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Marie Claire Australia January 2020

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jennifer lopez

She’s had her fair share of iconic fashion moments: that plunging emerald Versace gown; a candy-pink Juicy Couture tracksuit in her single “I’m Real”; shimmering nude Elie Saab at the 2015 Academy Awards. But for this month’s cover shoot, J.Lo switched her trademark razzle-dazzle for easy simplicity: a humble white shirt and black swimsuit, hair slicked back into a ponytail with flawless, glowy make-up. On set, Lopez struggled to pick a scent from her top-selling fragrance collection. “It’s impossible to choose!” she said, ultimately settling on her newest eau de parfum, Promise, a sublime floral, woody blend. “It opens with Italian tangerine, pink berries and nashi pear, and unravels to orris, jasmine sambac, honeysuckle and eventually, sandalwood and cashmere wood infused with crystallised amber,” said Lopez. “It’s something that makes you…

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editor’s letter

Can you imagine life without iPhones, Instagram, hashtags, podcasts, Uber, Netflix, Kindle or the Kardashians? Or a time when Trump, climate change, ISIS, Brexit and The Bachelor didn’t dominate our newsfeeds? As this decade draws to a close, it’s mind-boggling how much the world has shifted in such a short space of time. This has definitely been the decade of disruption, with every facet of our lives challenged and changed, from the clothes we wear (sustainable, pre-loved, dresses-for-hire) and food we eat (quinoa, vegan, tahini, couscous, poke bowls) to the entertainment we enjoy (live-streamed 24/7, when and where we want). We’ve also seen the rebirth of activism, where people can protest from the comfort of their couches. When terrorism tightened its vice-like grip on the globe, giving rise to racism, fear and…

5 min.
20 for 2020

1 GLAMOUR FOR GOOD Mary Katrantzou’s epic spring 2020 presentation – staged at Athens’ Temple of Poseidon as the sun dipped below the Aegean – was full of ethereal gowns, sure. But its real message was pride for her home country, with proceeds from the ticketed event going towards Greek children’s cancer charity Elpida. Katrantzou’s passion demonstrates fashion’s new era of conscious consumerism and, crucially, integrity. 2 THE SWEETEST THING Apricot, lavender, pistachio, lemon – gelato flavours, yes, but also the must-wear colour palette of the season. Sorbet shades are back for summer in a rainbow of washed-out pastel hues. Take your cues from Loewe’s pretty-in-peach wrap dress and diaphanous seafoam-green frocks from Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. 3 DIRTY PRETTY THINGS Blame crop tops, but lingerie as outerwear is one of 2020’s biggest trends. Pick…

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blown away

Blockbuster artists Jeff Koons, Yayoi Kusama and Kaws have all lent their valuable signatures to luxury labels, but Weekend Max Mara is breaking new ground by entering the fragile arena of free-form glassblowing. The work of master Japanese glass artist Ritsue Mishima inspired the Italian label’s Chaotic Elegance collection, resulting in ironically strong pieces with masculine tailoring, explosions of colour and unexpected details. Adding another layer of artistry, actress Tao Okamoto from Wolverine and Westworld was chosen to represent the collection, modelling the range in Mishima’s glassblowing studio on the island of Murano in the Venetian Lagoon. For the refined Okamoto, clashing prints on floating skirts and sturdy chambray shirts were her first introduction to Mishima’s artistic approach, which has seen her striking vessels appear at the Venice Biennale, Shibunkaku in Kyoto and…

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mission possible

In March this year, the world was primed for a milestone moment: NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Anne McClain were set to embark on the first-ever spacewalk with only women. But a last-minute debacle derailed the mission – there wasn’t a spacesuit that fit McClain, so she was replaced by a male colleague. It probably didn’t sit well with spacesuit engineer Kristine Davis (above), who was simultaneously designing female astronaut gear specifically for a lunar landing. Most spacesuits were tailored in the early ’60s to fit the male body, but clad in this new suit, a woman could walk on the moon by 2024. Meanwhile, NASA sorted their sizing and in October, Koch and fellow astronaut Jessica Meir completed a seven-hour, 17-minute spacewalk. The duo rocketed into the galaxy, successfully replaced a…

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bride of boko

“When Boko Haram first came to my home town in Borno, I fled with some other girls. We met a woman who allowed us to sleep in her house and share her food in exchange for help with her business (selling food on the street). But then Boko Haram came to that town as well. “They killed four of the girls I was with and forced one to become a suicide bomber. She died. They tie a bomb around your waist and monitor you until you enter the area where they want the bomb to explode. Then they disappear. “They said that [the rest of us] would be servant girls for their wives in the bush. Any of us who said no, they would cut off that person’s ear and hair and…