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Modern Classics Magazine June 2019

This is Modern Classics magazine: the UK’s first car magazine devoted to the best cars of the 1980s, 90s and 00s. Each issue Modern Classic magazine brings you: - Hero cars driven and rated, with a view to them being fun to own and drive today - Big group tests, spinning the modern view of classic rivalries - Detailed and entertaining buying guides - Great modern classic events, news, trends and gadgets - Market trends and buying advice All combined with edgy and exciting automotive photography, interesting features, buying tips, investment and owners’ views. Modern Classics sets a new standard for younger classic cars. It will help you in your journey from choosing to driving, and enjoying your modern classic car…

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the bmw m5

The E12 M535i was first seen in 1979 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The M Division magic was sprinkled on to a factory 535i with aero, chassis and braking all upgraded. That makes it an M5 in spirit at least. The E12 was also the first series production model from BMW Motorsport GmbH; before this they'd only made homologation specials like the 3.0 CSL. I have to confess that all M5s are in something of a sweet spot for me. It’s tantamount to treason to say anything bad about the M3 but dare I say they're a little one-dimensional. On a trackday or a fast blast through the mountains I’d take an M3 every time; in the majority of real-world driving situations the M5 is preferable. It’s also not that much of…

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the team’s month

JOHN-JOE VOLLANS EDITOR Picked up an Alfa Romeo 156 for free. The fact the dealer let him use his truck and trailer to shift it didn’t sound alarm bells... NATHAN CHADWICK ASSISTANT EDITOR Spent most of the month recovering from surgery. Was still fielding Tiff’s questions just as he was to go under the scalpel. SIMON RUSSELL ART EDITOR With JJ on holiday and Nathan still recovering, Simon was boss man on the M5 shoot. Not sure he’s forgiven us yet. JETHRO BOVINGDON COLUMNIST Gigglesome cover of Motor Trend featuring our man. Still he got to drive a Ferrari 812 and Dodge Hellcat, so we’re still envious. TIFF NEEDELL COLUMNIST Leapt to the defence of Mini Cheddars in a twitter poll on savoury snacks. His rider for the next MC outing has been duly noted. LEWIS KINGSTON MARKETS EXPERT Found himself rather taken with a 400bhp Peugeot…

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behind the scenes at modern classics...

Spring in his step JJ’s beloved Beemer’s been out of action for far too long, in desperate need of suspension. Happily, his new Eibach kit will see it back on the road soon. Well, if he gets a moment to fit it. Setting out his stall Simon got to sample the BMW E12 M535i on our cover shoot. Nobody pointed out it was a dogleg gearbox, hence the hilarity from all assembled as he stalled it time and time again. Whoops. The light fantastic Here’s how Adam (and our other snappers) use natural light to reflect onto the car, giving pictures a more natural feel. We’re sure it’s also to make us journos look silly too, of course. Team outing to Goodwood JJ and Tiff bumped into each other at the 77th Members Meeting. Tiff spanked a…

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contributors this month

RICHARD PARRY-JONES BLUE OVAL OVERLORD The Ford Puma was a car designed and engineered by enthusiasts – and few are more enthusiastic than RPJ. Find out more about the Puma’s secrets on page 46. LEWIS PLUMB MARKETING EXECUTIVE Came along to our cover shoot to garner some video footage. You’ll be able to see more soon via our spangly new website – modernclassicsmagazine.co.uk ADAM SHORROCK PHOTOGRAPHER Stepped into the breach for our cover shoot after our planned snapper fell ill. He aced the job in difficult circumstances – what a good chap. JORDAN BUTTERS PHOTOGRAPHER With the Maserati MC12 unable to be moved much, it took Jordan’s ingenuity to turn Joe Macari’s showroom into a studio. The results are stunning p64.…

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goodwood memebers' meeting

There are, from time to time, moments at car shows that make you question reality. At the 77th Members’ Meeting it was the sight of six BMW M1s sat alongside five Porsche 917s. A collection of cars that together are worth well into high nine figures. You simply don’t see these things outside of museums and private collections. And that’s the draw of Goodwood events and the quality of Lord March’s contacts book. These motorsport unicorns weren’t just there to bask in the pits either, all of them took to the circuit. Back in the realm of reality for us mere mortals, the Gerry Marshall Trophy caused serious touring car nostalgia as greats from the Ford Capri to the Rover SD1 traded paint. Hot hatches were well represented too in the…

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techno classica

Germany's five-day juggernaut of a classic show packed in a blisterinducingly big variety of classics – but the surprise this year was that the real stars came from the event's auctions and club stands. Mercedes-Benz delved deep into its stash of classics for its stand, which included a six-car display of its C111 prototypes, but many of the other manufacturer-backed stands felt stripped back compared to the show's more lavish previous outings. The clubs taking part more than made up for it, though, with Amicale Citroën Internationale putting together a ten-car centenary display and Ford's German clubs laying on a 15-car celebration of the Capri. Showgoers who wandered away from the halls packed with dealer stands and into the two on-site auctions were in for a treat, too. Coys' sale included a 233-mile…