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Liz Earle Wellbeing

September/October 2019

Feeling fabulous has never been so easy with this bi-monthly lifestyle magazine, packed with fresh ideas to look good and feel even better from Liz Earle, a leading British beauty and wellbeing expert. Liz Earle Wellbeing brings you the very best in feel-good food and natural vitality featuring good-for-you ingredients and favourite family recipes including organic, gluten- and dairy-free options. You’ll also find a wealth of Liz’s trusted beauty and natural health advice to revive and restore inner wellbeing and outer radiance, plus great craft and lifestyle ideas to make every house a welcoming home.

United Kingdom
Liz Earle Associated Productions limited
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hello and welcome to a new focus on health this season

Working in the world of wellbeing for over 30 years, I’m truly delighted to be highlighting so many vital (and life-changing) health issues in this edition. Moving into our middle years is a crucial time to re-evaluate life, on every level. We’re aware of key health concerns that affect so many of us, notably osteoporosis, stress overload and breast cancer, and I’m pleased to focus on these important topics with some first-rate new research and sound advice from world-class leading experts. We reveal the truth about stress and discover how the ‘cortisol steal’ affects wellbeing. I’ve taken an in-depth look at osteoporosis and its less-well-known precursor, osteopenia. And, at a time of year that marks both World Osteoporosis Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we have an exclusive interview with leading…

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liz earle wellbeing

Editor-in-Chief Liz Earle MBE, Managing Editor Polly Beard, Design Director Nicky Acketts, Food & Travel Editor Emma Winterschladen, Copy Editor Camilla Cary-Elwes, Senior Health & Beauty Writer Ellie Smith, Image Editor Betty Beard, Head of Marketing & Digital Lou Howells, Commercial Manager Guy Earle, Press & PR Harriet Dyball, Readers’ Desk Annie Darling, Regular Contributors Hannah Martin, Dale Pinnock, Sarah Raven, Recipe Writers Nico Ghirlando, Eleanor Maidment, Lottie Covell, Emma Winterschladen, Photographers Georgia Glynn Smith, Kathrin McCrea, Food Stylist Lottie Covell, Assistant Food Stylist Troy Willis, Prop Stylist Tamzin Ferdinando, Hair & Makeup Kerry September On behalf of Hearst Content Agency: Circulation James Hill, Production Alicia Gray, Managing Director Dan Levitt, Print Wyndeham Roche, Distribution Frontline…

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Sign up to our free weekly newsletter today and see just how easy it is to eat well, look well and live well, plus you’ll enjoy all the following benefits: • Claim your FREE download of Liz Earle’s Guide to a Wellbeing Weekend – our 50-page eBook full of delicious recipes and inspirational health, beauty and lifestyle advice. It’s the perfect end to a busy week. • Listen to an exclusive podcast from Liz welcoming you to her world of wellbeing. • Watch regular monthly videos from Liz to inspire you to be your fabulous best and stay up to date with our news • Discover a curated collection of Liz’s favourite wellbeing goodies on the market and enjoy special reader discount codes. • Be the first to hear about all our offers, promotions and…

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wellbeing news

Laugh it off Keep track of more ways to live well, with the latest news and views from the world of Liz Earle Wellbeing. LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE, even if it’s not genuine. Researchers have found that adding simulated laughter into an exercise programme improves mental health and wellbeing. Faking it helps just as much as the real thing, because the body responds as if it’s real, giving us all the physiological and psychological benefits of a real laugh. Laughter Yoga is actually a thing – with 5,000 clubs worldwide. It’s especially popular with those coping with chronic pain, as well as low moods. Even smiling has been proven to create positive cellular changes in the body. laughteryoga.co.uk Skipping a few meals a week increases lifespan. Eating 15 per cent fewer calories…

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the beauty edit eco–beauty

Waste not, want not Some forward-thinking brands are tackling the P-word by packaging their wares in post-consumer recycled plastics. For a body wash that is green and luxurious in equal measure, we like Dr Hauschka Shower Cream. This gentle lemongrass-enriched cleanser is housed primarily in repurposed plastic milk cartons. To keep skin soft and supple into the cooler months, we’ll be following up with REN Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Cream. The 100 per cent recycled bottle contains 20 per cent plastic recovered from our oceans. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more exciting green innovations from REN, who have pledged to be zero waste by 2021. Liz Loves REN Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Cream, £22, renskincare.com Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, £49.50, kiehls.co.uk Recycling reward In an effort to reward eco-conscious customers,…

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the ilapothecary spa

It’s not often you discover a hidden wellbeing gem in the heart of London, but that’s the feeling as you step through the doors of Ilapothecary, a fabulous find tucked amid the cafés and antique shops of Kensington Church Street. Unlike most beauty spas, the main reason for a visit here is to de-stress, unwind and nurture both mind and body. Ilapothecary is the younger, less expensive sister of Ila Spa, both founded by Denise Leicester, a renowned beauty specialist with a background in natural healing, who brings healing principles to a range of signature treatments, based on Eastern medicine and naturopathic principles. Denise’s expertise taps into a new mood of beauty products that do far more than simply look after your skin. In the stylish grey wood consultation area, we spent…