous with the best of Italian tradition with precious fabrics that have been artistically implemented to enhance feminine beauty. Over the years, the label has adapted to ever-changing styles, women’s demands and innovative textiles. Today, La Perla represents femininity in its purest form adapting to women’s desires with comfort and elegance. La Perla’s new collection embodies the brand’s signature craftsmanship, precious fabrics and impeccable designs that are sexy, delicate, comfortable and of course, ever so feminine. This season features key items with classic design and sensual styles aptly named Fatale, Rugiada, Lawinia Rose, Silk Spectrum and Petit…

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dunhill’s duality of style

www.dunhill.com “For me, duality is the recurring theme of Dunhill – it’s one of the defining elements,” states Mark Weston, Creative Director of Dunhill. Weston came onboard the Dunhill with his ‘new vision’ back in 2017. Since then, he has carefully curated the brand’s vision with an outlook onto the future. Which Weston describes as, “Dunhill’s innovative and design-driven heritage is a unique platform to build upon by creating purposeful products with an aesthetic that is classic yet relevant today.” Dunhill is known around the world as a menswear and leather goods brand with hallmark British style. Founder, Alfred Dunhill best explained the company’s philosophy with the following words, ”if one can exactly meet the desires of a good class of public, time alone is necessary to make it profitable. Compared with…

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argentinian passion british attitude

Talent, passion, courage and fair play are intrinsic values that personify La Martina brand and are increasingly being appreciated by younger generations. “WE DO NOT USE THE POLO GAME TO PROMOTE THE BRAND, WE ARE POLO” LANDO SIMONETTI www.lamartina.com The collection embodies the natural evolution of the new urban style with garments that can be mixed and matched from the brand’s various lines whilst retaining their distinct identity. This mix-and-match allows millennials to create fresh combinations that highlight their personal values for a look that is sporty, collegial or inspired by the uniforms of the Queen’s Royal Guards. Double-breasted jackets can be paired with 30° denim jeans, outerwear in bold colors can be worn over graphic t-shirts or shirts customised with ribbons and a pair of velvet trousers. Take your pick from this…

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modern heritage

HACKETT ADDS A TOUCH OF MODERNITY TO THEIR SARTORIAL EXPERTISE WITH A SURPRISING COLLECTION THAT IS VERSATILE, STYLISH AND ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY GENTLEMAN This season, Hackett brings a refreshing take on heritage items with a bold new look and hallmark quality. Tradition plays an important role, yet the British marque adds a touch of modernity to their sartorial expertise with a surprising collection for both Hackett Mayfair and Hackett London that is versatile, stylish and essential for every gentleman. Hackett Mayfair proposes a modern design with exquisite details and a refined style. Hackett’s premier collection features clean structures in luscious fabrics including cashmere, merino, flannel, wool, suede and velvet in a classic color palette characterized by cream, camel, grey, navy, brown, black with the occasional splash of orange or green velvet. Outerwear provides…