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Little Angel May 2019

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Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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la hq

Hi Angels! Prepare yourself for F-U-N ‘cause this incredible issue is jam-packed with great stuff to read, make and do! We learn about alpacas, bake a pineapple cake and catch up on cool movies like How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and Mary Poppins Returns. PLUS we take a deep-dive into the amazing world of art! Learn about famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso, and discover new ways to paint! HAVE A SUPER DUPER MONTH! Amy and the LA Team xxx THIS MONTH AT LITTLE ANGEL HQ FOLLOW US If your Mum or Dad is on Facebook, they should follow our Little Angel magazine page. We post THE BEST tips and news for families, including: * Recipes and craft ideas * Exclusive giveaways * And lots of cute stuff, including photos of puppies and…

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the quick question

“I like to read a nice story to myself.” – Rebecca (9) “I do something calming like reading or a jigsaw puzzle, stuff like that” – Charlize (9) “I walk my dog, Charlie, and take in the fresh air.” – Hollie (10) “I like to sit on my hammock and read.” – Abigail (9) “Curl up on my couch and read LA, or quietly play on my iPad.” – Rita (8) “I practise breathing deeply and count to 100.” – Belle (4) “I love to draw, and that helps me relax.” – Meadow (8) “Reading, and going outside to feel the breeze.” – Chelsea (8) “I put on my headphones, lie down, close my eyes and listen to JoJo Siwa.” – Jasmine (6) “I sit down and watch some TV!” – Evie M (8) “I like to go for a nice cool swim. Just floating in the water relaxes…

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the ultimate friendship checklist

Tick the stars for all the things you do for your friends I make them laugh and smile The best thing about friends is that they make you happy! If you’ve had a bad day at school, or you’re feeling upset about something, a good friend will take your mind off your troubles and have you giggling and smiling again. I’m loyal and honest Good friends stick up for each other , especially if there are bullies around! They don’t keep secrets from their buddies and they always tell them the truth. I’m a good listener A good friend should always be there to chat with their buddy , listen to their problems and ask questions. I share with my friends Do you loan your friend your fave books and games? Are you happy to share your biscuits…

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la scrapbook

Hi Little Angel, My name is Caitlin and I’m from Melbourne. I’m 10 years old and got my first issue of LA when I was 8. I only have 3 issues as I have to buy them myself. This is my very first competition I have entered and I hope to win a prize. Every time I read your magazine I discover something new and interesting. Each time I collect an issue, I bring it to school so all my friends can enjoy it too. You know what? I have found it’s much more fun to talk and chat about the magazine with your friends then to just read the magazine all by yourself. I can’t wait for your next issue. Keep up the great work! From Caitlin :) Hey Caitlin! We’re so thrilled…

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what’s happening?

WINGS OVER ILLAWARRA MAY 4-5, ILLAWARRA REGION AIRPORT, ALBION PARK, NSW Whoosh! What was that? It’s the Sydney Airshow! Visit the Illawarra and see this fabulous family event, featuring vintage planes, airshows, and other thrilling spectacles throughout the day. Why not visit the beach while you’re down south too? It’s sure to be a fun day out for the whole family. BAT APPRECIATION MONTH MAY, CENTENNIAL PARKLANDS, SYDNEY, NSW If you live in Sydney, get on down to Centennial Park in May and celebrate all things bats! There’s The Big Bat Walk on May 3, and The Great CP Bat Count on May 17. These events help park rangers monitor the fruit bats who live in the park. You’ll learn lots and have a blast too!…

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the art gallery

Georgia (6) is a big JoJo Siwa fan! Here she’s drawn JoJo chilling in her bedroom with a gorgeous rainbow ponytail! Alana (7) Has drawn us one of our favourite Shopkins, Poppy Corn. Shopkins are one of our favourite collectibles. Please send us more drawings! Amaya (8) sure has a talent for using glitter! She has drawn a gorgeous multi-coloured flower in a vase, with glittery hearts and a rainbow in the sky. So pretty. Oh wow! Maya (11) ’s ability at drawing and colouring is really next-level! Check out this great artwork of Sarah & Duck! Hey! It’s Posh and Lil Posh, two of the L.O.L. Surprise! dolls. Audrey (7) sure is talented drawing and colouring these two! Zahara (7) has sent in this adorable picture of a rabbit girl that she drew all…