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LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way

LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way Volume 26 -Jul-18

On Sale Mailer – Lose It! V35 With lockdown in full swing, it can feel difficult to still make healthy decisions. Everyone has taken up baking, and that banana bread is calling your name! But now that we’re spending less time going out for dinner and more time preparing our own meals, it might also be the perfect time to review, recommit, and get your life on track. This volume of LOSE IT! has you covered with motivation, fresh ideas, and meal inspiration. This month’s power ingredient is an ancient seed the Mayans named ‘strength’: chia seeds have become the latest craze, and we find out exactly why. Get to know our top lockdown pick, Buyfresh – the organic, online grocery store that will deliver straight to your doorstep. Meet an inspiring power couple who lost 110kg in total with an LCHF diet – you’ll never believe what they look like now! We discuss the ins and outs of insulin resistance, if peanuts should stay or go, and how fasting can rid your body of toxins. Try something new with Hotpod yoga: yoga inside a 37°C cocoon pod to keep warm in the chilly season (and don’t worry, they still have classes online With 47 new recipes, you’ll be able to whip up indulgent guilt-free pleasures as well as succulent comfort foods. We perfect an easy-peasy pie recipe – crusty and flaky, just the way you like it! Take a walk on the greener side with some plant-based low-carb meals, keep things fresh with some tasty Greek food or opt for a spicy low-carb curry. And for dessert, we’ve snuck in a few decadent chocolate dishes, just for you. Top it all off with the perfect roast and you’ve got this season sorted! LCHF is about more than just weight loss; it’s about your health and your happiness. Stick with it, you’ve got this!

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lose it! disclaimer

1. You mustn’t use the content in LOSE IT! as a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional. You should seek medical advice from a qualified professional before starting any weight-loss programme. 2. Both the LOSE IT! website and the magazine (which we sometimes refer to as LOSE IT!) provide educational information on weight-loss management and are intended to assist users in weight loss. LOSE IT! is not a medical organisation and cannot give medical advice or a diagnosis. 3. The information and material on the LOSE IT! website and in this magazine are intended as a general guide to assist weight loss and do not take into account individual circumstances. LOSE IT! will not provide any form of assistance or support in individual cases, nor feedback on any…

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news, views, and reviews

Following a low-carb, healthy fat way of life is easy: the food is delicious, the healthy fats and protein make sure we’re rarely – if ever – hungry, and it’s pretty similar to how South Africans usually eat, just minus the bread and pap! There’s just one issue – fighting the fear of fat. Years of shocking dietary advice have trained us to think that fat is bad for us, but it’s reassuring to know that things are changing globally. In a meta-analysis conducted by Dr Zoë Harcombe and others last year, involving 89 801 participants across seven studies, they concluded: ‘Epidemiological evidence…found no significant difference in CHD (coronary heart disease) mortality and total fat or saturated fat intake and thus does not support the present dietary fat guidelines. The evidence… lacks…

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our experts

CLINICAL NUTRITIONIST RUTH MARCUS has a Bachelor’s degree in clinical nutrition and a Master’s in obesity and weight management. ‘Eating low carb is the best way to find food freedom!’ she says. Call 083 307 8036 or email your questions to ruthmmarcus@gmail.com DR GERHARD SCHOONBEE, GP, has over 40 years’ medical experience, and personal experience of living the low-carb lifestyle. He also has a deep scientific and medical interest in the subject. BLOG AUTHOR NICKY PERKS (WWW.PRIMALPERKS.COM) is the co-founder of Banting Buddies, which offers personalised coaching to those wanting to lose weight and get healthy. Please share your success stories, recipes, Banting restaurant reviews, tips, questions and concerns with us via info@loseit.co.za, @loseitmag (Twitter and Instagram) and facebook.com/Loseitmag. We look forward to hearing your insights and experiences!…

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low carb lowdown

ON TRACK per serving fat 46g carbs 10g protein 11g THE WONDER OF CHIA SEEDS Many people on a low-carb diet have found comfort in this ‘quinoa replacement’ – and no wonder: it’s ideal for baking, adding to smoothies, sprinkling on yoghurt or for making into porridge. Don’t be fooled by its diminutive size – these tiny seeds not only swell up but are also highly nutritious. CHIA SEED PUDDING SERVES 2 • 1½ cups (375ml) dairy-free milk (coconut milk works best)• ½ cup (100g) chia seeds• stevia, to taste (or 1–2 tbsp (15–30ml) erythritol)• 1 tsp vanilla extract TO SERVE • strawberries (or other berries)• fresh mint leaves 1. Whisk the dairy-free milk, chia seeds, stevia and vanilla well in a mixing bowl. 2. Cover the bowl and refrigerate it overnight or for at least 6 hours. The pudding should be thick and…

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does ‘you are what you eat’ apply to cows too?

Yes – but don’t let the grass-fed vs grain-fed debate stress you out. Rather stay focused on eating a diet rich in healthy fats from both animal and non-animal based sources. When it comes to choosing beef, aim to eat the highest-quality meat that you can afford. Grass-fed beef contains higher amounts of certain nutrients, such as vitamins A and E, but the important factor to focus on is that both grain-fed and grass-fed beef are highly concentrated sources of nutrients. Beef contains high amounts of vitamins B12, B3 and B6 and is rich in highly bio-available iron, selenium and zinc. It also contains high-quality protein and a host of lesser-known nutrients – among them creatine and carnosine, which are both very important for muscle and brain development. PHOTOGRAPHS: DAWIE VERWEY, GALLO…

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27 kg lighter

Troy’s journey started five years ago, when he had a slight heart attack. ‘I woke up one morning with a strange feeling in my left arm. I knew I didn’t feel normal but with my check-up coming up I didn’t see the need to rush to the doctor. The next day, my cardiologist told me to go to the hospital immediately and a few hours later I was operated on. In the blink of an eye my life went from spending the day with my family and friends to waking up in the ICU. His doctors couldn’t tell him what the exact cause of his heart attack was but speculated that it might be genetic, or related to stress or weight. ‘After my heart attack I was immediately put on a ton…