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Little Angel

Little Angel February 2020

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Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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Hi Angels! We’re feeling a little bit sad this month because this is our last ever issue of Little Angel! We started way back in 2005, and WOW, what an amazing ride it’s been over the past 15 years. We want to say a huge thank you and a fond farewell to all of our readers, past and present. Thank you for buying our little magazine, and sending us your amazing letters and beautiful drawings! Thank you for being on this journey with us! Hugest hugs and best wishes for the future. Amy and the LA Team xxx THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!…

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? the quick question

“I would make all lessons fun and turn all the things students need to know into songs!” – Layla (11) “Don’t talk back to the teacher, be respectful, responsible and resilient!” – Chloe (8) “I would let them play for 40 mins and then a little more to 60 mins!” – Isabel (4) “I would allow gum, but if I caught anybody sticking their used gum somewhere around the classroom, they would be in a LOT of trouble!” – Kate (10) “No bullying, be kind and respect others!” – Sophie (10) “I would make every classroom have a library and you have to read 5 books every day because I like reading so much!” – Emily (8)…

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la scrapbook

Dear Little Angel, I love your magazine and I love reading it all of the time cover to cover! I wanted to let you know that I’m starting a fundraiser on deforestation and turning it into REFORESTATION! I would honestly love to be in your next Little Angel book cos I am a big, big fan! My fave sections are Prize Angel, Sports Report and of course Blush. Keep it up! From Nya x Howdy Nya, Thank you so much for being such a keen reader of Little Angel! We love all our fans to the moon and back. That’s amazing that you are starting a fundraiser to help stop deforestation! You’re a true wildlife warrior and so inspirational. Make sure to peep this issue of LA’s Sport Report on tennis. You are sure…

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what’s happening?

KAWS: PLAYTIME Until April 13, National Galler y of Victoria, Melbourne, VIC KAWS (a.k.a. Brian Donnelly) is a super cool American artist with some really cool graphics, sculptures and installations all around the world. And now he’s got a fam-friendly kids exhibit hitting the NGV! If you wanna be an artist you oughta to go have a look! 2020 ICC WOMEN’S T20 WORLD CUP Canberra, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney You won’t want to miss Australia’s best cricketing ladies taking on the world in the T20 this year! And even more exciting is the fact that Australia is hosting the comp this time around. Fingers crossed the Aussie champs can retain their title on home soil!…

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giggle central!

LA LOLS! “That’s got to be the sealiest joke I’ve ever heard!” It’s Mary Paw-pins! Funny Facts • Sometimes bees get tired from all the flying they have to do. It’s not unusual for a bee to take a nap inside a flower! • According to scientific research, 10 minutes of colouring in each day can help you de-stress and feel less anxious. • Red pandas use their tails as blankets to keep themselves warm in frosty weather. Nawwww. a joke… Q: What is a foot long and slippery? A: A slipper! a riddle… Q: How far can a fox run into the woods? A: Only halfway, otherwise it would be running out of the woods! reader joke Q: How do you organise a space party? A: Planet early! a joke… Q: Which farm animal is the cutest? A: The adora-bull! Send in your favourite jokes and you could…

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WET N WILD One evening I was sleeping with my mum because it was a very cold night. I woke up in the morning shivering and cold. I had peed my mum’s bed! She asked me “Did you do a pee” and I said yes. I was so embarrassed! Yana (8) BIRD BLECH It was photo day and I was in line with my class for the next photo and we were waiting outside and a bird pooped on me just a minute before we went in!! I had to wash it out of my hair real quick and then I had to do school photos with wet hair! So embarro! Mirandah (9) BOBBY PIN BLOOPER In kindergarten we went out to play and I accidentally swallowed a bobby pin and I didn’t tell the…