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Modern Classics Magazine

Modern Classics Magazine March 2019

This is Modern Classics magazine: the UK’s first car magazine devoted to the best cars of the 1980s, 90s and 00s. Each issue Modern Classic magazine brings you: - Hero cars driven and rated, with a view to them being fun to own and drive today - Big group tests, spinning the modern view of classic rivalries - Detailed and entertaining buying guides - Great modern classic events, news, trends and gadgets - Market trends and buying advice All combined with edgy and exciting automotive photography, interesting features, buying tips, investment and owners’ views. Modern Classics sets a new standard for younger classic cars. It will help you in your journey from choosing to driving, and enjoying your modern classic car…

United Kingdom
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€ 22,43(Incl. btw)
6 Edities


1 min.
the editor's say love every drive

What do you need from your daily? If you're anything like me you want a car that's fun to drive, doesn't cost the earth to maintain and offers a few creature comforts. Not an easy balancing act for any car, but when you find the right one, your commute is transformed. Late noughties cars are often criticised for a lack of feel, an over-reliance on technology often getting between the driver and er, the drive. Often a valid opinion but there are exceptions to every rule. Our three cover stars this month, for example. Each will see you crack 150mph flat-out, will devastate the 0-60mph sprint in around six seconds and can be yours for less than £20k. We pitch them against an inner-city Ikea and reward ourselves with some Welsh…

1 min.
the team’s month

JOHN-JOE VOLLANS EDITOR Another month, another failing car. This time it was his other half’s 306 hatch now replaced with a Skoda Fabia. We give it a week. NATHAN CHADWICK ASSISTANT EDITOR Mulled trading his GTA in against a 75 Cloverleaf. Outboard brakes and taking the GTA out for a blast meant the 147’s still a keeper. SIMON RUSSELL ART EDITOR Unsuccessfully been wrestling with eBay trying to buy an alloy to replace his space saver. Being Si, it had to be a NOS part. JETHRO BOVINGDON COLUMNIST Found himself escaping the TV gloom with the unexpected delights of a brand-new Bentley Continental GT W12. TIFF NEEDELL COLUMNIST Was reminiscing over racing a Porsche 962 in 1988 after someone posted the Silverstone 1000km programme. LEWIS KINGSTON MARKETS EXPERT Took a well-deserved holiday for the first time since going freelance. Still got tempted by a yellow Ford Puma…

1 min.
behind the scenes at modern classics...

Balls to the full English You can’t get the full Ikea experience without screaming children and mildly warm meatballs.JJ ‘treated’ us all on our cover shoot; he even threatened a second visit if we didn’t behave. FreE spirit The Toyota Carina freE, the car Nathan’s wife picked up for nothing, has sadly left the fleet with terminal wheel vibrations. This car wash cost more than the car, and it was sold for £200. Spot the idiot While Nathan was away with us shooting the cover, his wife had hired a chap to repaint the garage. Only one slight problem – the keys were in his pocket, 150 miles away from home... Bromantic break for two It’s all smiles – or as close as our assistant editor gets to one – as we sample The Metropole’s excellent hospitality…

1 min.
contributors this month

JON BURGESS ISUZU PIAZZA APOLOGIST Resident Peugeot fancier takes on a different French marque for this month’s buyer’s file in a bid for funds to help his Isuzu Piazza cylinder head miseries. DEAN SMITH PHOTOGRAPHER Dean’s used to shooting swooping curves as Aston’s official photographer, so we gave him the challenge of the angular Honda Prelude in Spain. JORDAN BUTTERS PHOTOGRAPHER Got to do a bit of the driving for our cover feature, the harshness of the Megane unfazing him. Just don’t mention dying light and non-functioning camera remotes... ADAM SHORROCK PHOTOGRAPHER Adam packs his shots full of motion and excitement, but with an Aston Martin V8 Vantage on hand the results are even better. Check them out on page 46.…

3 min.
autosport international 2019

If December means falling asleep during the Queen’s speech, eating too much food and falling out with the in-laws, then early January symbolises the arrival of the Autosport International and Performance & Tuning Car Show at the NEC's hallowed halls in Birmingham, and the start of the motorsport calendar. Spread over four giant halls, plus a live-action arena, and with a refreshed layout, this year’s expo seemed easier to navigate than previous years, and contained plenty of variety to appease most tastes and interests. Those with a technical mind could while away the hours in the engineering hall, while motorsport enthusiasts had plenty of racing action across all disciplines. Those with a need to tinker had an entire hall dedicated to tuning and modifying, while those fortunate to have a wad…

2 min.
brooklands new year meet

Plenty of you decided to skip the New Year hangover in favour of checking out classics instead –including 7919 petrolheads at Brooklands Museum, at its busiest ever one-day event. While the focus of this 1500-car meet was pre-1989 offerings, we spotted plenty of MGFs, Fiat Coupes and other 1990s cars in the displays, and entrants into the event’s supercar display included a Ferrari Enzo. But what we loved most was the mind-boggling variety of the displays – where else would you see Austin Metros lining up next to Aston Martin DB5s?…